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SAPCA Members,  


I hope to see you at SAPCA's Quarterly meeting on Tuesday, March 20, 7-8:30pm, at the Francis Hammond Middle School library, 4646 Seminary Rd.


We will plan how to implement the recommendations in the Community YouthMapping reports, and you will hear from members of our Marijuana Prevention workgroup about their upcoming campaign! 





* SAPCA Members Present CYM Project at CADCA Forum (2/7)
* SAPCA Presents WreckED to Minnie Howard Students (2/21, 2/22)
* SAPCA Coordinator Sits On Volunteer Management Panel (2/29)
* SAPCA's Upcoming Meetings
* Tell Bud Light to Butt Out of UFC
* Celebrate Kick Butt's Day (3/21)
* COC Dinner at Francis Hammond Middle School (4/17)
* Data Detectives (4/26)
* Clearing the Smoke on Medical Marijuana I
* Whitney Houston's Death an Opportunity to Discuss Prescription Drug Abuse Dangers, Says ONDCP Director
* Virginia Measure Would Require Ignition Interlock for First Time Drunk Drivers


SAPCA Members Present CYM Project at CADCA Forum (2/7)


allenandderekDerek Bibbs, SAPCA Board member and Department of Community and Human Services Peer Advisor; Allen Lomax, SAPCA Chair; and Noraine Buttar, SAPCA Coordinator presented  Engaging Youth and Creating Community Partnerships Through Community YouthMapping to 120 youth and adults at the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America National Leadership Forum at National Harbor. One attendee commented, "Of the variety of sessions that I have attended so far, I just wanted to say that SAPCA's has been one of the most useful. I feel like you all really caught the essence of how to share what you've done, and encourage others to try something similar." 

SAPCA Presents WreckED to Minnie Howard Students (2/21, 2/22) 

Shelly Morgan, SAPCA Vice-Chair, and Noraine presented The Partnership at's wreckED, a program that  challenges teens to think more about their own and their friends' behavior regarding alcohol and other drugs, and to consider the consequences of getting involved. Over 250 Minnie Howard students attended the presentation. One student commented, "That helped me learn a lot more about marijuana use because I thought it wasn't addictive."

SAPCA Coordinator Sits On Volunteer Management Panel (2/29) 

Noraine served on a panel with Cyndi Lake, Alexandria Health Deparment emergency planner; and Joe Shumard, Vice President of Sales Lab Inc, the volunteer recruiter for First Night Alexandria and Chairman of the George Washington Birthday Celebration. Panelists answered questions about recruiting, retaining, and celebrating volunteers. All agreed that a volunteer coordinator should always ask volunteers about their experiences and preferences before assigning tasks. To view SAPCA's volunteer manual, click here

SAPCA's Upcoming Meetings

ACPS Substance Abuse Regulation Review Committee (3/12) 

Monday, March 12, 4-5:30pm, TC Williams RM A-308, 3330 King St.

SAPCA's Board (3/13) 

Tuesday,  March 13, 6-7:30pm, 720 North Saint Asaph St.

SAPCA's Quarterly Meeting (3/20) 

Tuesday,  March 20, 7-8:30pm, Francis Hammond Middle School Library, 4646 Seminary Rd.


Tell Bud Light to Butt Out of UFC


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world's largest promoter of cage fighting events and Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI), makers of the Bud Light family of beers, are delivering harmful content to millions of youth. In its 2011 announcement of Bud Light's UFC sponsorship renewal, ABI states that it "will continue to immerse the beer into all areas of the world's premier mixed martial arts organization."  According to UFC president Dana White, "...Our target audience is anywhere from age 17 to 35."


To tell ABI to stop supporting UFC, click here.


Celebrate Kick Butt's Day (3/21) 


Kick Butts Day, on March 21, is a day for activism when thousands of youth in every state and around the world will stand out, speak up, and seize control against big tobacco. SAPCA will support youth to carry out anti-tobacco activities in partnership with the Clean and Smoke Free Air Coalition, the Y Street Campaign, and the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Activities. For more information, check out

COC Dinner at Francis Hammond Middle School (4/17)

Francis Hammond Middle School eighth graders and their parents are invited to a Community of Concern Dinner on Tuesday, April 17, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the cafeteria. The evening will be one of dialogue and education relating to underage drinking prevention. To register send an email to


Data Detectives (4/26) 


During the hour-long program Data Detectives, learn how to investigate your local conditions to find the indicators you need to make positive change. Find out what sources of credible local data are readily available. See how data can help you define your substance abuse problems, select strategies, and prove your effectiveness. Master the art of using data to tell a story in the community and grow your coalition. Learn how to avoid data overload.


This program will take place on April 26 from 1 to 2pm. Click here to register.



Medical marijuana is a source of confusion, frustration and ignorance among many people. Federal government, working with state officials, has expanded its enforcement actions against commercialized "medical marijuana" operations. These operations market to kids, are tied to criminal organizations and their customers bear little resemblance to the truly sick and dying. There is no doubt that medical marijuana is a controversial and complex issue.


Dr. Kevin A. Sabet, Policy Consultant and Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, College of Medicine tries to breaks down several of the more complicated issues,  in this two-part series.


Whitney Houston's Death an Opportunity to Discuss Prescription Drug Abuse Dangers, Says ONCDP Director 


R. Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, says singer Whitney Houston's death is an opportunity to talk about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.


Although it is not yet known whether prescription drugs were linked to Houston's death, she had acknowledged struggling with substance abuse in the past. "Her death is absolutely tragic and this brings attention to the problem that she had talked about in the past and that certainly is prescription drugs," Kerlikowske told CBS News. "It affects a huge number of people in this country and has driven deaths to very, very high numbers-well over 15,000."


Legislation passed by the Virginia Senate the week of February 13 would require ignition interlocks for first-time drunk drivers, regardless of their blood alcohol level. Under current state law, the device is required only for repeat offenders, or for anyone who registers a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher, CBSDC reports. A person using the device blows into it, and if alcohol is detected, the car won't start.


The Virginia House has passed similar legislation. At least 24 other states require the devices for repeat offenders, or for those with blood alcohol levels of .15 or more. A review of 15 research studies published last year found that interlock devices significantly reduce the likelihood that people convicted of driving while drunk will reoffend. When installed, interlocks are associated with about a 70 percent reduction in arrest rates for impaired driving, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



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