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Letter From the Director, Tracy Frank

Happy Fall Everyone! It actually feels like autumn today. It's sunny, very bright and almost chilly at sunrise. I don't how much more humidity and oppressive heat I could have endured. I know I always write about the weather- that's because it affects the animals' lives and my life so much.
The grackles have made their annual fall pilgrimage back to the sanctuary grounds where the living is easy- plentiful dog food, kiddy pools full of water, and our giant oak tree just waiting for them with its majestic limbs stretched up towards the brilliant blue cloudless sky. What better place to be a bird!
They're loud and boisterous and the completely blissful. They don't eat all that much and you can't stand under the tree too long without getting bird manure on your head, but I've learned to accept that they're a fixture here just like the feral pigs, the deer and the unwanted animals people drop off...
A few weeks ago we began to notice a light brown dog around, I'd catch a quick glimpse of him before he'd disappear into the brush. This went on for a couple of days- our dogs would bark wildly at him- usually in the middle of the night while I was attempting to sleep- and we put out food for him and set a trap. Our efforts were unsuccessful and we sadly assumed that the dog had wandered off or that something bad had happened.
Just as we were about to give up, we got a call from somebody who spotted a brown, very skinny dog on Jake's Colony Road, along what used to be the backside of our property where an organic farm now sits. I sent a couple of staff over to look for him, but they didn't see him. The next day Rachel, who was on her way to work, found him and was able to coax him into her car. He turned out to be a young Shepherd mix, about 6 months old, very sweet, and yes, very emaciated.
We got a another call that night from a neighbor who had been feeding him for a few days. According to him, somebody had moved away and just left him behind on one of the "ranchettes" that used to be part of my family ranch. At least somebody out here cares about animals. I asked him if he wanted to adopt him, but he declined.
Our latest "Jake" is a great dog. He gets along with everybody and has the sweetest disposition. He's getting neutered next week and will be ready for a new life, so if you're considering adding another dog to your family, he would be a great addition. After all, October is "Adopt a Shelter Dog Month."
This is why we're here- to help helpless animals like Jake IV, who probably never knew what a pat on the head felt like, or a kind word, or even a good meal.
We can only do it with your help and support.  
Thank you from all of us here at SARA.
Ways to Help Us Help Them Today

Stock the Pantry
We feed over 2,000 pounds of dog food, cat food and livestock feed each and every day as well as hay and canned food.  Can you help by making a donation at D&D Farm and Ranch Supply?  (830) 379-7340 ask for Wade or Levi in the feed department.  They have everything we need and more and accept all credit cards. 

Buy Our Stuff
New T-shirts and logo caps available $20 each.
We also have water bottles- white with the SARA logo in green $12. 
Don't Throw Out That Pumpkin!
Remember to save your pumpkins for our pigs! Does your church, club or school have a pumpkin sale? Ask them to let us have their leftovers. We'll pick them up.

October 31st
Volunteer Day and Halloween Party
Pigs bobbing for apples, food and fun. Maybe a bon fire if it's cold by then.
Wear a costume! Pumpkin carving contest!
T-shirts, water bottles, and caps for prizes.
November 26th
Annual Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck
Come celebrate a kinder, gentler day. About 300 million turkeys are killed each year and 45 million just for Thanksgiving alone.
Rock to the Rescue and Styx
Rock legends Styx raised $1200 for us at their recent concert by raffling off an autographed guitar. They raise money at every one of their concerts for animal charities and also for their foundation which helps animals all over the US.

Updated Website
Our website will be up and running next week.  You're going to love the beautiful photos of the animals and new content. 

Thank you again for all of your support. We love our SARA family and could not do this without you.

Please donate online to help support our operating costs 

Thank you and PLEASE FORWARD this to every animal lover you know! 

Unconditional Life.


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