January - February 2023

SARC is dedicated to driving collaborations among individuals and organizations worldwide committed to discovering, developing, and delivering the latest and most promising treatments for all types of sarcomas.

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SARC's 20th Anniversary

"In March 2023, SARC will be proud to not only acknowledge our 20th year working in partnership with our founders, the sarcoma research community itself," said Steven Young president & CEO, "but also announce a series of new research and educational initiatives designed to help accelerate delivery of scientific and clinical progress to those most impacted by sarcoma." More to come in our next newsletter!

ASCO 2023

The SARC Semiannual Meeting at ASCO will take place on June 2nd, 2023, featuring two back to back panel sessions: 1) Targeted protein degradation in sarcoma, and 2) Provoking sarcoma cytotoxicity and immunogenicity.

Click the agenda below to download the agenda and register for the meeting.



Five years ago, Drs. Lee Cranmer, William Tap, and collaborators began an analysis on data collected during the SARC021 clinical trial. The goal was to analyze the impact of mode of doxorubicin administration on efficacy and adverse events in soft tissue sarcoma treatment; these results were published February 2023 in Clinical Cancer Research, linked here.

The data used for this analysis was pulled from SARC's Unified Data System (well-annotated repositories of research biospecimens, imaging, & data collected from more than two dozen SARC-sponsored/investigator-initiated clinical trials). For more information on UDS, and how to access, please click here.

Site Spotlight

This month's spotlight is on Alix Viser from Washington University in St. Louis.

From Alix, "I am a Senior Clinical Research Coordinator and I’ve been with WashU since 2018. I handle all regulatory aspects for WashU’s Phase 2 & 3, externally sponsored Sarcoma studies, including SARC 031, SARC 032, and SARC 041. After nearly a decade working as a social worker, I decided to change paths and shifted to a role in which I could help people from behind the scenes. I love being able to use my organizational and multi-tasking skills to make sure our clinical team has everything they need to help our patients and continue making contributions to the field of Sarcoma research."

Thank you to Alix and Washington University in St. Louis for the continued support of SARC.


Do you have an idea for a clinical trial? Whether your idea is fully developed or you need assistance, SARC is here to help. Follow the link below and let SARC help you develop your trial.

Submit a Concept


SARCTALK is a podcast series (Spotify, Apple, YouTube), hosted by Dr. Scott Okuno (SARC Chief Medical Officer) featuring conversations with sarcoma investigators and patients on research and ways to accelerate progress.

Our January Episode Guest is Dr. Shreyaskumar Patel from MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Listen Here

Our February Episode Guests are Dr. Angela Hirbe from Washington University in St. Louis and Dr. Lara Davis from Oregon Health and Science University.

Listen Here


RAC In-Person Meeting

The Research Advisory Council in-person meeting was held in Houston, Texas on February 25, 2023. This meeting was hosted by Ernest “Chappie” Conrad II, MD; with support funding provided by UT Health and GSK. Dr. Conrad is an orthopedic surgeon at UT Health and is the Chair of the Board at SARC and UT Southwestern. The meeting was well attended, and we are delighted to have the RAC members engaged in the discussions along with Houston-area oncologists and surgeons from UT Health and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Some of the highlights include:

  • The expectations and goals of the RAC and how SARC can guide and support the members.
  • Increasing the visibility of sarcoma and how we can engage the patient and professional communities.
  • An overview of the process to submit concepts to SARC and how we can develop partnerships with sarcoma foundations.
  • The significance of the patient perspective throughout the lifecycle of clinical trials. 
  • Enhancing diversity within our RAC members.

We look forward to continuing to build our collaboration, dedication, and determination to achieve together.


You can reach SARC by phone at 734.930.7600 or email at sarc@sarctrials.org.


SARC (Sarcoma Alliance for Research through Collaboration) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and support of research for the prevention, treatment, and cure of sarcoma – a cancer of the bone and connective tissues of the body.

SARC was formed in 2003 to conduct innovative and rigorous sarcoma research to advance the care of patients. Today, SARC collaborators include field-leading sarcoma physicians and researchers across the globe, working together to develop new strategies to improve outcomes for sarcoma patients.

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