Introducing our new name:
Upward Scholars
Today we are proud to announce our new name: Upward Scholars!
We chose this name becau se it describes precisely what we do: Empower low-income adults to "move up" by continuing their education, getting better jobs, and gaining the confidence to advocate for their children.
Our new name also embodies our transition from a school-based organization that exclusively served students from Sequoia Adult School to a community organization that supports students who are graduates of adult schools and community-based organizations throughout San Mateo County.
In the summer of 2011, we awarded scholarships for books and transportation to two students. This semester we're supporting more than 200! In terms of our impact, the numbers speak for themselves:   
  • 100 percent of Upward Scholars ESL students say they have more confidence since starting college.
  • 57 percent of students say they earn more since starting college.
  • 59 percent of students say they feel more optimistic about the future thanks to Upward Scholars support.
  • 100 percent of students who are parents say they help their kids more with homework since starting college.
Upward Scholars students need your support!

Upward Scholars transforms the lives of our community's most deserving adults! When you donate to Upward Scholars, your gift helps
  • Pay for students' textbooks and transportation to college.
  • Coordinate the work of more than 60 tutors and mentors.
  • Provide students with laptops.
  • Cover the one-on-one support from Upward Scholars staff that is critical to students' success.