The Society of American Travel Writers (SATW)
Calls for Nominations for its 2022 Distinguished Phoenix Awards

Applications Due by June 6
New York, NY – May 4, 2022 The Phoenix Awards recognize destinations, individuals, organizations, governments, for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations that have made exemplary efforts at environmental, cultural and/or historical conservation, preservation and beautification of tourism sites and contributed to quality travel experiences.

Last year, the Civil Rights Trail in the American South was applauded for its “utmost importance to the country’s history”; the Iron Ore Heritage Trail along Lake Superior in Michigan was recognized for its restoration and sustainable revitalization of former mining lands; while Adventure Canada was cited for its profound involvement in supporting local and indigenous communities.

Toby Saltzman, Chair of the Phoenix Awards Committee at SATW, explains “Nominations describing destinations, individuals, organizations, governments and businesses that have positively impacted the evolution of worthy projects are considered by the SATW Phoenix Committee and submitted with recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval. The Phoenix Awards and their SATW nominators are announced during the Society’s Annual Convention, followed by award ceremonies conducted locally for the winners.”

As tourism has evolved with global impact and the evidence of global climate change, the Phoenix Awards acknowledge efforts that encourage responsible, sustainable environmental practices as they relate to travel. Even though travel was halted for much of the pandemic years, North America’s premier travel media organization maintains its long-standing focus on sustainability while appreciating the benefits of cultural understanding and economic activity that come with travel.

Founded in 1969, the Phoenix Awards recognize and honor destinations that showcase responsible, sustainable tourism, including conservation; preservation; beautification and anti-pollution efforts as they relate to travel. SATW members can nominate directly while non-members are invited to contact an SATW member to carry out the nomination procedures.

Nominations are evaluated on:

·      Quality and scope of preservation/beautification/conservation/environmental project
  • Community involvement/partnerships
  • Impact on local community
  • Degree of difficulty to accomplish the preservation/conservation/enhancement effort
For important and detailed information and qualifications on the nomination information and process, please go to the nomination page on SATW’s website.

SATW is a vibrant resource in and to the travel industry for bringing travel media and destinations together. Founded in 1955, SATW remains the nation’s premier professional travel media organization comprising almost 1,000 of the travel industry’s most experienced journalists, photographers, editors, broadcast/video/film producers, bloggers, website owners, media relations experts and hospitality industry representatives from the United States, Canada and beyond. All members must meet and maintain the industry’s highest standards of productivity, ethics and conduct, and support SATW’s mission of “Inspiring Travel through Responsible Journalism.” SATW welcomes new applications and you can find information on the website at

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