September is here and it's time to reverse the effects of the summer on our body and our skin. September is a great month to start planning our goals for the holidays in order to be ready. Do you still have a few lbs to shed off from quarantine before you gain some extra during the holidays? Have you neglected your skin or body throughout the Covid-19 period? Do you still feel tired from the heat of the summer?

Like the seasons, our life goes through cycles. We should never get stuck in any cycle for too long. If we have stopped exercising, if we have been eating unhealthy, or if we know we will during the holidays, now is the time to change, and to move on to another cycle of our life. It is time to reverse the damage the summer sun and heat has caused into our skin or to our physique.

September is the time to take action! Take advantage of our special offers to reverse some of the results of the previous cycle in your life, and get ready for the holidays that are just around the corner. Some of the offers below are for a limited time only and while certain stock is available.

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Now time can be on your side!
Restore your lost volume and youthful appearance and make time be on your side. With the use of proven technology of fillers such as Bellafill and collagen regeneration lasers, or RF microneedling, as the time goes by, your results get better! With our specials in September, you can rejuvenate and make a long lasting change.
Try our NEW Keto assisted HCG diet and attack any local fat deposits with the Accent Prime thermo-lipolisis! If you have gained some extra lbs around the belly due to quarantine and COVID-19, now is the time to take control and help your body to return to your desired figure. 
Try our new Keto-assist HCG diet that helps to stop cravings and burn fat faster. With the help of cold and hot Ultrasound and RF waves, tackle the localized fat (such as love handles), to achieve your desired figure. Complement the treatment with acoustic wave treatment to accelerate your results. 
The Restylane family of products are customized to help troublesome areas by:
  • Refining your facial features by lifting and shaping contours, filling lines/wrinkles and creating natural volume.
  • Refreshing your skin from within with a boost of deep hydration, for a refreshed and vibrant look that lasts!
You can indulge in Self Care with the most advanced skin care products we offer! Our selection of skin care products have nothing to be jealous of when compared to the most expensive department store creams or serums. Physician's grade, full of active ingredients of the best quality, such as vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, biological growth factors, and stem cell growth factors can deeply nourish, repair and change your skin. What are you waiting for?
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