Dear Astoria Families,


We are writing to let you know about some significant changes in the mission of Raising Astoria.  After nearly three years in business, we have come to a turning point.  3.5 years ago, as new mothers, we discovered a great need in the neighborhood for consignment, high quality toys and affordable classes. Throughout this time, we have learned a lot about what it takes to thrive as a parent.  We have constantly tried to adapt our business so that it meets the essential needs of local families.  


We know that you've all loved having a place to consign your gently used baby items, and that you've come to rely on us for great toys and books. Recently, we have seen a steep decline in sales for merchandise--especially during this past holiday season.   Simultaneously, we have seen a strong response to our classes and event offerings. Rather than become discouraged by our struggles, we have become more determined to focus our energy where it's needed.  We envision Raising Astoria as a place to build connections, to strengthen community, and to provide ourselves and our children with lasting friendships.

As such, we have decided to move Raising Astoria in a new direction. We will be closing the retail portion of our store as of February 28th. We will be transitioning into a community education and support center, re-opening March 4. In order to successfully make this transition, we need help from you all, our community.

What Does This Mean?meaning


  1. We will no longer be accepting or selling consignment goods (or new toys).  We will continue to keep a selection of new books and small items! Luckily for us all, we have the Facebook Group "PreLoved Network of Astoria." This group has allowed us all to take charge of our own used goods, buying and selling directly.  We love the PreLoved Network, and hope that our consignors will turn to this resource, if they haven't already. Because the group is set as a "secret" group, you must ask an existing member to add you.  So check with your friends, or check on the "Astoria Parents" Facebook page for more information on how to join.

  1. We will be renovating our storefront and will turn it into an additional classroom, meeting center and event/party space.  We'll be strengthening our class selection and offering new opportunities to local parents who want to teach classes or use our meeting space for community events.  We currently employ over 10 local parents who are teachers, leaders, and speakers at our store.  We are so proud of the fact that we offer parents in this community the opportunity to share their talents with the community, while also earning money.  

  1. As we mentioned before, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Here are some ways that you can help us right away:HELP

    1. SHOP at the store while we still have great inventory. This will allow us to pay back what we've spent on all of the holiday stock and raise funds to transform the storefront.

    2. DONATE your consignment balance to us so we can focus on making the necessary changes and improvements to convert the classroom. Please email ASAP to let us know you wish to donate your balance. We would appreciate your support in this!

    3. VOLUNTEER your services and time in various capacities which can include: helping sort through consignment merchandise, receiving and answering emails, writing articles and/or contacting media outlets to cover our "relaunch and Grand Opening", distributing marketing materials to promote new classes, and more. Please email: to let us know how you would like to help.

    4. CONTRIBUTE YOUR IDEAS: We will hold a "Meeting of the Minds" this Sunday, Jan 25 at 6:30 PM at Raising Astoria MEETINGfor anyone who wants to give feedback, share concerns, or just be a part of this great adventure!

  2. If you are currently a consignor with us, we will be reaching out with details on how your consignment balance will be handled going forward. See deadlines below.


By Feb 1: If you would like to come and pick up any remaining

consignment items, you may do so during our regular business hours.  After this date (Feb 1), any items still in the store will be donated. All consignors will have been contacted, and will have the option to spend their remaining balance in the store or donate it back to us as mentioned previously.


Feb 28 (STOREFRONT CLOSING): Any consignors with a balance under $50 will be able to use this balance towards classes or events in the store (including hosting a private event/birthday).  Anyone with a balance over $50 will be placed on a payment plan if they choose the "cashout option".

We are excited about this new chapter of Raising Astoria and hope you will be as well. Please don't hesitate to email, call us (email is always better), or drop-in to talk to us about it.

Most Sincerely,
Laurie and Kim