Dear friends and supporters,

We’re back!

The Humanist Hub spent this summer re-imagining our work, and now we are thrilled to begin our first fall serving not only Harvard (where we’ve been on campus for over 40 years) but MIT as well. Our staff is busily opening a new office in Cambridge’s Central Square - the midpoint between the two neighboring campuses - and now we’re just about ready to announce our very first major public event in what will be an exciting new format.

Next week, we will make a big announcement with all the details of this relaunch event, which is scheduled for Sunday, September 30 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm , at MIT and in Kendall Square. For now we just want you, our friends and followers, to have as much notice as possible so you can save the date.

...At least give a hint, you say? Okay: given our new focus on applying humanist values to help shape meaningful lives and ethical leadership in science, technology, and business, this event will bring together leading voices to re-envision - and maybe even redefine - what has been one of the cornerstones of Western society over the past few centuries.

For more on our evolution as a non-profit organization, please see this recent interview in The Atlantic , with Greg Epstein, our Executive Director and the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard and MIT.

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