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Last week we Cleared the Shelters, 
Now it's time to Clear the Boutique!

LOVE to shop?
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Join Trends for Tails for the first ever
Sidewalk Sale!
Saturday, August 25
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Trends for Tails
1109 S 10th Street, Noblesville

You won't want to miss this sale! Trends for Tails will be showcasing lots of unique and popular items, including BRAND NEW EastField backpacks, a nice leather sectional, a poker table topper, vintage dolls, new board games AND a Wii! Just to name a few!

The sale will also feature a few racks of new FALL items and discounted summer clothes, shoes and accessories!*
*Summer items all $5 each! 


Proceeds from Trends for Tails go directly back to the shelter to help our staff care for and find forever homes for the over 3,000 animals at our shelter each year. 

1109 S 10th Street, Noblesville
Saint Vincent, Fishers
Ironworks Hotel, Indianapolis
Wasson Nursery, Fishers, IN
Nickel Plate District Amphitheater
City of Westfield
11/15/18 - Tinsel & Tails
Ritz Charles, Carme l
Tails From Home
Tails from Home

"After 1 year and 3 months living with me, I wanted to share a picture of Gretchen. She was with you for almost a year before I adopted her.  She overgroomed to the point of having hot spots and she had a cone of shame around her neck to keep her from continuing to groom. The first 4 months and 28 days after Gretchen came to live with me, she would not venture out of the guest bathroom.  

I have shared some other pictures with you over the last year.  However, the other day I came home from work and could not find her initially.  Then I looked again in the guest room.  Yes, which one is the stuffed animal and which one is real?  I believe she has declared the stuffed bunnies as her snuggle buddies on the guest bed.  I think she is happy - What do you think?  
Thank you for all you do.  Just wanted to share the happiness."

- Gretchen's Mom, Eleanor

We want to hear your happy adoption tails. 
Paws of the Month
Meet Polly
Good golly miss Polly! This girl is so cute we all want to put her in our pocket! She adores people - loves to give kisses and cuddles. But she isn't always like that in the shelter. Polly is sad and stressed and is hoping her forever home comes along soon. 

Polly loves to go on walks and to get carried around like a baby - boy, does she love people! She's four years old and has been at HSHC since February - way too long. She is looking for a home without cats or children. She needs lots of exercise and a family that can continue her training! 

Meet miss Polly today and fall in love - we have!  

Meet Bethany!
Miss Bethany was living life as a stray until she joined us at the shelter in July 2017. This 6-year-old girl has been here for OVER A YEAR and is looking for the perfect place to call home. 

She enjoys her "me time" but also adores her humans and loves cuddles and scratches behind her ears. Once she adjusts to a new home, Bethany relaxes and blossoms!

Help us find one of our LONGEST residents her happily ever after!
Special Recognition
Volunteer of the Month
Brent Guntar

Brent has been volunteering with HSHC since February and has already logged over 70 hours! Whether he's cleaning cages, transporting dogs to and from the veterinarian, or walking sick animals he is always willing to lend a hand and make a difference in our shelter. When asked about why he enjoys volunteering, he said, "I really feel like my way of showing love towards all the pups is by helping to provide them with clean, comfortable, accommodations while they are staying with us.  As far as an animal goes the shelter is a stressful place and it breaks my heart, so any way I can help make them more safe and sound the better; and I like meeting all the new faces every week!" 

His passion and commitment to our cause continues to inspire us. 
Thank you for all you do! 

Employee of the Month
Betsy Carter

Betsy is one of our dedicated cattery team members who spends her days caring for all the HSHC kitties. On any given day, you can find Betsy working with a smile on her face. Betsy's positive attitude is infectious and she is a ray of sunshine to our cats, customers, and staff!

We are so lucky to have Betsy on our team - Thanks for always brightening our days, Betsy! We - and our cats - appreciate you!