Basketball and Bible Study?   YES!!!!!!
What was Travis Hill thinking?  What is Project 5:10 anyway?

You may not think basketball and bible studies go together, but here at Reconciliation Outreach, they do.  Travis Hill joined Reconciliation Outreach and established Project 5:10 to serve at-risk teens in East Dallas.  The Monday Night Club meets around 6 o’clock each week gathering in the DMYC gym to play pick-up basketball.  Around 7:30, they take a break and share devotional time and study the scriptures.  On Thursday evenings, the teens gather at 7 o’clock in a living room setting here on campus to share a meal and conversation about their week.  Then they have a bible study.  There are additional activities on the weekends that provide these teens from the neighborhood with opportunities to experience activities and places beyond East Dallas.  Throw in a swimming pool in the parking lot as a makeshift baptistery, and you’ll understand why we’re so excited about what is happening here at Reconciliation Outreach with Project 5:10 and the teens being ministered to by Travis Hill each week.  Travis has gathered teens and other Christian volunteers, including City Church, to grow this ministry into something truly special.

Summer is here and it
promises to be very busy!

Over 100 inner-city children have enrolled in R|O’s summer program. We have a fun-full schedule of  summer camps, and  Vacation Bible Schools provided by several area churches and plus many other fun activities.  As I type this, the DMYC gym is buzzing with activity as our brothers and sisters from First Baptist Carrollton host a VBS teaching our precious children about Jesus.
Last Friday, the children in our after school program celebrated the end of the school year with pizza, new bibles, and new shoes. Thanks to generous donations from Christian partners, Reconciliation Outreach was able to present each child with a new pair of shoes, a new bible, and Amazing Grace story booklets (one in English and one in Spanish). Then they all enjoyed pizza and cupcakes. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? The children always look forward to Fridays, which bring Charles and futsal. Last Friday brought additional blessings for each child, and some extra smiles for everyone. Thank you to Elizabeth Werbelow and Natasha Guernsey and her friends at Calvary Chapel, Frisco for their roles in making this happen. What a blessing that these children begin the summer with a new pair of shoes chosen especially for them.  God is so good.

Thoughts on Our Need to Belong 
By: Dorothy Moore

All of us need to be forgiven; and we need a place where we belong. Simple and basic! We must begin by believing His word. " anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who diligently seek Him." (Hebrews 11:6) Our God wants to be wanted. He responds to our seeking Him! " But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul." (Deuteronomy 4:29)

"Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. " (Matthew 6:33)

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37 and 39)

If God IS love, He radiates that love just by who He is; and, as we draw near to Him, we begin to be transformed and healed in His presence. His love baptizes us in the sense that He fills us with Himself and, out of His presence within us, flows those "rivers of living water." "Nothing can separate us from the Love of God." (Romans 8:39)

The Father gave the Son and the Son gave the Holy Spirit. They gave themselves away in order to reproduce Their life in man. Jesus is the physical image of the Father and the WAY back to Him. The Holy Spirit is the enabler. He is God in man bringing the very source of life from God inside man. We are bought back, redeemed for a price, and we are no longer our own but HIS.

God tells us to allow ourselves to be transformed into the image of Himself. We can't change, but we can allow Him to change us by our total surrender to His will. "Thy will be done." (Matthew 6:10)

Our deepest need is to belong; and His being absorbs us and transforms us into HIS image by putting HIS life in us all.

We belong at last.


Rev. Dorothy Moore

The Brannon Building

R/O has a premium corner space in the Brannon Building that needs a coffee shop! This is an exceptional commercial space to lease in the historic Brannon Building. Located at 4301 Bryan Street (corner of Bryan and Peak) near the Baylor Hospital district. Ideal location for a coffee shop – 1484 square feet on ground floor next to interior atrium area. Asking $24 per square foot. For more information please call Ray Stazzoni at 214-809-6757
Close-up Of Hands Holding The Word Thank You Isolated Over White Background
THANK YOU, Lance and Sandy Bernard and the team from Construction Zone of Texas for blessing us with complete remodels of three restrooms in the Brannon Building.  Not only do we appreciate the work, it was a true blessing to work with your men.  What a heart for ministry each of you exhibit.  Read more of their story below.

Lance and Sandy Bernard own Construction Zone of Texas.  Since 2005, Construction Zone has performed commercial construction services.  About 80 to 90% of their business is remodeling schools.  They have another division that provides retail and refinery construction services.  They started in the construction business following Hurricanes Ike and Rita.

Sam from Restored Hope Ministries was the pastor at Covenant Church and met Lance and Sandy back in 1988 or 1989.  In 2006, Sam started a Celebrating Recovery group and the Bernard's signed up to be CR ministry leaders.  Celebrating Recovery strengthened their relationship with Sam.

Lance volunteered for men’s work days at church and started helping out with construction skills as a ministry.  One thing led to another, and here they are today, helping restore the Brannon Building and remodel the public bathrooms.

Sam referred Lance and David to Reconciliation Outreach,  Lance said it was good timing as his crews were between projects.  He has had three guys working here, and each of them have a real heart for ministry.  They’re great guys, and have bonded as brothers with the R|O graduates who have been working on the Brannon Building.  Tim Hardin, Construction Zone’s superintendent, has been most helpful.  Tim noticed that there was a third bathroom with a shower hidden behind a wall that needed to be demolished and remodeled, and took care of it himself.

Lance tries to develop a vision bigger than just constructing a building and help his employees see the bigger goal.  For years, the Bernards have taken a crew of men on foreign mission trips to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Cuba to serve others.  Reconciliation Outreach is the first inner city ministry they’ve served in this capacity.  All of the men on the Construction Zone crew have expressed how much they’ve enjoyed working on the Brannon Building and serving side by side with the R|O men.  They feel like they are building with a purpose.

An important part of what Reconciliation Outreach ministry is to impart to our men and women in its programs is to plan and train them for a brighter future.

To date, Construction Zone has donated approximately $40,000 in labor and materials, for which Reconciliation Outreach is extremely thankful.  We hope that Lance and Sandy will be lifelong friends.  Lance would be a tremendous mentor to the residents enrolled in the Reconciliation Outreach program and give them much needed hope for a brighter future.

The Bernard's are important to Reconciliation Outreach and we are blessed to know them.  We cannot thank them enough for all they have done to help us.
We've been truly blessed this past month.  We received a generous food donation from Beyond The Box Catering.  YUM!  The ladies in the Oasis program received free tickets to attend three conferences, including Pink Impact and Date Night With Jesus.  Thank you, Gateway Church and Psalty Girl Ministries!  The men in the Alpha men's program received new bibles.  Every day brings new blessings and the men and women in the discipleship program are very appreciative of every kindness and blessing bestowed on them.  The staff and volunteers at R/O are very thankful for everyone who increases the resources and blessings to those we serve.  It is always nice when people step forward to bless the children in our ministry, but it is no less special when someone steps forward to bless the adults.  We are all God's children, and we all need love.  God bless each person who has blessed the Reconciliation Outreach Ministry with encouragement, acts of service, financial blessings, in-kind donations, time, fellowship and prayer.  We couldn't do it without  you.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to serve God and seek His guidance in all we do.
Our website is currently under construction.  Please visit us and see what is changing and improving at Reconciliation Outreach.