January 17, 2020
From San Francisco to Valparaíso,
Chile Lindo is your Cross-Cultural Liaison
Chilean Cuisine & Culture — Connecting & Creating Community

Hello Dear Readers:
This year I celebrate 25 years at the helm of Chile Lindo. The 10 ft. x 20 ft. coffee and sandwich shop was first established, 47 years ago, by a Chilean woman that called it Chile Lindo. I acquired it in 1995, and gave it a new spin that focussed on traditional empanadas. I knew there and then that the greatest value of my purchase was the name; I applied my producer's background to create a cultural hub in San Francisco, with a longterm vision. Food is at the heart of cultural expression, and in the Unites States, food is the launching pad to showcase every aspect that defines a country or nation: its arts, exports, and tourism. I started building outreach capacity, and at the rise of social media, I acquired, wrote and archived this newsletter-- th at reports on Chilean events in San Francisco, since 2009--and grew #TheChileLindoNetwork. There are days that I only want to produce events, others when I just want to sell empanadas, and more often than not I wanted to throw in the towel . I think they call it "serial entrepreneur."

These are a difficult times for small businesses, and sadly too many of San Francisco's iconic restaurants and venues have closed and continue doing so. I have survived, ironically, because I've kept every aspect of the business "small-scale" and within the reach of slow but steady growth. This year, I have the privilege to expand my operations because fortunately, I rented a commercial kitchen from the Mission Housing Development Corporation. The kitchen is located directly across from Chile Lindo, and it will serve to expand the menu, provide catering services, and open wholesale accounts. I cannot say enough positive things about renting from the folks at Mission Housing. They get it! They understand that in order to keep a small business in the community, providing employment, paying taxes and insurance, licenses, etc, you can't gouge the business owner before he or she has opened its doors. I want to thank Sam Moss, Márcia Contreras, Paul Leon, and Nelson Correa, for working with me as I navigate the permit process and prepare for launching my new kitchen operation.

I also want to thank Michael Feno, owner of the legendary Lucca Ravioli. The dramatic closure of his business, after 94 years on the corner of 22nd street and Valencia, devastated San Franciscans near and far. Michael Feno is an exceptional man and his generosity uncommon. Upon closing last year, he gave me first pick at his equipment saying it "should go to a local small business where it would get good use."
People are what make up a community and community is, literally, priceless.

Having a tight knit community is vital to the success of any establishment. That being said, I am grateful to my readers, who are part of my community, and I am grateful for your support and good wishes.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Paula Tejeda
Chile Lindo

25th Anniversary Party
Sunday, February 16th, 7:00 PM
(Monday 2/17 President's Day holiday)

998 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

It's a Valentine's Weekend Celebration in the Mission District

"Danza en la urbe"
Photo: Pachi Paz
Bailarina Teatro Municipal de Santiago: Catalina Duarte
Protesta: viernes, 25 de octubre


" This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius" and this Aquarian celebrates her birthday on Valentine's weekend, that happens to fall on Chile Lindo's 25th Anniversary Party. In lieu of a gift, a contribution to my GoFundMe campaign for Roser Fort's Centro Arte Alameda, burned to the ground in the midst of Chile's protests, would be FANTASTIC!

Thank you to those that already donated.
… And love will steer the stars