Wednesday, February 24, 2021
1:15 tp 2:15 PM EST
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The next webinar in the SSF series, Steering Society Beyond GDP to the SDGs, with ecological economist and futurist Hazel Henderson will feature green bank executive Ken LaRoe. In 2009, Ken founded First Green Bank, the first bank of its kind to promote positive environmental and social responsibility while operating as a traditional community bank.
Now Ken is launching Climate First Bank, starting in St. Petersburg, as a full-service community bank on a mission to positively impact the triple bottom line: people, planet, and prosperity, introducing Values-Based Banking to an unserved community. Join us to learn how Ken's efforts are steering society to SDGs.
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Thursday, February 18, 2021
1:15 PM to 2:45 PM EST
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Solving today’s wicked sustainability challenges requires system change. But as the 2020 US election illustrated, the nation is so divided and dug in that we need new strategies for leadership. We can’t rely on elected officials, political parties, chief executives, or others in positional authority to lead the systems change we need. Sustainability professionals must apply strategies that extend their influence beyond their organizations to drive change in the cross-sector space where business, government, and nonprofit organizations intersect and the most pressing sustainability challenges exist. Professionals equipped with tools and strategies to work in this space will have more influence and career success. 
Join SSF and Island Press for a discussion of strategies and tools for systems change. Dr. Bruce Hull, Senior Fellow at the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, and author of a new book titled “Leadership for Sustainability,” will introduce a toolbox of strategies for tackling wicked sustainability problems.

The bulk of the webinar will present case studies that illustrate several of these tools, discuss the challenges and opportunities of being a systems change agent, and identify resources professionals can use to build their capacities as change agents.
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Online self-paced professional development course
The course is open until March 31, 2021
12 hours of videos and live sessions with the instructor
Qualify for a GWU professional education certificate
Tuition is $350
Sustainability Professionals & Consultants
"I have learned more in three weeks about current and projected trends and technology than I could possibly find anywhere else." Electric utility manager
Learn how EVs are changing the mobility landscape and advance your career in the transition to the net zero economy. Get the latest information on technologies, incentieves, car models, and deployment for the fast-moving electric vehicle market.

Learn from an expert GWU instructor in a 12-hour online course
The GWU Electric Vehicle Markets professional education course is open through March 31, 2021. This is the fourth time Julian Bentley has offered his rave reviewed 12-hour online self paced course. This class has up-to-date data on this fast-moving market.

Watch a 20-minute video about the impacts of COVID on EVs and an overview of the course by EV instructor, Julian Bentley
EV Market Update and Class Overview
The course is offered by GWU's Environmental and Energy Management Institute. in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Take this course and three others to earn a GWU Energy Resilience Certificate. Download a GWU Energy Resilience Certificate flyer.
Course summary
  • Divided into three modules: 1) Understanding Electric Vehicles, 2) The Electric Vehicle Market, and 3) Charging Infrastructure and Charging Station Deployment
  • Learn about the types of electric vehicles, the market and factors driving market growth, barriers to growth and how the market may overcome potential barriers, EV charging structures and charging station deployment
  • Designed for educators, engineers, government and corporate decision makers and auto dealers.
How will it work?
  • The course remains open through March 2021
  • Each of the three modules consists of 7-8 videos that students review on their own schedule
  • Optional live webinars run by the instructor to summarize key materials and answer questions
What's the value of the course?
  • Students receive a George Washington University course certificate
  • Create an EV knowledge foundation
  • Develop a framework for understanding the EV market and industry players
  • Understand primary factors affecting the growth of the EV market and how the market may overcome potential barriers
  • Learn more by reviewing the course description
Students from Major Organization Praise Julian's Course
Manager - Electric Services, Lincoln Electric Systems, Marc Skolnick,
"As a utility energy services professional who is relatively new to electric vehicle and charging infrastructure, I have learned more in three weeks about current and projected trends and technology that I could possibly find anywhere else. Julian provides a very realistic, fact-based approach and is a true subject matter expert."

Insurance Industry, Charles Skinner,
"Julian Bentley is a very credible expert on electric vehicles, EV infrastructure and the unfolding market dynamics of this exciting growth industry. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the key elements, where things are today and where they are likely going."

State of Colorado, Phil von Hake,
"Julian has a very-broad and very-deep knowledge of the Electric Vehicle space. I plan to go back through all the videos and reading materials when I can, as there's a wealth of info in there. Thanks again to Julian, Edward, and GWU!"

US Department of Energy, Andrew Newens
"The course gave me better knowledge to perform a technical, business and policy analysis for Electric Vehicle adoption.”
The World Bank, Sandrine Boukerche
"The sound technical knowledge and experience of the lecturer guided me through the components, technology, factors, drivers and forecasts of the EV market.”

Environmental Protection Agency, Peter Banwell
"During the course I gained a comprehensive overview of the EV market. The presentations were very informative and used unique data sources."
Verizon, Colia Best
"The lecturer did an excellent job: I now fully understand costing and the pros & cons of developing EV charging stations."
Edward Saltzberg
I hope you'll join this course.


Edward Saltzberg, PhD
Director of Professional Education, GWU's Environmental and Energy Management Institute and

Managing Director
Security and Sustainability Forum