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Need a better understanding of what’s going on at meetings? Want to participate more effectively and accomplish your goals? 

This workshop will familiarize you with Robert’s Rules of Order, a set of procedures used by organizations. You’ll leave with the knowledge and tools you need to ensure efficiency, fairness, and democracy in meetings.

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Register today!

Region 7 Innovator Award

Coastal Alabama Community College

Nursing Apprenticeship Program

SAWDC AlabamaWorks was proud to honor Coastal Alabama Community College - Nursing Apprenticeship Program with the AlabamaWorks! Innovator Award during the AlabamaWorks Conference.

The team from Coastal Alabama Community College supports the growing demand for nurses by creating learning and earning opportunities for future healthcare providers. This program is the first in the nation and has cleared the way for additional healthcare apprenticeships in surgical technology and more to be announced in the near future.

Region 7 partners have more time to get paid to train their existing employees. The Alabama Workforce Stabilization program extended its availability until 2024. All training must be completed by June 30, 2024.

99 contracts have been approved with 57 regional employers such as Gulf Packaging, Panini Pete Group, City of Foley, Billy Barnes Enterprises, Airbus, Austal USA, Franklin Primary, City of Mobile, Mobile Infirmary, Precision Tune Auto, Vulcan, Inc., Aker Solutions, DentalEZ Alabama, SSAB, Outokumpu, Coastal Growers, Segers Aero, Renew PT, Plasmine Technology, Harrigan Lumber, USA Health, City of Monroeville, AeroMark, and others.

More than 1,300 participants have been enrolled in training or as new hires. 930 credentials have been earned and $3.4 million dollars has been approved for incumbent working training or new hire wage reimbursement.

For additional information connect with Bridget Wilson, [email protected].