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Development Starts with Us!

In January, SAWDC Workforce Development Manager, Hayleigh Barlar, had the opportunity to attend the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations Course with seven other professionals throughout the United States. 


In this training, you will learn and practice the key elements of high-impact communication: structures that have a purpose, meaningful content, and delivery that compels listeners with an authentic appeal. “The skills I learned were invaluable in increasing my confidence to present to audiences clearly and effectively,” shared Hayleigh.


To participate in the next training opportunity on March 7-8, click here to register.

Mobile County Public School System Elevates Career Development Initiatives with Reclassification of Academy Specialists to Career Coaches 

The Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS) announced a significant development in its commitment to fostering student success through career development. Twelve Academy Specialists, who have played a pivotal role in shaping students' career paths and college advancement for over 13 years, are now transitioning into the role of Career Coaches. This strategic move aims to enhance the support and guidance provided to students within the Signature Academy model and the career tech department of MCPSS. 

Since the inception of the Academy Specialist positions, our dedicated professionals have been instrumental in helping students navigate and choose their future paths through the academies. This model, unique to MCPSS, integrates specialized college and career pathways into high school education, offering students valuable insights and experiences in various fields. 

The Academy Specialists have been on a mission to bridge the gap between education and the workforce by cultivating essential partnerships with local businesses, Community Colleges, and Universities. Over the years, they have successfully connected students with work-based learning opportunities, including mock interviews, job shadowing, and summer internships. This hands-on approach has not only enriched the educational experience of students but has also fostered a seamless transition from academia to the professional world. 

Excitingly, this evolution from Academy Specialists to Career Coaches will not only reinforce the existing success but also open new avenues for collaboration. The three existing Career Coaches (Jemetries Thomas, Darwin Bolden, and Tyrannace Brazil) will now be joined by the twelve Academy Specialists, forming a robust team dedicated to ensuring students are well-prepared for their future endeavors. 

"We are thrilled about this transition from Academy Specialists to Career Coaches," said Dr. William White, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education at MCPSS. "This move not only highlights our commitment to providing unparalleled college and career development support but also aligns with our mission of the great work our current career coaches are doing. By working collaboratively, we aim to further enhance workforce development and college training initiatives for the benefit of our local community." 

The Mobile County Public School System looks forward to building on the success of Signature Academies and Career Tech education by ensuring that students continue to receive comprehensive guidance and support as they embark on their professional journeys.  

Educator Workforce Academy

The recent session of the Educator Workforce Academy (EWA) on January 23rd brought forth a dynamic exploration of the Advanced Manufacturing and Aviation transportation, distribution, and logistics sectors. Educators participating in Session 2 were treated to an engaging and informative day, which included immersive tours of Outokumpu and Flight Works Alabama.

The upcoming session, scheduled for February 27, 2024, will shine a spotlight on healthcare, enabling educators to gain crucial insights into its pivotal role within the broader workforce landscape. 

January Leadership Training Session

In collaboration with AIDT, SAWDC AlabamaWorks! extends Leadership Skills Training classes to introduce leaders to a spectrum of leadership responsibilities, enhancing their ability to lead with success. The session held on January 17-18, 2024, specifically concentrated on Building a Leadership Foundation, covering essential topics such as Leading People, Communication, Teamwork, and Leading Multiple Generations.

The session experienced vibrant engagement, with a total of 24 participants representing 11 companies. This diverse range of participants reflects the broad industry representation and the commitment of the program to facilitate collaborative learning across various sectors.

Leadership Skills Training 2024

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