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Industry is BOOMING in Region 7! 

And we want to make sure your students do not miss out on their opportunity to have a successful career. 

Superintendents, principals, counselors, career coaches, and other school leaders please join us for our upcoming Educator Workforce Academy. EWA offers a unique opportunity to gain up-to-date workforce knowledge and build relationships with industry professionals in our area. 

The deadline to apply is Thursday, September 14.

Need a better understanding of what’s going on at meetings? Want to participate more effectively and accomplish your goals? Or do you need to lead meetings yourself? This workshop will familiarize you with Robert’s Rules of Order, a set of procedures used by organizations. You’ll leave with the knowledge and tools you need to ensure efficiency, fairness, and democracy in meetings.

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The AlabamaWorks Conference is a highly engaging event aimed at fostering an inclusive, future-ready, and adaptive workforce within the state.

This annual conference brings together experts and professionals to address current and future workforce challenges and highlights the purpose of various AlabamaWorks programs and their vital role in serving the people of Alabama.

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