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Over the span of 100 years its hard to fathom the knowledge shared and the lives that have been affected by a school dedicated to educating children while sharing the love of Jesus. 

The fact that this is Sligo School's final year as Sligo School can be sad to many. Thousands of individuals can say they've attended and gained much from their time at Sligo School. It would be interesting to know how many will know by heart the song the kids sing for the final time in the video above. 

We share the burden of saying goodbye to an identity and institution with Takoma Park Church and John Nevins Andrews Adventist School. A process that has taken decades, presses the need to make changes. These changes, although rough to those who have loved and devoted themselves to their respective schools, are being intentionally orchestrated to allow what comes next to make a lasting positive effect on our community of believers and the wider community. 

Takoma Academy Preparatory School, or TAPrep, will be the combining of personnel, ideals, love of children and a love of Jesus Christ. It is a partnership of two legacy churches dedicated to making sure there is a place of quality education for its children and the children of our region. 

Walls are coming down and walls are being put up. Old cabinets and lockers are being removed and new design and technology are taking their place. A new media center, fresh paint and a fresh gym floor design are all exciting aspects on the horizon. The funding that will come from the combining of both schools should give the new school a greater leg to stand on than many educational institutions across the Adventist spectrum. 

It becomes a mandate and a grand challenge for all of us in this family of believers, to support this new institution. It is the embodiment of the work done by our founders. This is not the death of institutions but the product of the hard work that has gone into keeping them alive. TAPrep will be a leader in Christian Education and more ready to deliver it for the 21 century. Each child brought closer to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is in their lives and at the same time learning what is needed to make an impact on this world is a testament to the faith we carry in Adventist Education. God Bless TAPrep and every heart yearning for it's success!

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Adventist Cookbook Named Best in the World
By: Nathan Brown

A book authored by a Seventh-day Adventist nutritionist and published by Signs Publishing has been named "Best in the World." Food as Medicine: Cooking for Your Best Health was awarded the Best "Health and Nutrition" Cookbook in the world for 2016 at the prestigious 

Events and Info

An exciting series is coming to Sligo Church starting June 16th, click the image above for more info. 

This summer is going to be unmissable! Click here to register or volunteer!

AUG 5th  - With featured speaker, Dr. Terry Johnsson
Don't miss our International Luncheon
and a special emphasis on
Celebrating 20 years of Sligo Youth Department Leadership (SYD)
and so much more!!!


The Sligo music ministry is inviting all men with a passion for singing and a heart for worship to take part in our new Men's Chorale, which meets at 7pm on Monday evenings.  For more information, contact our Choral Conductor, Paul Byssainthe, Jr. at pbyssainthe@sligochurch.org, or at 301.270.6777, ext. 124
We're now enrolling Ages 2.5 - 4 year olds. There is very limited space available, so get your child enrolled now! Please call and make an appointment, Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm, to see and hear the what Great Kids has to offer. We offer a STEM/STEAM based Christian Preschool Program. Growing great kids is what we do!

Join us this summer for the Sligo Youth Mission Trip from July 16-22. At the Savannah, GA Workcamp, Sligo Youth (+14) will demonstrate Jesus' love and compassion in tangible ways, serving real people in need while working on projects like...
* Building wheelchair ramps and handrails
* Weatherizing homes and trailers
* Reconstructing sagging porches
* Significant painting projects
* Interior and exterior carpentry
* Other home repair projects that the homeowner cannot otherwise complete

This Sabbath
Our Speaker:

"The Keys to the Kingdom, Part V: Dragnet"
Pastor Charles A. Tapp

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