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Your Monthly News & Updates - November 2019
Note from our Executive Director

"I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can."
The Little Engine That Could - Watty Piper

Most grocery store trips I took with my mother would end with the selection of a Golden Book. I am told that grocery stores still stock Golden Books, but I must admit that I haven't paid much attention since my son and his daughter are no longer of an age to enjoy these little treasures. I really don't remember visiting a bookstore (we were loyal military base library patrons) so my personal library was stocked with these books including The Little Engine That CouldRead more here >> 

Upcoming Events

Pearl Trio Recital
Saturday, November 16 - 5pm
St. George  Episcopal  Church

St. George Fine Arts Series proudly presents the Pearl Trio Recital! Join us as we listen to Vivienne Spy on piano, Karen Stiles on violin, and Barbara George on cello! This event is free, but any donations given will benefit San Antonio Youth Literacy. If you have any questions or would like more information call us at 210-342-4261. More info here >>

Reading Buddy Tip 
Building Your Buddy's Confidence as a Reader

You can probably think of times in your life where being less-skilled at something that others seemed to be able to do quite well made you feel inadequate or less-than. Many students experience similar feelings when they recognize they are not reading at the same level as some of their peers. This lack of reading confidence can be an obstacle to developing a positive self-image as smart and capable, and can impede their growth in reading when if causes anxiety or affects motivation. While there is no one quick fix to boost your Buddy's confidence, here are some things you can do to foster their confidence as readers over time.   Read more here >>

Volunteer Spotlight

Congratulations to November's Reading Buddy of the month, Christy Losoya. She has been with us ever since she heard about the Reading Buddy program from a co-worker over seven years ago. As a mother herself, she recognizes the difficulties and dislikes when it comes to learning how to read. Christy believes that every hour as a Reading Buddy is a success and we couldn't agree more. Every student in the program has the potential to be better; thank you for seeing that.  Read more here >>
School Spotlight

A big congratulations to our school spotlight of the month: SAISD's Maverick Elementary. Their Partnership with the San Antonio Youth Literacy is a testament to the school's excellent reading goals for their students. Their teachers and staff have been very respectful and accommodating to the volunteers, especially when they reserved a quiet place for the Reading Buddies. It's thoughtfulness like that that makes us thankful and hopeful for the type of environment that they create for their students

Donor Spotlight

SAYL would like to thank the following for their sponsorship of our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament, sponsored by CPS Energy, on October 2, 2019. This scramble tournament took place on TPC San Antonio's championship golf course with all proceeds benefiting SAYL's Reading Buddy Program.  Read more here >>  

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