Dear CMEA Members,



SB 725 (Hancock), the Visual & Performing Arts Standards bill, was passed out of the Senate Appropriations committee on Thursday and is headed to the California Senate Floor for a vote.




SB 725 (Hancock) may be heard and voted on as early as THIS TUESDAY, June 2 in the California Senate. 


So we are requesting that you call by phone your California Senator today, MONDAY, JUNE 1 to ask for support of SB 725 (Hancock).


Follow these Directions:

  1. If you don't know who your California Senator is, go to this website to find out:
  2. Get the direct phone number of your Senator's Capitol office in Sacramento at this website:
  3. Call your Senator's Sacramento Office Phone Number and follow these quick, easy steps:  

    a.  Identify yourself:

    "Hello, my name is Steve Venz and I'm a constituent of Senator Hertzberg."

    b.  Give home address to confirm constituency

    "I live at 2200 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks."

    c.  Where and what do you teach OR if retired, where and what did you teach:

    "I taught music for the Los Angeles Unified School District."

    d.  What are you asking: 

    "I am calling to ask Senator Hertzberg to vote YES (AYE) for SB 725, a bill to update the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards when heard on the Senate Floor."

    e.  Thank them for their time: 

    "Thank you for your passing this message along to Senator Hertzberg."

  4. The person answering your call may not be familiar with the bill but will document your call and your request for a YES vote on SB 725.

You may also send a FAX requesting a YES vote on SB 725 (Hancock) to your Senator's Capitol Office in Sacramento.  A template FAX letter of support is at the CMEA website.


At the CMEA website under SEND FAX OF SUPPORT FOR SB 725 (HANCOCK), you will find the link to download the template FAX Letter.


Let's stand up for music and arts education.  If we don't, who will?



With one voice,





Steve Venz, 

Advocacy Representative

California Music Educators Association (CMEA)

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