June 17, 2019
Summer Assignments
Summer Assignments are available on the SBA website.  The list can also be viewed in the link below.

Summer Service  
It is important that all students, incoming and current, receive approval before beginning any summer service.  Current students may begin their service as early as Monday, June 10, 2019 with the pre-approval of their Theology teacher.  Students, including incoming freshmen, can receive approval over the summer for their service by contacting Miss Jenna Violi at jennavioli@stbasilacademy.org.  Once approval is received, the necessary service forms can be downloaded from the website.  Those who complete summer service are still required to complete service forms.  Click the link below for service forms, as well as a list of service location suggestions.

Summer Entrance Exam & Practice Course
Saint Basil Academy will be offering an entrance exam in the summer in conjunction with a practice course the week of June 24.  Students taking the summer entrance exam will receive early notification of scores and eligibility for academic scholarships.  The practice course will take place Monday through Wednesday from 9 AM-12 PM with the entrance exam offered on Thursday.  Students may register for the course, the exam, or both.

Summer Sports Camps
Saint Basil Academy will host summer sports camps beginning June 24.
Visit Summer Sports Camps for more information and to register online.

2019-2020 School Calendar
Please refer to the link below for an overview to the 2019-2020 school calendar. The calendar can also be viewed  website under Quick Links.