February 8, 2019
Holocaust Symposium 
On Tuesday, January 29, 46 Saint Basil students attended the 42nd Annual Youth Symposium on the Holocaust at Gratz College. Students had the opportunity to have small group conversations with Holocaust survivors, as well as listen to a keynote address from Daniel Goldsmith, a Holocaust survivor whose experiences included 2 years hidden in a Catholic school after the German invasion of Belgium, as well as Nazi capture, and eventual escape into hiding within the home of a priest. It was a great learning opportunity for our students and an experience that will help them better understand the human experience of the Holocaust and the ongoing challenges of genocide.

Career Day 
Thanks to all of the incredible alumnae who took the time to speak about their careers at this year's Career Day. We had an incredible turnout of women who have been amazingly successful, and their stories help to inspire our students and help us build leadership skills. The Senior Women's Leadership class did a fantastic job moderating a panel of alumnae for underclassmen, while the upperclassmen sat in small sessions with women from varying fields. Thanks to all who made this event a success!
AMP Class
In a lab on the Conservation of Linear Momentum, AMP students examined momentum transfers in both elastic and inelastic collisions to determine if momentum is conserved in both types of collisions. They also were responsible to report reasons why momentum appeared to be "created" or "destroyed" in a collision.
Mock Trial
Congratulations to the Saint Basil Academy Mock Trial team on a great 1st round of the Regional High School Mock Trial Competition held at the Montgomery County Court House. Special acknowledgements to Erin Drumm, who received the Best Advocate Award and Grace Comas, who received the Best Witness Award.
Congratulations to the basketball team finishing the regular season 22-0 with their win over Gwynedd Mercy Academy 58-43! Academy league playoff semi-finals are set for  Saturday, 2/9, at La Salle College High School. Saint Basil Academy will play Gwynedd Mercy Academy at 1 PM.  Come out and cheer on the team!