This Week at SBC

Hello Joseph,

We have so much to be thankful for:

  • Close to 1000 in attendance during Trunk or Treat
  • 5 barrels of candy, 12 trunks, games, and free food for our community
  • Around 65 participants at our Turkey Shoot
  • 90 families served during our Boot Giveaway for the winter
  • 3 Staff Members added to our team officially this month
  • Completion of our Fundamentals of the Faith class with about 20 participants
  • 7 first time parents this year so far, celebrating the birth of 7 healthy babies
  • 35 baptisms

The year isn't over and we are looking forward to continuing to be a part of how God is moving through our church in our community of Truckee.

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Missions' Update

An Update From Shannon

Hello my beautiful SBC Family,

I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for each and every way that you have come alongside Scarlet Hope with your prayers, time, and financial gifts! The Lord is up to so much in our Ministry and I believe that He is preparing us for something big in the future! 

We are very excited to inform those of you who don't know that we are visiting all 5 strip clubs in Reno on a weekly basis! Although we are not freely able to interact with the dancers in one of the clubs, we are still there every Thursday building relationships with the management, housemom, valet, and door girl. We recently heard that the General Manager at this club had said how kind he believed we are and how they don't feel judged by us which means so much to them. This was so incredibly encouraging to hear from them! We are absolutely praising Jesus for the work that He is doing through us at this club and we are SO excited to see the LORD fully open the door for us to be able to build relationships with the dancers there. Please join us in prayer for this to happen in the Lord's perfect timing! 

We also wanted to let you know that the last 3.5 months we have been doing a prayer drive for our expansion into Brothel Outreach. We have been visiting one of the brothels on the outskirts of Reno twice a month, praying over the land and the people within, and slowly building a relationship with the various men who work at the front gate. Please join us in prayer for solid women of God and a few men of God to join us as we establish a very specific Brothel Outreach Team!

I also wanted to share with you how this year we started holding small get-togethers for the women that we serve outside of the clubs at our Resource Center in downtown Reno. We've hosted a painting party, a spa night, and a movie night! We are excited to see each event gain more traction and hear that the women are interested in coming to our future socials! We believe that this is a great way to interact with the women outside of the club and that it is another stepping stone to building deep relationships with them so that they can hear and experience the Gospel of Jesus. 

We have a big vision for 2023 which will include more socials with the women, life skills and recovery workshops at our Resource Center. We also desire to expand into Brothel Outreach when the Lord provides the specific laborers we need, as well as, expand our Outreach via Text Outreach. Text Outreach utilizes a program called Freedom Signal, where we will be able to gather data on women who are being commercially sexually exploited online in Reno and actually be able to communicate with them and offer the Hope and Love of Jesus via text message. 

Every holiday we are able to love on the women in the strip clubs by bringing them some type of gift for the holidays. On Valentine's Day we bring them a rose, on Easter we give them or their children a small gift bag, on Thanksgiving we bring yummy pumpkin pies with us and every Christmas we give the ladies some type of gift. In the past, the Missions Board and Women's Ministry have so generously supported our Ministry by providing the funds necessary or the actual gifts that we bring with us to give to the women. This year they are supporting other wonderful ministries but we still wanted to give the body of SBC an opportunity to be a part of this if they felt led or called to. 

You can do this by sponsoring one club, a few, or the last 4 that still need to be sponsored. One club that we serve needs 35 presents and the other three clubs need 25 each. This means that we need 110 presents in total. 

Each present will cost approximately: $15 (including wrapping). Which means the total for each club will be about: $375. And the total for all 5 clubs will be about: $1650.00

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Men's Ministry
Contact: Mike Harrison
Youth & Young Adults
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Contact: Abbey Casey

Youth Group will NOT be meeting this week (week of 11/21)

Contact: Caleb Deiro
Sunday Series

Words from the Pastor

A Thankful Heart

by Wayne Hoag 11.17.22

Of all the holidays on our calendar, only one has not lent itself to being exploited by the merchants. Perhaps this explains why Thanksgiving is barely a speed bump between Halloween and Christmas, why stores go from orange and black to red and green with no pause in between. What do you do with a day that has been set aside for the express purpose of bowing in worship and thanksgiving before Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth? There is no room for Santa Claus or Easter Bunny type characters. It is a holiday that is not about us but about the One, who, through His divine providence grants His children the blessings of life and breath and being and provision.


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Christian Middle School Survey!

Some Truckee community members are seeking wisdom in the development of a Truckee Christian Middle School. First, they would like to know who may be interested! Please complete this survey at your convenience if you'd like your opinion to be known.

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