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Dearest SB CAMFT Community,
As our world searches for cures and strategies to deal with the
COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we at SBCAMFT are working hard to
make sure our chapter continues to function as a cohesive group,
providing information, support and resources for our members as they
become available. We will all join hands (virtually) and get through this
together as a united front.
Our spring newsletter can serve as a respite from some dark news and an opportunity to concentrate, even momentarily, on the diversity and creativity of our membership. It can bring a little sunshine into our worlds to hear how our colleagues diversify their skills so they can bring therapy to their clients, but many other interesting and inventive skills as well. Read on, to hear more. What an amazing group we are a part of!
To share some other chapter-relevant news, each year in February, Board Members from 28 CAMFT chapters throughout California, as well as many CAMFT State Board Members, attend the annual Chapter Leadership Conference. This year, the CLC conference was held in San Francisco, California, and five of our board members were able to attend. The presentation topics included "Surviving and Thriving in Chapter Leadership," "Engaging Members: From Participating to Volunteering," "How to Govern your Board Effectively," "Diversity and Inclusion," "Building Relationships with Sponsors" and "CE Provider Approval." We learned about the state of CAMFT, where CAMFT's President, Nabil El-Ghoroury updated us on what CAMFT is working on. Much of the conversation revolved around the current political work and recent revisions to the CAMFT Bylaws. We will share with you measures as they pass and as the revisions become adopted. For more information, you can visit the CAMFT website at www.camft.org.

I was surprised by the honor of being awarded with the Outstanding Chapter Leader Award for exemplary service and commitment, by our SBCAMFT board. While humbled, I realize the award belongs to all of us on the board, as well as to our SBCAMFT community. It has been a
crystallizing experience to witness the tireless volunteer hours our board donates to our local chapter's benefit. And to see that mirrored in the efforts of our membership that reach far beyond our therapy offices or clinics, is inspiring, to say the least. 
Our membership continues to grow, and with that so does our opportunity to support and motivate each other. As a board, our devotion to providing useful information, events, educational
opportunities, CE accrual and even some fun beach walks stays primary. Stay tuned for updates and keep watching for some openings on our Board coming up soon. Now may be a great time to bring your special talents forward and join us on the Board of SBCAMFT! 
Stay strong. Stay well. Stay calm. 
With Gratitude, 
Kristi Miller, LMFT  
President, SBCAMFT

Greetings SBCAMFT Members,

My name is Nancy Chen Marden, LMFT, the new Director of Communications here at SBCAMFT. It's been a joy being a part of the leadership team at SBCAMFT as I continue to learn how to best serve our wonderful membership. We hope you guys have been enjoying the Facebook topics and posts thus far.

In this second 2020 quarter, SBCAMFT would like to provide its members with articles that will hopefully expand the way we view our private practice and professional selves. As clinicians, our skill set extends beyond just one-on-one sessions with clients. We can do so much with our knowledge, expertise, and passion. We received a great deal of interest from our members to share how they have been able to balance out their clinical work with teaching, writing, coaching, and so much more! It truly was inspiring to hear about the creative talents we have here in our membership. Please see below for the articles.

Please continue to stay on top of all of our Facebook posts and all the exciting upcoming articles we will have for you in our 2020-2021 Newsletters!

Follow our Facebook page as well for daily articles on various topics! 

Please stay tuned for when our events will be rescheduled amidst this COVID-19 crisis.


                                                                                                Nancy Chen Marden, LMFT
Communications Director, SBCAMFT

Writing and Wellness Waltz 
Faith Freed, LMFT
Licensed psychotherapist, Faith Freed, shares her experience as a writer and how she has merged that skill within her psychotherapy practice. She also provides some great tips on how you can start incorporating writing as a skill set in your personal and/or professional life!

 Dating Coaching: A Scalable Side 
  Keriann Long, LMFT

  Keriann has found a way to turn one of her favorite clinical issues into a  
  fun and profitable "side hustle." And she encourages us clinicians to  
  reconsider the judgment we may have with being coaches and instead,  
  lean into it with a sense of curiosity. Read more to find out how thinking  
  outside of the box can help us diversify our skills!    

My Life in the Professional Mixer 
Elizabeth Wolfson, PhD, LCSW 
As a seasoned therapist, Dr. Elizabeth Wolfson, shares her insight about  
how she has been able to balance out her long career with other gigs in the mental health field. In turn, she delights with how in doing so, it has  enriched her work as a clinician.

Consultation for a Digital World 
Angela Wurtzel, LMFT, CEDS-S, PMH-C  
  Traversing into the digital world was a new terrain for Angela, but she   
  found a way to not only become a skilled leader on the platform but parlay   it into an entire online consultation business. In the process, Angela  
  shares how it has ultimately cultivated an "atmosphere that encourages
  self reflection and provides a growing body of knowledge regarding the  
  craft of therapy."
                                                        Read the Full Article Here 

All My Experience Leads to Now 
Jenn Kennedy, LMFT 

Jenn entertains her readers with her dynamic career and how it has ultimately led her to her "third incarnation" as a psychotherapist. Within her clinical capacity, she also shines as a savvy business owner as well as a supervisor. She shares how her experience as a teaching faculty at Antioch helps inform the depth of her clinical work as well as balancing it out.

 Practices from the East and West  
 Growing Together  
  Radhule Weininger, PhD, MD

  Through Dr. Weininger's personal journey, she shares how she has   
  integrated her profound practice of mindfulness into her clinical work  
  and beyond. She is generous with her wisdom and resources, inspiring   
  all of us to have the courage to expand our healing practices beyond the
  clinical setting.

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  • Luncheon on Clinical Conceptualization: How to Navigate the Maddening World of "Behavioral Health" Insurance Billing from Intake to Discharge (Postponed)
  • Navigating the Road to Licensure (Postponed)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all future events will b e postponed
until further notice. In the meantime, we will be working hard to see if we can provide our membership with these events on a different platform.
Please stay tuned.
Next Quarter's SBCAMFT Newsletter Content Submissions

We are now seeking theme IDEAS for our future newsletter digests!   
What are you interested in reading about in the newsletter?  
Is there a topic you'd like to contribute to the SBCAMFT community? Or a topic you'd like to hear about from our fellow colleagues and SBCAMFT members?  

If you have theme ideas you'd like to see featured in SBCAMFT's future newsletters, please send an email to: [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!