Business News for November 17, 2020
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News and Best Practices:
  • Dane County Bans Mass Gatherings 
  • The Importance of Job Costing
  • Creating Inclusive Cultures with Team Emotional Intelligence 
Upcoming Learning Opportunities:
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Conference
  • FFI Scaler Series for Food Businesses
Business News & Best Practices
Dane County Bans Mass Gatherings 
Order #10 begins tomorrow and continues until December 16, 2020
Since October 7, cases of COVID-19 in Dane County have increased 292%. Because of this, County health officials have noted that mass gatherings are prohibited. For the purposes of this order, a mass gathering is defined as "a planned event with a large number of individuals in attendance, such as a concert, festival, meeting, training, conference, performance, show, or sporting event."

The order notes that "a Mass Gathering inside any property is prohibited," and "a Mass Gathering outside is permitted with ten (10) individuals or less, not including employees."

According to a university-developed risk assessment calculator, a gathering of ten people in Dane County currently has a 32% chance that at least one COVID-19 positive person will be present.

Selected specifics included in this order (click below to read the full order and additional details for these and other business and organization types):
  • Businesses:
  • Limit capacity to 50% of approved capacity levels
  • Development of clear, written policies for hygiene, cleaning, and protective measure policies
  • Facilitation of remote work to the extent possible
  • Limitation of exposure when remote work is not possible
  • Restaurants: limit indoor dine-in capacity to 25% of approved seating capacity limits
  • Taverns: Customers may enter taverns only for the purposes of ordering, pick-up, and payment of food or beverage or while in transit.
  • Retail stores: limit capacity to 50% of approved capacity levels
  • Schools: Public and private school buildings are only open for in-person student instruction for grades kindergarten through second (K-2), as well as students in any grade with a disability and/or an Individualized Education Program (IEP) who, due to their unique needs, may need to receive in-person instruction.
  • Schools must provide a virtual option for students in grades K-2. Public and private schools also have the discretion to provide all virtual learning for grades K-2.
  • Public and private kindergarten through twelfth grade schools may be used for food distribution, health care services, as child care and youth settings, for pickup of student materials, and for government functions.
  • Child care settings and youth settings:
  • Continue to follow licensing and certification ratio requirements.
  • Individual groups or classrooms may not contain more than fifteen (15) children.

The full order includes more specific instructions regarding additional business and organization types, written policies, cleaning procedures, and other requirements.

The Importance of Job Costing
from the ASBDC blog
Business owners who conduct business on a project or job basis may have a difficult time tracking each individual cost associated with each individual job. However, owners who cannot track total project costs accurately may find themselves taking on work that is not profitable or pricing their work too low. The solution lies in accurate job costing.

Learn more on the ASBDC blog
Creating Inclusive Cultures with Team Emotional Intelligence 
You have likely learned about emotional intelligence in one-on-one settings. Now, scientists are also studying the concepts of team emotional intelligence. In this episode of Live with Lila, host Lila Smith invites guest Vanessa Druskat, PhD to share more about emotional intelligence in teams.

The episode discusses how to assess the emotional intelligence of your team and identify where new team norms could be helpful to increase the teams' sense of beloginging and establishment of a shared mission.
Upcoming [Virtual] Learning Opportunities
Digital Marketing & Social Media Conference
December 8, 2020
Our one-day digital marketing conference brings together four marketing experts in one place to help you advance your digital marketing strategy. Sessions are offered in a live virtual format and are designed to give you the opportunity to dig in and make progress on your work.

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FFI Scaler Series for Food Businesses
Classes Offered at No Charge
The FFI Scaler Series offers food businesses the flexibility to learn how to successfully grow their business, one workshop at a time. Upcoming topics include Sales & Distribution Planning, Operations & Organization Planning, Sources & Uses of Capital Finance Planning, and more.

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