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30: Broadcast Infrastructure Cybersecurity Webinar, Module 1  

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SBE Certified Logo
Upon passing a new certification exam or if you currently hold a valid SBE Certification, you are now able to use the SBE Certified logo on your business cards, letterhead, resume, website or email signature.
In order to use the SBE Certified logo, you must also use your valid SBE certification designations after your name.
You may only use the official SBE Certified logo, that can be downloaded from the    Press Resources page on the SBE website. No variations or interpretations of this logo can be used.
If you currently don't hold an SBE Certification, take a look at the SBE Website, it will give you all of the information regarding SBE Certifications as well as the applications.

If you have any questions contact Certification Director  Megan Clappe.
Broadcast Infrastructure Cybersecurity Webinar Series Begins January 30!
Plan to participate in  the SBE four-part webinar series: Broadcast Infrastructure Cybersecurity, beginning January 30, 2018 from 2 pm - 3:30 pm ET with Module 1: Introduction & Network Security Principles.  The series provides an understanding of IP network security terminology, security plan principals, best practices, proactive implementation techniques and active security verification.  Practical implementation examples utilizing popular network infrastructure equipment will be provided with public domain security assessment tools.
The webinar is presented by Wayne Pecena, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNE, assistant director of educational broadcast services in the Office of Information Technology at Texas A&M University.
Module 1 will be an introduction to cybersecurity in the broadcast plant as well as an overview of the security policy.  The course also covers the structured security implementation and hardening the broadcast IP network.
The modules that follow include  Module 2: Understanding the Firewall, Tuesday, February 27,  2018, from 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET, which will include a discussion of the access control list (ACL) and the firewall, a review of Firewall Implementation & Ruleset Configuration and applying the security policy through the firewall ruleset.
Module 3: Understanding Secured Remote Access, on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, from 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET will discuss how to establish a secured remote access.  This session also reviews VPN implementation and configuration.
Completing the series is Module 4: Security Verification Thru Penetration Testing, Tuesday, April 24, 2018 from 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET.  It will cover proactive security monitoring and an overview of network penetration testing and network presentation testing tools, with examples.
The SBE member fee for each module of the series is $57 through December 31.  Beginning in January, the fee increase to $59, so register early to get the lower price.
Need more information, contact Cathy Orosz, Education Director at 317-846-9000 or at
Registering for SBE Cybersecurity Series Using the SBE MemberPlus Option
The Broadcast Infrastructure Cybersecurity series, like all new SBE webinars presented in 2018, will be included at no additional cost for members who renew or join using the $175 SBE MemberPlus membership option.  You'll get all four Cybersecurity modules, plus access to all archived SBE webinars and any new live webinars SBE presents through March 31, 2019, all for no extra cost.  Members can renew  and newcomers may join on-line at the SBE website using the SBE memberPlus option beginning January 2.
Certification and Membership pins
If you currently hold an SBE Certification, you can purchase a corresponding SBE Certification Pin. The pin costs $17 each and is a great way to show what you have worked hard to accomplish. SBE membership pins are also available.

CBT Pin CRO Certification Pin CTO Pin CBNT Certification Pin CEA Pin CBTE Pin CBRE Certification Pin CSTE Certification pin CSRE Pin CPBE Certification Pin Member Pin 2015

If you have any questions contact Certification Director  Megan Clappe.
New Years' Resolution: Become an SBE Mentor/Mentee
The SBE Mentor Program is designed to help broadcast engineers who are new to the field.  the program partners a new engineer with a more seasoned professional who shares his or her gained knowledge, both empirical and practical with someone new to the field.  For the seasoned mentor, it is a chance to give something back.  for the mentee, it is an ideal way to gain inside knowledge and understanding that can sometimes take years to accumulate.

Mentors and mentees are paired to work together for one year.  They can establish a schedule that works best for them, but the SBE suggests that they connect by phone t least once every two weeks.
For more information, please contact Education Director Cathy Orosz or by phone at 317-846-9000.
Host an Ennes Workshop in 2018!
Planning for 2018 Education is currently underway!  SBE is proud to offer Ennes Workshops throughout the country to bring educational offerings to members locally. 

These workshops feature multiple topics and speakers that provide television and radio engineers with the latest information in broadcast and media technology.  Ennes (pronounced "ENN-ess") Workshops were created in 1991 through the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust. 

The current 2018 Ennes Workshop calendar includes presentations in South Florida, Nebraska and Kansas City.  Interested in hosting a workshop in your city?  Contact Cathy Orosz at the SBE at 317-846-9000 or
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