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Our first SBE-news of 2017 provides a reminder of the support that we are grateful to have from many of the companies that manufacture and market the equipment, software and other products we use in our business every day. I ask that you please show your support for them whenever you can.

Jerry Massey, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNT
SBE President
Support the Companies That Support You!
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More than 100 companies that provide technical equipment and supplies to the broadcast industry are SBE Sustaining Members. They support the SBE in several ways; through their membership dues, as speakers at chapter meetings, Ennes Workshops, SBE webinars and other events, and as sponsors for local and national events. Some individuals within these companies even serve in leadership capacities on the local and national level.

SBE Sustaining Members would like your business! Please consider them first when making purchasing decisions. A complete alphabetical list of SBE Sustaining Members is available at the SBE website. A helpful classified listing by product is also available.

Information about the benefits of being an SBE Sustaining Member are available at the SBE website, or contact Debbie Hennessey at the SBE National office, 317-846-9000.
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SBE Introduces RF101: Broadcast Terrestrial Transmission Systems Course
RF101: Broadcast Terrestrial Transmission Systems webinar series is an introductory survey of the RF fundamentals needed to successfully monitor a broadcast facility. The course is targeted to those with minimal or no background in RF and/or are relatively new to the field. It will also serve as a refresher for more seasoned engineers. Many come to the field of broadcasting from varied backgrounds such as IT, electronic technicians or military vets, and find themselves immersed in the complexity of a broadcast facility needing to understand and work with the RF end of the system. This multi-module course will present an overview of RF needed to understand the basics and make informed decisions. RF101 modules will be presented in eight 60- to 90-minute live webinars, with the first, "Introduction to Radio Frequency (RF)," being presented on Jan. 26, 2017 at 2 p.m. ET.

RF101: Broadcast Terrestrial Transmission Systems Course Modules
1. Introduction to Radio Frequency (RF)
2. Transmission Lines
3. Towers, Antennas, and Transmission Systems
4. Antenna Gain - Feedline Loss
5. Modulation Fundamentals
6. AM, FM, TV RF Propagation
7. RF Transmitter Measurements
8. FCC Regulations

Dennis Baldridge
Instructing and the creator of the RF101: Terrestrial Transmission Systems course is Dennis Baldridge, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNT, a veteran of the broadcast engineering field for more than 30 years. Baldridge is a Senior member of the SBE, holds an FCC Lifetime General License (formerly a First Class FCC License) and Amateur Radio Extra Class License (K0DB). He also holds an M.A.E. and teaches science courses for Upper Iowa University. As owner of Baldridge Communications, LLC, he works as a contract engineer and has authored articles for Radio Guide magazine. Baldridge serves as an inspector for the FCC Alternate Inspection Program of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association.

Upon completion of the entire series, attendees will be able to 1) Understand the basic characteristics of RF and electromagnetic radiation; 2) Describe different types of transmission lines, antennas, and their characteristics; 3) Understand the fundamentals of RF propagation; 4) Understand modulation and different modern modulation methods; 5) Describe various components used in RF communications systems; 6) Explain the basic characteristics of RF transceiver systems; 7) Define common terms used to characterize RF systems; 8) Understand how to perform a range of basic RF measurements; 9) FCC regulations pertinent to maintaining a broadcast facility.
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Module 1 of RF 101: Broadcast Terrestrial Transmission Systems is Jan. 26
This first webinar, Introduction to Radio Frequency (RF), will include the following topics: Definition of RF and electromagnetic radiation and spectrum, Electric and magnetic fields, The Inverse Square Law and attenuation of EM waves, Frequency bands and RF wave characteristics, Units of power: dB and dBm, History of RF, and Safety issues introduction: Exposure and limits.

Registration for each module will be done separately. To register for Module 1, visit the Education/Webinars page at the SBE website.
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SBE Certification Exams Available at NAB Show
Have you thought about becoming SBE certified or upgrading your current certification and do you plan to attend the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas in April? You can register to take an SBE Certification exam while you're there. An exam session will be held on Tuesday, April 25 from 9 a.m. to 12 Noon PT at the Westgate Las Vegas Hotel, adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Any SBE Certification exam may be taken at this session. Submitting an exam application form and fee are required in advance. The application deadline for the NAB Show exam session is March 17. Applications for all levels of SBE certification are available at the SBE website. For specific information about the SBE certifications available, see the SBE website, your local certification chair, or contact Megan Clappe at the SBE National office at 317-846-9000.
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