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Happy new year from everyone at the SBE. Our first issue of SBE-news for 2021 brings a variety of news and information to you. We start the new year with several new offerings: Applications are open for the SBE Technical Professional Training Program, a new Webinars by SBE series begins this month, and the SBE ATSC3 Specialist Certification is available. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Reach me at

Wayne Pecena, CPBE, 8-VSB, AMD, DRB, CBNE
SBE President
SBE Technical Professional Training Program Accepting Applications
The SBE Technical Professional Training Program officially launched on Jan. 1. Applications for SBE membership and all the program benefits are now being accepted. Help a new employee or coworker fast track his or her career by enrolling today.

The program is designed to provide the basic training needed by new entrants to the field of broadcast technology. With a single application, participants receive a wealth of SBE member benefits, including SBE MemberPlus, enrollment in the SBE Mentor Program, preparation for the SBE CBT exam, a copy of the SBE Broadcast Engineering Handbook and more.
Want to know more? The January episode of the SBE WEBxtra will feature SBE Education Committee Chair Geary Morrill, CPBE, CBNE, as the guest. We'll talk to him about the SBE TPT.
Add the SBE ATSC3 Specialist Certification to Your Credentials
The Society of Broadcast Engineers, in its continuing effort to advance its Program of Certification, has added a new Specialist Certification to its offerings: The ATSC3 Specialist. The new level of certification was developed by the Society of Broadcast Engineers Certification Committee with direct assistance from the Advanced Television Systems Committee. The first ATSC3 SBE Certification exams will be made available during the February 2021 SBE exam period. While the application deadline to take those exams has passed, you can still submit your application to take the exam during the next chapter exam window or via private proctoring.
A New Year, New Webinars by SBE
This webinar series refreshes the previous IP networking webinar content. While the fundamentals of IP networking have not changed over time, the capabilities and implementation aspects have. The eight-part webinar series will cover network hardware perspectives, network topology models, networking standards, TCP/IP network protocols, LAN and WAN technologies, Ethernet switching, IP routing, troubleshooting and cybersecurity, always with a focus on practical implementation techniques. Part 1 is presented on Jan. 21.
With the release of the Report and Order by the FCC on October 27, 2020, authorizing stations to use MA3 all-digital AM on their stations, several common questions – and more than a few misunderstandings – have arisen. Jeff Welton of Nautel discusses the research done to arrive at this point, the development history of HD Radio on AM and what the actual requirements will be going forward. Watch live on Jan. 28.
Make (and Keep) a Resolution for 2021: Get SBE Certified
The SBE certification exam dates for 2021 are posted. Additional locations may be added during the year, and private proctoring is always available.
February 5-15
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June 4-14
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August 6-16
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