Issue #4 | September 2017
SBG NorCal Gorilla Press
Monthly news, tips and events from SBG NorCal in Berkeley, California
Coach Lily Pagle featured in Medium!
SBG NorCal head coach and black belt Lily Pagle was recently featured in a great write-up on Medium . The story recounts Lily's journey starting BJJ in mid-life and her coaching philosophy. “As I get older, I train smart,” she said. “When I was doing judo, I made a mistake by sometimes going too hard, but always my husband and I talk before training, ‘okay, let’s not get injured today.’ Just a good reminder.” Make sure to watch the accompanying video midway through the story.
Help #Chokeout Cancer With A Pink Gi Belt
Cancer is a scourge. Many members of our SBG family have fought the disease or lost a friend or family member to cancer. Throughout September SBG NorCal and FUJI are teaming to fight breast cancer. Buy and wear a pink gi belt and help us raise funds and awareness. This means everyone: Dads, kids, kickboxers and grandparents. Belts are available at our store for $15.00. Once you get one, post a picture on our Facebook page with the tags #chokeoutcancer and #SBG.
Tournament raises $1k for MATS
Thanks to all of our gym members who competed or assisted in the August MATS (Martial Arts Training and Scholarships) fundraiser, which was a resounding success. Funds raised will help provide training opportunities to athletes in need. We'd also like to thank our friends at Lavin MMA in Marin for great competition and collegiality. Finally, SBG NorCal would like to call out Alyssa Kurtz, who not only provided crucial organizing help but excelled in her first-ever match with Coach Kyle Cristin. Ethan Membreno, 8, also excelled in his first ever match with Coach Alan and Lou Medina was a big help with food. Well done!


It's not a fun place to be, is it? A new video on our SBG NorCal YouTube channel tells you how to get out. Make sure to look out for future installments.


Check out this vintage video of a purple belt Coach Lily showing the foolproof way to tie your gi belt. Try it before your next class!

  • NEW COACHES: Congrats to new coaches Neill Honda, who will assist with beginning BJJ on Saturday, and Jose Salinas, who will assist with introduction to MMA.
  • PURPLE BELT AND UP WORKSHOP: Beginning 9-7 on first Thursday of month at 6:15 p.m. with Coach Lily. No workshops on third Thursday.
  • BLUE BELT AND UP WORKSHOP: First Saturday of each month beginning October 7 with Coach Alan. Training starts at 8:30 a.m.
  • PARENT'S SURVEY: We will soon be sending a survey to parents of Growing Gorillas and would appreciate your feedback.
  • FALL SCHEDULE: Check the front desk for what's new.
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