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BBCetc Keeps on Movin' On
Career and lifestyle speaker and author, Barbara Sher once said, "Change is not only likely, it's inevitable." So it has been with BBCetc of late, and there are many exciting changes to report!

Kris Bergman
Becky Aistrup
First, as of October 1, BBCetc's Becky Aistrup and Kris Bergman became the new owners of BBC Entrepreneurial Training and Consulting, LLC. Lisa Kurek will continue on as a full-time member of the team working with clients, conducting training and supporting Becky and Kris, so we are all very pleased that our well-honed team will be working together as usual. As Managing Partner and an owner since 1997, Lisa expanded the company's reach both in breadth of expertise and national presence.  Now, with Becky and Kris at the helm, BBCetc will continue helping technology-based small businesses reach their milestones by providing high-value information, training, and guidance to move them along the path to market.

Second, BBCetc has moved from it's former home office in Ann Arbor, MI, to a new office in the nearby town of Chelsea, MI. Our new address is 12671 E. Old U.S. Highway 12, Suite C, Chelsea, 48118. Our phone number is still 734-930-9741. Please make a note of it! 

Finally, in October the Michigan Strategic Fund renewed BBCetc's contract for management of the  Michigan SBIR/STTR Assistance Program  through 2018. Not only is this excellent news for the BBCetc team as we will continue on as the state rep for Michigan, it is great news for our Michigan entrepreneurs, clients and partner organizations. The Michigan SBIR/STTR Assistance Program helps Michigan's technology companies secure federal SBIR/STTR funding for development of their innovative products and services, and we are honored to play a role in that endeavor. Since it began in 2002, program clients have been awarded over $194 million in SBIR/STTR grants and contracts.

We hope you'll keep in touch and let us know if we can help your company, your clients, your faculty or others. We look forward to hearing how we can help!   @BBC_etc

Kris, Becky, Michael, Jayne, Andrea and Lisa 

Post-Award Changes Don't Have to Be Daunting
You've submitted an SBIR/STTR proposal and have been awarded. Great news, right? But before you receive any money something in your company changes from that portrayed in your proposal. Panic time? Not necessarily. Agencies recognize that the budget presented in your application is somewhat "experimental," and between the time you submit and receive any money, your company may experience changes that can be expected in any evolving business.

Our best rule of thumb is that whenever you are contemplating or have experienced significant post submission or post award changes, and you are uncertain about the need for prior approval, consult in advance with the awarding agency's contract officer or grants management officer/specialist. Here are some general guidelines for what constitutes significant change that requires agency permission: Read on

Match Your Product to the Agency Mission for SBIR/STTR Success
Finding the best agency to fund your new product idea can be frustrating. You've identified a market need and know exactly how to solve the problem of your preferred target customer. The only catch is that the agency does not share your enthusiasm for the proposed product or its market potential. How to proceed?

First of all, realize that many solid, and potentially profitable, product ideas are not suitable for the SBIR or STTR programs. Perhaps there's not enough innovation or the product simply does not match the agency's mission or research priorities.

Although a granting agency, such as the National Science Foundation, has such broad technology interests you're almost guaranteed to find a home for your long as it's innovative and has commercial potential...not all agencies are equally accommodating. Read on

From NIH Extramural Nexus
Update Your Web Browser by Nov. 30 to Continue Using eRA Commons, ASSIST, IAR & iEdison
eRA is strengthening the security of its modules on Nov. 30 by moving to the 'https only' secure connection for websites, as mandated for all federal agencies. With the implementation of this security protocol, older internet browsers may not work, and you may need to update your browser to access any eRA module, including eRA Commons, ASSIST, IAR and iEdison. You are encouraged to use the browsers and software versions listed in the eRA browser compatibility statement.

Do I Need to Include an Authentication Plan in my Application?
NIH has recently strengthened its emphasis on rigor and transparency for research projects, including SBIR/STTRs. One requirement is that applicants include brief plans describing the authentication of key biological and/or chemical resources as a separate attachment. Key biological and/or chemical resources include, but are not limited to, cell lines, specialty chemicals, antibodies and other biologics. Key biological and/or chemical resources may or may not be generated with NIH funds and:
  • May differ from laboratory to laboratory or over time;
  • May have qualities and/or qualifications that could influence the research data; and
  • Are integral to the proposed research.
Standard laboratory reagents that are not expected to vary do not need to be included in the plan. Read the FAQ

More Funding Opportunities
Posted/Due Date
Dev/ Validation of Devices/Electronic Systems to Monitor Enhance Mind & Body Interventions (SBIR R43/R44)
Posted: 10/19/16
Closes: 1/5/2020
Standard due dates
Dev/ Validation of Devices/Electronic Systems to Monitor Enhance Mind & Body Interventions (SBIR R41/R42)
Posted: 10/19/16
Closes: 1/5/2020
Standard due dates

Platform Delivery Technologies for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (STTR R41/R42)
Posted: 10/27/16
Opens: 12/5/16 
Standard due dates
Platform Delivery Technologies for Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (SBIR R43/R44)
Posted: 10/27/16
Opens: 12/5/16
Standard due dates
Exploratory Clinical Trials for Small Business (SBIR R44)
Posted: 10/27/16
Opens: 12/5/16
Standard due dates

  training on tap
Special Dept. of Defense SBIR/STTR Event
Dec. 6, 
8:30am - 4:30pm ET
Southfield, MI
This special DoD SBIR/STTR event offers a unique opportunity to hear directly from NAVSEA and NAVAIR SBIR/STTR reps about how your innovative ideas or capabilities can be delivered to DoD. During the morning webcast, Navy SBIR program offices will be discussing SBIR/STTR topics that will be released on Nov. 30 for the DoD SBIR 2017.1 and DoD STTR 2017.A solicitations.   This is generally the largest DoD solicitation of the year.

Becky Aistrup, BBCetc's DoD expert, will address all of the DoD components, starting the day with a brief overview of SBIR/STTR eligibility and an introduction to the NAVSEA/AIR webcast. Afterward, Becky will cover outlines and considerations for each part of your proposal, how to write to meet the reviewers' expectations, common problems and pitfalls and how to avoid them. 
Cost: $15 (includes lunch)

18th Annual HHS SBIR/STTR Conference,  Nov 15 - 17 Orlando, FL 
Don't miss Lisa Kurek's entertaining sessions in Orlando. "Top 10 Dos and Dont's for Phase I Proposals" on Wed., Nov. 16, 9-9:50 a.m. and "Top 10 Brilliant Ideas and Stupid Mistakes: Secrets of Phase II Proposal Success" on Thu., Nov. 17, 8-8:50 a.m.

SBIR/STTR Innovation Summit, Nov 29-Dec 1
Austin TX

HHS/NIH 2016 Omnibus
Released June 5, 2016
Closes Jan 5, April 5

Closes Jan 8, 2017

Opens Nov 28; closes Feb 7, 2017 View topics

Closes Dec 6

DoT SBIR 17.1
Opens Oct 19; closes Dec 19

DoC - NOAA SBIR 2017 
Closes Jan 25,'17

  who we are 
BBCetc is nationally recognized for its expertise in helping technology-based entrepreneurs win federal funding through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs and use it strategically to propel growth.  Its Michigan clients have been awarded over $194 million in funding since 2002.  BBCetc capabilities include:

>   Commercialization  Planning
>  Research Grant  Assistance
>  SBIR/STTR Training
>  Grants/Contracts Mgmt.               Tech-Based  
>  Economic Dev.Pgs.


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