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October 2016 - In This Issue:
Updated calendar of solicitations and proposal submission deadlines is available at 
In just one day, you'll learn to assess your team's strengths and weaknesses so that you can find the people you need to successfully take your product to market.  Plus, you'll learn how to navigate the commercialization process.  More information is coming soon.

The Technology Commercialization Services team provides one-on-one business counseling and advice to: small business owners, university researchers, and entrepreneurs looking to advance their innovations to the marketplace.

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Save the date - tech commercialization symposium 2016

Dec 5, 2016  |  9 am - 4:30 pm  |  Cary, NC

Do you have the right business team in place to propel your technology from development all the way through commercialization and sales?  

What skill sets do you bring to the table? 

How do you identify people to fill the gaps in your team? 

Do you have a clear message when defining your company and its products?

Have you identified and researched your customers?

We will dive into these important topics and more on December 5th at the SBTDC's Annual 2016 Tech Commercialization Symposium.  Join fellow small tech companies for a day of in-depth analysis of your current and future team and assessment of your commercialization pathway.

SBTDC's Tech commercialization team

The Technology Commercialization Services team provides one-on-one business counseling and advice to small business owners, university researchers, and entrepreneurs looking to advance their innovations to the marketplace. These innovations typically involve intellectual property that contributes to a strong competitive advantage in the marketplace, and serves as a foundation for the business.
How we help:

Build a strong business foundation.
  • Develop a business plan
  • Design a marketing strategy
  • Evaluate intellectual property
  • Create financial projections
Accelerate your success.
  • Recognize needed skill sets and gaps
  • Assemble an effective team
  • Communicate your value proposition
  • Identify prototype production resources 
Produce competitive funding proposals.
  • Understand the differences between SBIR and STTR
  • Stay on top of program changes and updates
  • Develop a funding strategy that incorporates grants and contracts
  • Receive comprehensive proposal reviews at no charge
Discover financing opportunities.
  • Identify funding and financing options that match your situation and goals
  • Understand investor requirements
  • Assess your readiness for investment
  • Get ready to make your pitch
Letters of Support
By John Ujvari, SBIR Program Specialist, NC SBTDC
One often underutilized approach to build instant credibility with SBIR / STTR proposal reviewers is to include relevant letters of support.   NIH, for example, offers proposers the opportunity to submit up to three letters of support with their application package.  Below, we discuss who these letters should come from and the appropriate content.

Given that you can submit up to three letters, let's think about three different letter writers that will held to build a strong case for your business and the technology you are proposing.  You have a few options.  Getting these letters can take time, so start this process early.

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nc Match for SBIR/STTR Up To $65,000
The North Carolina Board of Science, Technology & Innovation is pleased to announce that state funding is available again for the One NC Small Business Program. Specifically, the Phase I Matching Funds Program awards matching grants to North Carolina small businesses that have been awarded an SBIR or STTR Phase I award.
Under the current (FY 2017) solicitation, released on September 1, 2016, the maximum grant award is 50% of the Federal SBIR/STTR Program award, not to exceed $65,000. The current solicitation period is July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017 inclusive.
Applicants must have received official notification of the Phase I award by a federal SBIR/STTR agency during the Solicitation Period to be eligible. For companies whose notification occurred between the start date (7/1/2016) and release date (9/1/2016) of the current solicitation, we must receive Applications within 45 days from the release date of this Solicitation. For additional eligibility requirements, please see the current solicitation here»
If you have questions regarding this program, please contact any of the staff of the North Carolina Board of Science, Technology & Innovation here»
Sttr Success Story - Cellf Bio

This bioengineering startup, still in the research phase, is developing a cure for incontinence. Cellf Bio uses the patient's own neuro-progenitor cells to grow a sphincter, which means virtually no risk of the body rejecting the new part. After 10 years, Dr. Khalil Bitar is embarking on the last stages of research and approval before their product goes to market. The sphincter is just the first in a line of products possible using this science.

How did you come up with this idea?  
We had the idea over 10 years ago at the University of Michigan. I've been funded in neuro-gastroenterology since my thesis back in 1976. We were interested in the effects of aging on the intestine and colon and incontinence comes with that. I know there are more glamorous organs. We could bioengineer a heart, but you can already transplant a heart; there's a solution for that. There's no solution for incontinence besides adult diapers, and that's not really a solution. And the need for a solution is huge, the market for adult diapers in the United States is actually larger than for young children. Someone once told me that it is the sphincter of civilization, and I think that's true. It becomes a societal problem. Half of the people in nursing homes are there because of this issue. 
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Solicitations Dates
An updated listing of all agencies' solicitation opening dates and proposal submission dates is available  here»
If you are planning to submit for NSF (deadline 12/6) or NIH (deadline 1/5) please contact us now to schedule a strategy meeting.

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