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Monthly Newsletter  •  November 2015
2015 SBP Gala Celebrates a Year of "Creative Intervention Unleashed"
"Creative Intervention Unleashed," the 2015 Gala of Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP), was a salute to the scientists who are moving toward cures and the donors who support them every step of the way.

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Science News
'Big Data' used to identify new cancer driver genes

SBP professor Adam Godzik and colleagues identified more than 100 novel cancer driver genes that when altered, are responsible for cancer progression. The achievement, published in PLOS Computational Biology, was made by combining three-dimensional protein features with publicly available 'omics' databases.

Scientists reveal the secret of how proteins age

Jamey Marth published work in PNAS describing how secreted proteins age and turnover at the end of their life spans. Until now, the way in which normal protein concentrations in the blood are determined was a mystery. The discovery provides a unique window into disease origins and progression.

November is National Diabetes Month - SBP Research Updates
Will diabetes treatments lead to novel weight loss drugs?

Julio Ayala and his research team are working to understand how a class of diabetes drugs called GLP-1 analogs stimulate insulin production and promote weight loss. By discovering the molecular steps that GLP-1 analogs engage to reduce food intake, the drugs may be redesigned to specifically treat obesity.

Antioxidant-rich diet could help stave off type 2 diabetes

Randal Kaufman published new work in PLOS Biology that suggests a diet rich in antioxidants could help prevent or treat type 2 diabetes. His team is currently testing the effects of antioxidants on glucose levels and insulin producing beta cells. If successful, the work may lead to a new approach to prevent or reduce the severity of the disease.

Our People
Q&A with CEO Perry Nisen in Nature,
"Better insights, better drugs"

CEO Perry Nisen is interviewed in Nature on the topic of big data in biomedicine. He discusses the challenges facing drug discovery, including the need to connect biological discoveries with large clinical data sets to make healthcare advances.

Leading cardiometabolic researcher joins SBP

E. Douglas Lewandowski, Ph.D., will become professor in the Cardiovascular Metabolism Program and directed of Cardiovascular Translational Research. He is among the most preeminent investigators in the world who specialize in the metabolic basis of heart failure.

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Welcome to our newest and recently renewed President's Circle Members!
Alexandria Real Estate Equities  •  Rocio and Lorenzo Berho •  Pauline M. Foster  • Hervey Family Fund at the San Diego Foundation  •  Douglas F. Manchester  • Pfizer  •  Jean and Gary Shekhter  • Armi and Albert Williams  
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The Collaboration 4 Cure Alzheimer's research awards announced at SBP
SBP's La Jolla campus hosted a press conference held jointly by the Alzheimer's Association of San Diego, County Supervisor Diane Jacob, and Mayor Kevin Faulconer, to announce the recipients of research awards from San Diego's Dementia Drug Discovery Program (C4C).

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SBP's 37th Annual Symposium: Aging and Regeneration
More than 350 people came to SBP's 37th Annual Symposium to hear leading scientists present their latest research on aging and regeneration. The presenters provided valuable insight into the latest studies on what causes aging, and strategies to repair injuries, prolong life, and prevent diseases.

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