Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee
Member Newsletter - June 2019

From the President's Desk

No Summer Slow down!
SBWPC Members,

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. For SBWPC, we are hard at work recruiting new members, spreading awareness about our Mission and preparing for the Fall 2019 local election.

Over the last several weeks, SBWPC has been well represented at community demonstrations and events, including speaking at the #StopTheBans action and sponsoring the Gun Buyback. We continue to advocate for legislation at the State and Federal level through our Legislation and Advocacy Committee and our other member committees are working on many other activities. These are just a few examples of how we live our values and continue to be a respected and recognized organization in our community.

With four seats up for election this November on the Santa Barbara City Council, we are prepared to evaluate candidates in these races and consider endorsements. We wish to strike a balance between leaving enough time for candidates to decide to run while also giving them ample time to work with us if they receive an endorsement. We believe it is in the best interest of the candidate and SBWPC to have enough time for voters to know we have shared values and for our organization to work to get them elected. As such, the SBWPC Board has decided to conduct our endorsement process in July – with a planned Board Endorsement Meeting on August 14. In order to get the word out to candidates about our endorsement process, we will be placing an advertisement in the Santa Barbara Independent, posting numerous announcements on social media and sharing via email to our members. Please share this information with feminist candidates. We strongly stand by the integrity of our endorsement process and in endorsing candidates who demonstrate the values of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee. If you are interested in a refresher of our positions – you can check out our website .

Endorsements are just the first step – we need your support to provide the financial support candidates need to run a strong, effective campaign. Consider updating your membership or making a donation to SBWPC to help in this cause.

Thank you for your continued support of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee!


Luz Reyes-Martín
Fall 2019 Endorsement Process

The Endorsement Process for the Fall 2019 races will take place this summer. Candidate Assessment Teams will interview candidates in July.

If you are a 2019 Santa Barbara City Council candidate interested in seeking the endorsement of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee please contact board member Carol Keator,, no later than 5:00pm on Monday, July 15, 2019 .

The SBWPC Board Endorsement meeting for Fall 2019 races will take place on Wednesday, August 14.
SBWPC working to reduce gun violence
Research shows that a history of alcohol abuse correlates with a substantially increased risk of acts of violence to oneself or others and firearm misuse. Research also shows that women are frequently the victims of firearm violence, particularly domestic violence. SB 55 puts a ten-year firearm prohibition on those with three convictions within a ten-year period for driving under the influence of alcohol or those with two convictions within a three-year period for possession of certain
controlled substances for sale or vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated.

The Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee stands with Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and co-author Assemblymember Monique Limón in supporting SB 55 because it is an important step in protecting women, children, and men from increased risk of firearm violence and would clearly have a positive impact on public safety.

Call the Assembly Public Safety Committee today and express your support.

California Assembly Public Safety Committee phone numbers

(916) 319-2059

(916) 319-2036

(916) 319-2016

(916) 319-2072

(916) 319-2054

(916) 319-2020

(916) 319-2053

(916) 319-2015

First Majority Female State Legislature

Read this incredible article about the nation's first majority female State legislature. It reminds us of the importance of our work and our efforts to elect feminists. "Nevada didn’t reach this landmark by accident. A loosely coordinated campaign of political action groups and women’s rights organizations recruited and trained women"
John Oliver Last Week Tonight discusses the Equal Rights Amendment
Fund for a Feminist Future

A Fund for a Feminist Future (FFF) is a dedicated fund of the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee (SBWPC) to promote progressive, feminist political involvement. Its goal is to increase the number of feminist women in elected and appointed office and in other positions where issues important to the quality of life for women and families are raised and discussed, policies made and legislation enacted.

FFF funds are exclusively used in two areas: campaign training and campaign contributions. FFF provides scholarships to qualified SBWPC women members interested in elected or appointed public office so they can acquire the necessary skills to conduct effective political campaigns. FFF also contributes to the campaigns of feminist women political candidates endorsed by SBWPC. FFF is sustained by targeted financial gifts, large and small, grants and fundraising activities. To learn more or make a contribution, visit our website .
Upcoming SBWPC Events
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Visit our website at or the Facebook Event Page for more information.

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