Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee
Member Newsletter - March/April 2020

From the President's Desk

Stay-At-Home to the Work Continues
SBWPC Members,

I had hoped to get this newsletter out to our members sooner - but if there is anything COVID-19 has shown us it is that all our carefully laid plans are out the window! It's hard to imagine that just a few short weeks ago, we were full speed ahead planning for upcoming events and ongoing electoral work. All of that has come to a screeching halt and we find ourselves in a completely new world.

We are all faced with a diverse range of experiences and responses. In my case, I find myself having to keep up with a demanding, full-time job, a fulfilling elected role, and full-time caregiver and educator for my two children. My spouse is 100% a partner - and yet it is still an incredible load to bear. We are grateful to have jobs that allow us to work from home and that we are healthy and together. For many others in our community, folks are separated from their loved ones, they might have been laid off from work, or they are working single parents. This is a time to exercise our compassion, patience, and understanding with one another. Our SBWPC community is strong and I know we are all here to support each other. If you find yourself needing anything - support, assistance in finding a community resource, or just need fellow feminists to connect with - we are here for you .

And the work continues! Even though we are living through a pandemic, election day still looms. We can't keep our eyes off of the important races that will be on the ballot in November. If there is anything this crisis has shown us all, it is that we need responsible, decisive, and intelligent leadership. We are sorely lacking this in our Federal government - but we've seen it locally. We've seen Governors, Mayors, City Councilmembers, County Supervisors, School Board Members and more working hard to ensure that their communities are safe. It's important to recognize these leaders - support them when they are on the ballot and build the pipeline for emerging feminist leaders. Thank you to our local leaders throughout Santa Barbara County - many of which are SBWPC endorsed candidates and strong feminist leaders.

As email, social media, and video conferencing become our primarily methods of communication, you will see more information being shared on our Facebook page, website and via email. There is much to share about upcoming elections, including our research on races outside of our area. There are many important races with feminist leaders to watch!

Stay heathy, safe, and home,

Luz Reyes-Martin
Governor Gavin Newsom acknowledges the "Gender Reality" of the COVID-19 Crisis

In his remarks providing an update on the State's response to the COVID-19 crisis, Gavin Newsom recognized the disproportionate impact on women and mothers. It was an extraordinary moment. Governor Newsom and First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom have been exemplary leaders. You can watch his remarks by clicking here (comments start at about the 22 minute mark)

Governor Gavin Newsom:

Let me just express deep respect and empathy, and particularly for mothers. Let me just say this openly. I try to do my part as a parent, but my wife does a heroic amount of work, and the pressure that we have placed now, additional pressure on caregivers and parents, particularly women and moms, is extraordinary.

Moms are already carrying disproportionate amount of weight in terms of managing the household. Moms are also working, and many of them are teachers themselves that are having to provide distance learning, having to cope with all the stress and anxiety, looking out for all of their kids they love dearly, and making sure they’re taking care of their own kids and their childcare needs and the like. And again, there’s a gender reality connected to this , and I just want to go deeply to express an appreciation to all of the moms, all of those teachers, all those caregivers.
Healthcare Workers are Heroes and
Women are Leading
There are many heroes to recognize in this crisis. Whether it is grocery store workers, delivery persons, teachers, farm workers, or first responders. We wish to recognize healthcare workers in particular. They are truly on the front lines, working tirelessly to save lives every moment of every day.

Throughout the Country, women are leading in these healthcare roles. We know that women hold 76% of all healthcare jobs .

We will be indebted to them for the rest of our lives. I know we have only seen a glimpse of their heroism. There will be many heroes to highlight - but for this newsletter we will highlight our very own SBWPC Board Member, Charlotte Gullap-Moore. Charlotte is a Nurse Practitioner in our community. Charlotte, you are a healthcare hero!
There are emerging discussions about the impacts this pandemic is having on communities, on families, and on the economy. This article provides troubling data and draws from research on how crises can have lasting effects on women and girls. It will important for us, as a feminist organization, to be vigilant on this front. Click Here for the article.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This month, we will share more information about how you can support sexual assault awareness and prevention methods. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to learn more.

Locally, Standing Together to End Sexual Assault, will be posting information and actions you can take in support. Check out their latest video below that highlights the important role they play in our community.

Awareness on sexual assault and domestic violence are as important as ever in this pandemic crisis. District Attorney Joyce Dudley wrote about this recently, see her comments here .
#MeToo, Now What? PBS Feature

PBS Description: The #MeToo movement shattered the silence, pushing issues of sexual harassment, and the lived experiences of so many women, to the forefront of the national conversation. Now, it’s time to take that conversation to a deeper level, engaging women and men from all generations and walks of life. #METOO, NOW WHAT? asks: how did we get here, and how can we begin to create positive, and lasting, change?

All episodes are now available on PBS, click here .
Community Information
Santa Barbara County Public Health
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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
who was assassinated on April 4, 1968