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May 2023

Adopting Data Visualization

There is certainly not a straight line from Scottish architect William Playfair, who is widely credited for popularizing the visual representation of statistical data including line, bar, circle, and pie charts in the 1780s, to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Or is there? RWJF has issued a call for "Data Visualization of Structural Racism and Place" (deadline, June 2), stating it "...can be a powerful means to communicate data showing structural racism’s impact on communities and to contextualize the legacy of racism." Other organizations such as the Alfred Sloan Foundation also have offered such grants.

Unlike the "hard sciences," these visualizations have had slow growth in social sciences and humanities journals. But now academic publishers (Taylor & Francis, Wiley, Elsevier, JAMA Network, etc.), however, request "visual abstracts," a graphical synopsis of the key finding(s) of

William Playfair's Time Series of Exports and Imports of Denmark and Norway

Exports and imports to and from Denmark and Norway (1700-1780) by visual pioneer Playfair.

research. SC&I Research Development is interested in working with a few PIs to develop visual abstracts as a marketing tool on Twitter and online upon publication of their research findings. Studies have found the visual abstract generates more interest in the article and helps reach a wider audience. An excellent reference on this topic is a story from Forbes, Data Visualization And The Power Of Persuasion. Please read our PowerPoint on creating visual abstracts and email Craig Winston if you wish to collaborate.

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Submit the form when you find a call for which you are considering applying to or will apply to—no matter its type, the funding source, or the amount you are requesting. A copy of the form goes to each grants team member, so they can assist with the documentation and processing of your application. There are mandatory 30-day, 15-day, 5-day, and 2-day internal deadlines. 

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  • The spring grants conference will be held June 5-8. To register for the free event, visit the conference website. All recorded sessions will be available on-demand shortly after the event and on YouTube. Use this link to subscribe to its YouTube channel.
  • The agency website, previously called, is now
  • There have been changes “to provide clearer guidance” for funding seekers and awardees.  
  • And, there are new "Focus Area" landing pages to emphasize some of the agency’s funding priorities.  

The Grant Repository

Spreadsheets of relevant funding opportunities are compiled by the grants team. The hyperlinks, below, direct you to listings at the Research Portal. Many of the deadlines, particularly those well into the future, are “anticipated” by the Pivot database and other sources. Please verify the deadlines with the funder before considering applying.

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Faculty News & Research Insights

  • How do older adults use voice assistants for their social well-being? After analyzing more than 600,000 of their queries with the help of ML, Tawfiq Ammari and his colleagues have some ideas—and concerns.
  • Why do administrators fail to recognize gendered harassment against middle-school girls and deem it unacceptable due to anti-bullying laws? Jeffrey Lane and his co-authors tackled the question.
  • Jenny Mandelbaum and her co-author provide some revelations about how communicative action can be formed around a dinner table.
  • As part of their 50-State COVID-19 survey, Katya Ognynova's team found that "Older adults are disproportionally impacted by social disconnection, which is a leading risk factor for suicide in late life."
  • John Pavlik will highlight a panel discussion on May 31 for the Peace Island Institute. The theme is "The Role of Media in Peacebuilding" and panel participants will address its impact on peacebuilding, strategies to harness its power, and the challenges of executing effective media initiatives.

The Center at Montclair State has released a new edition of The State of Ethnic and Community Media in New Jersey, examining "the role and resilience of in-language and community-focused newsrooms." Written by journalist Anthony Advincula, a key insight is the essential role of ethnic and community media as Latino, Asian, African, and European immigrant numbers have nearly tripled in recent decades.

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Your funding search should start with Pivot, the university’s database of thousands of opportunities accessible with your NetID. This is where you can personalize your search by funding type, amount, date of the application window, due date, and eligibility, among other parameters. Pivot’s listings also include internal funding through InfoReady and daily curated lists by Rutgers Research and the RU Foundation. (For assistance finding specific funding, contact Craig Winston of the grants team.)

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