Here is what in this weeks newsletter!
  • SC this week
  • There will be no food this week
  • If you would like to sign up to provide a meal for High School please check the sign up genius HERE! For further questions email me @

  • Fun and Games Zoom Hangout TODAY
  • Movie Night @ Wabash Landing 9
  • Worship Night
  • Middle School Hangout and SNAC (HS)
Fun and Games on Zoom
Password: SCJB

E-learning is fun (or maybe not), but what is even more fun is playing games! Next week, anyone who wants to play some Jackbox games can join me on zoom!
Student Community Movie Night
@ Wabash Landing 9
5th - 12th Grade

Date: January 29th
Cost: $8
Time: TBD (more details below)
Movie: PG TBD (more details below)
*Only space for 50 students*

I'm super excited for this event! We were able to reserve a theater for Student Community January 29th. There are only 50 spots available though! So register as quick below!

I'm sorry.. but unfortunately I cannot give the exact details as to what movie and the time of the movie as I will not have this information until the 26th. I will try to find out earlier, if I can. But what I can tell you is I requested a start time around 6pm and the movie will be appropriate.

There will be plenty of space for students to space out in the room and we will follow the theater's and Calvary's safety protocols.

There are only 50 spots available though! So register as quick below!
Night of Worship
@ Calvary Side Auditorium

This isn't going to be your typical Student Community event. We love Middle School Hangouts, Movie Nights, SNACs, fun and games, and all that... BUT we also love to praise and worship Jesus!

The entire purpose of this night is to spend time solely focused on worshipping and praising God. We will sing, we will pray, and we will learn different spiritual practices.

I'd strongly encourage you to mark your calendars and set time aside for this awesome night of worship!

*as of right now you do not have to register for this event*
Middle School Hangout
2.12 - 6-8pm

2.s28 - 8-10pm after Student Community

This month's MSHO and SNAC will be @ Calvary in the Side Auditorium! You'll have free time to play whatever games you want and to catch up with your friends. And we will have a special game or two for all!

Invite a friend!

*as of right now you do not have to register for these events*

Last year, we unfortunately had to cancel both of our Summer Camps due to Covid, but this summer is a different story!

Middle School:
Crossings Camp
July 10-14

High School:
June 28 - July 3