Week of August 6, 2018
      A  U  G  U  S  T
06- 9th-12th Grade
      Back to School
      Night at
      6:00-8:00 PM 
07- K3-8th Grade
      Back to School
      Night-SCA Gym 
      6:00 PM   
10- First Day of School
     Half-day dismissal
13- Senior Retreat
20- Junior Retreat 
22- Senior
     Tux & Drape
29- Half-Day Dismissal
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TONIGHT - Back to School Night for Grades 9th-12th 
Each HS Grade at Individual Homes-see below
Click below for details on each grade level:
Swim Attire Guidelines (same as at retreats)
Supply Lists for 2018-19
Below are the supply lists for 2018-19. 
     K3                                           3rd Grade            
     K4                                           4th Grade
     K5                                           5th Grade
     1st Grade                                 Middle School
     2nd Grade                                High School
TUESDAY, August 7 - Back to School Night for  
Grades K3-8th  in the SCA Gymnasium
Dress Code Reminder  -  School Starts August 10!
Please use the applicable handbook links at the left to review your child's dress code.  School starts August 10.  Better go ahead and schedule any necessary hair appointments!

SCA S Logo All K3-12th grade students wear uniforms from Lands' End.
The Consignment Sale (info below) will also have some SCA uniforms.

Elementary Items Ready for Purchase in Front Office

STAR and Bus Shuttle Forms
It's not too late to sign up for STAR or the shuttle bus!  Just complete the attached form and turn it in with the registration fee if you would like to add either service.

The Consignment Sale (Includes SCA uniforms)
REMINDER:   Only uniforms with the "S" logo are approved.
Uniform Info
Click here for their Fit Guide .
Changes to Young Ladies Dress Code in Grades 6-12
Dress Clothes/Dress Up Days - All dress clothes for young ladies must meet the following requirements: Maxi-dresses/maxi-skirts or dress pants with modest blouses are required.
This standard applies to all special events, school ceremonies, and class projects including class debates, head shots for performances, Veterans' Day Program, Junior Ring Ceremony, Awards Programs, and all other school-sponsored events in which a young lady will be wearing dress clothes. Young ladies who do not follow these requirements will not participate in the program.
Athletic Wear - All running shorts must be accompanied by sliders or compression shorts that show at least 2" below the length of the shorts. This applies to musical theater practices, Sherwood Cup Day, assisting with Elementary Field Day, attending any SCA athletic contests, and all other school-sponsored events in which a young lady will be wearing running shorts. Young ladies who do not follow these requirements will not participate/attend event until dress code met. Athletic attire for SCA sports teams (practices and games) will continue to be under the direction of the individual coaches and athletic director. 

Student Desks for Sale - $10
Student desks for sale in Atrium
(1st grade size)
  $10 each
(cash or check payable to SCA)
Applying for Your Driver's License?
Remember to call the school office ahead of time to request the Certificate of School Enrollment needed to obtain a student driver's license.  That way we can have the form ready and notarized before you get here.

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