The State Center Adult Education Consortium consists of adult schools, community colleges, and other local partners that provide basic education and short-term career technical education training for adults 18 years and older in order to assist with seamless transitions into the workforce and/or post-secondary education.


Oakhurst Community College Center

Executive Board Meetings are held at:

Clovis Community College
Herndon Campus
390 W. Fir, Suite 308
Clovis, CA 93611

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

February 16, 2017
March 17, 2017
April 21, 2017
May 8, 2017
June 9, 2017

Contact Us

Sherri Watkins
Executive Director
(559) 324-6446

Amy Emrany
Regional Coordinator
(559) 324-6452

Pang Vangyi
Regional Transitions Counselor
(559) 324-6441

Michael Swartwood
Data & Accountability
(559) 593-0993

Allyson Adams
Administrative Assistant
(559) 324-6440


Over 30 faculty, counselors, staff, and administrators met to address the challenge of adult students transitioning between adult schools, and from adult schools to college. During this one day workshop, participants were introduced to the goal of the project, received background information on the skills gap in California, and why successful transitioning is so important for students throughout the entire state.

One of the most important goals of this kickoff was not only to introduce participants to the goal of this project, but to introduce them to their team members. With the prospect of multiple followup meetings to come, attendees participated in team building activities before being asked to divide into discipline teams, consisting of ESL, Math, English, and CTE, as all faculty needed to understand the necessity for alignment, as well as how to work together on a common goal.  Each team then met to determine which courses potentially show alignment, and to discover any gaps that prevent students from successfully transitioning into college.

Future discipline specific meetings will be scheduled, as faculty continue to discover areas of alignment and gaps that need to be closed. In the end, each team will have an action plan to address these, as well as a regional matrix to display which courses are aligned, to help students understand their educational options, and to prevent students from having to retake classes.  We also hope that new courses can be built to allow adult school students to successfully place at a higher level in college.

The institutions that participated in our kickoff CAP project were:
  • Central Adult School
  • Dinuba Adult School
  • Fresno Adult School
  • Fresno City College
  • Kings Canyon Adult School
  • Madera Adult School
  • Sanger Adult School
  • Sierra Adult School
  • Yosemite Adult School

As we expand to include more courses and discipline areas, we are requesting  more involvement from all schools and colleges. If you have colleagues who would be excellent candidates to participate in this ongoing project, please have them contact James Hayes at to be placed on a team and receive communications on upcoming meetings.

As we continue to work on AEBG Objective 3 - integrate existing programs and create seamless transitions into postsecondary education or the workforce by aligning and connecting existing and future adult education programs to postsecondary academic pathways and/or career pathways leading to employment - we can all keep in mind that this Course Alignment Project will help create a stronger connection between all consortium members, which in turn will help us better serve our students as they pursue their educational and career goals.

AEBG - An Ongoing State Effort
Leaders in adult education continue to be faced with the need to convince local district leaders that the program is ongoing. The following points may be useful in that conversation:
  • The AEBG is an important element of state leaders addressing the challenge of income inequities and poverty. With education and job skills, adults will be better positioned to earn wages that support families.
  • Following the recent recession, major agreements by the Governor and the State Legislature resulted in the development of the AEBG and the revised adult education program.
  • Including the proposed 2017-18 funding level, Governor Brown and the State Legislature will have committed $1.5 billion since 2015-16 to support adult education.
Governor Brown and state legislative leaders also view adult education as being critical to state policies that address Immigration Reform and K-12 Parents as English learners.

Save Adult Education National Public Awareness Campaign
A website has been established by COABE as a joint effort between the State Directors of Adult Education and COABE to prevent any cut to adult education funding at the federal level.

There are now multiple options available to contact members of Congress on this issue.  Students, teachers, and administrators can send prepared letters or make phone calls directly to their legislators.

Handwritten letters can also be sent by students detailing their adult education experience (why they enrolled, what they are planning on doing when they finish), and the message DO NOT CUT FUNDING FOR ADULT EDUCATION.

COABE 2017 Spring Journal
The COABE Journal is a scholarly refereed journal committed to advancing the understanding and practice of adult literacy, secondary, and basic education.

The Journal strives to be inclusive in scope, addressing topics and issues of significance to scholars and practitioners concerned with diverse aspects of adult education.

WIOA Manual Download Available
Essential Education is offering a free manual to learn how to create
a better student learning experience while in compliance with WIOA guidelines.

Highlights of the manual include:
  • How WIOA affects adult education
  • What a cohesive adult learning program looks like
  • Detailed description of the WIOA changes to instructional materials
  • What the three pillars for a strong workforce are
  • How adult education supports career pathways and the levels at which they operate
  • Three changes in Title II adult education funding
  • Solutions on how to implement and comply with WIOA guidelines


Professional Development by CALPRO
CALPRO is offering numerous Professional Learning Opportunities for May and June 2017.

To view their flyer, please click here.

In addition, CALPRO is offering two online summer courses, each lasting four weeks:


College and Career Readiness Standards for English Language Arts Implementation and Application

July 6th - August 3rd

This course focuses on the alignment of teaching materials to the College and Career Readiness Standards on English Language Arts (ELA) and the application of the standards in the classroom using practical tools and strategies. Register here.


Effective Teaching for Adult Educators

July 10th - August 6th

This course is intended to build teachers' capacity to identify the skills and knowledge required for excellent teaching, evaluate in which areas professional development could support improvement, and plan for increasing effectiveness of instruction. Register here.


Professional Development by OTAN

OTAN (Outreach and Technical Assistance Network for Adult Educators) offers both online and face-to-face workshops for adult educators and staff throughout California. Funded through the California Department of Education, OTAN's staff development classes, online workshops and course materials are provided at no cost to the school or individual.

For additional information and a general listing of workshops, please click here.

OTAN is offering WIOA funded adult education agencies an opportunity to try out EdReady - an online math curriculum designed to get learners prepared for both college and career math.   Contact OTAN for additional information.

Blended Learning
OTAN is offering adult education teachers who are interested in learning more about Blended Learning in adult education. This online course starts with the basics of education technology concepts and then gives the instructor the tools and skills to blend the education technology with their direct classroom instruction. Contact OTAN for access to the course.

The CCAE State Conference will be held on May 3-8, 2018 in Fresno.  

The Conference is hosted by the CCAE Central Section and planners are hoping to include presentations on such subjects as Roving CASAS Testers, Community Pro Pilot, ESL Classes at Adult School Sites, and many more.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.