Meet SCAN Staff Member Kasey Brach
Kasey started at SCAN as the Operations Coordinator just a week before the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily shifted operations for SCAN and its programs in March 2020. She immediately jumped in to help staff and families navigate these challenging times. Her positive energy, intelligence, hard work and kindness have been invaluable in keeping SCAN running smoothly and we all feel lucky to have Kasey as an integral part of the SCAN team.

What has your life/work experience been that brought you to SCAN? What is your current role?
I am the Operations Coordinator for SCAN and have been in my position for a little over a year. Within my role, I provide administrative and program support, work alongside the development team, and help facilitate daily operations for the organization.
Growing up in the Richmond area, I traveled to the city frequently, becoming exposed to a multitude of volunteer opportunities. I always had a sense I wanted to work with people doing work for people, and it led me to the non-profit space. I worked in two local museums for two years doing guest engagement work, and though I enjoyed my time there, I felt the draw to join an organization providing more on the ground and personal support to the community. I have many wonderful kids in my life through family and friends and have always believed that children are our most important population, so being able to contribute to a mission such as SCAN's is incredibly important to me. 

Is there anything you wish other people knew about SCAN?
I want people to know how truly dedicated to serving children and families every person involved with SCAN is. From staff to volunteers, the Board of Directors, and community members who donate, every person has been drawn to our mission in the best way. The amount of love and support for every person who comes to SCAN whether it is through the Family Support Program or Child Advocacy Center is incredibly moving. 

What has been the best experience with SCAN so far?
The opportunity to work with the Board of Young Professionals to host Santa Shop last year. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to host the event in its usual fashion and had to think outside of the box in order to provide some support to families during the holiday season. It was wonderful to be a part of the brainstorming and planning and to see everything come together in a unique and safe way. Seeing the outpouring of love and support to these families by members of the community was a very special way to help end a difficult year. 

What are any challenges you have faced in your work with SCAN?
My first week at SCAN was the last week of “normal” before the COVID-19 pandemic really started to ramp up in Virginia. Though it was challenging switching career paths and navigating an almost all virtual world, I feel very lucky to have started with this organization at that time. I still have not met many of my colleagues in person, but I am looking forward to doing so once we are able to gather safely again.

Honoring 30 Years of SCAN
Check out SCAN's YouTube Channel to find additional videos of SCAN staff, volunteers and clients sharing stories as they reflect on SCAN's work and
honor SCAN's 30th Anniversary.

Learn more about SCAN's journey from its founding in 1991 to the organization you know today in the article "For SCAN, It's Always Been About Children First" from The Phil VA.
SCAN's 30th Anniversary Celebration
Auction Open Now through Sunday!
The SCAN 30th Anniversary Celebration Auction is

The auction will close on Sunday, May 2nd at 8pm.

Participate in the auction virtually from anywhere!

You can also participate in our raffle, as you will not need to be present at the time of the drawing to win the prize!

At a time when building resilience is more important than ever - our communities will celebrate the 2nd Annual Resilience Week Virginia by focusing on 7 themes.

Find details about the week, resources in English and Spanish, a listing of events, and learn more about getting involved at

Vote for SCAN Through Target Circle
Every time you shop with Target Circle through June 30 you get votes you can give to support SCAN!

Log into or the Target app to support Greater Richmond SCAN from April 1 - June 30, 2021! Give your votes to SCAN to direct Target funding to support our programs.

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Bid on One-of-a-kind Jai Mitchell Painting through Glave Kocen Gallery
Glave Kocen Consulting and artist Jai Mitchell are auctioning off a painting titled "Rana Ballerina" and donating 100% of the proceeds to
Greater Richmond SCAN.

Jai Mitchell is a self-taught artist who found that creative breakthroughs through painting can be helpful to overcome fear, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. “Rana Ballerina” is a portrait of the artist’s sister, who loved to dance and found joy in ballet. Both Rana and Jai experienced sexual abuse as children. Rana passed away last year. As a survivor of child abuse, Jai Mitchell is a passionate advocate for children. He strives to raise awareness of the lasting effects of child abuse, so Greater Richmond’s SCAN’s mission is important to him.

Introduction to Trauma and Resilience Virtual Training
Join Greater Richmond SCAN’s Behavioral Health Community Organizer, Tamika Daniel, for a virtual training on trauma and resilience that covers the basics of trauma and how it affects behavior, and shows how resilience can be built based on real-life experiences. This relatable and accessible training helps to shed new light on these topics.

Thank you to Yamila Sosa for volunteering her time to translate materials for SCAN!

A special shout out to Stephanie Welles and her Spanish students at Maggie Walker Governor's School for their efforts to translate materials for SCAN!

We are grateful to the GFWC Ashcake Women’s Club for donating snacks and book bags for kids in foster care.

Thank you to the Tri Club Woman’s Club for holding a snack and craft supply drive for SCAN!

Thank you to Meaningful Meals for Donating individually wrapped meals for SCAN frontline workers one day.

We are grateful to Thomson Reuters and CoStar for recently promoting snack drives in support of SCAN's programs!
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