Aloha Republicans:

When are the most dangerous months in Hawaii?   Hurricane season along coastlines?   'Back to school' season on our highways?
Nope, the  most dangerous months in Hawaii are from January to May of each year.  That's when state representatives and state senators are " in session" at the State Capitol .  And that's right now.

This time of year is the "most dangerous" because that's when the  bad laws , the  massive taxes , the  wasteful spending and the  hanky-panky take place . . . with rotten decisions that impact all of our lives for decades .
And since local TV newscasts are about the weather and our daily newspapers mostly cover police and fire stories, the underhanded dealings by our state legislators escape scrutiny most of the time.
So you may ask:  " How can I know what really happens and who the worst offenders are?"

Well, the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and our friends at the American Conservative Union(ACU) have the solution for you.  Much of the reason we exist is to give you the straight scoop about these politicians -- good and (mostly) bad -- in the form of a handy Ratings Guide.
ACU has been providing an amazing service of rating state and national politicians for a long time.  Best of all, they have put Hawaii politicians under the microscope for the past two years.  Here's what ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp has to say:
"In ACU's second rating of the Hawaii State Legislature, it is clear that Hawaii's elected officials continued to pursue a relentless left-wing agenda of expanding government and keeping taxes high to pay for itIt is disappointing that out of the eight Republicans in the Hawaii Legislature, only one will be receiving an award."
That's right, during Hawaii's 'most dangerous time of the year,' even our seven elected Republicans in the State House have been aiding and abetting Democrats.
Some really scary highlights are that Hawaii's House Republicans are led by minority leader Beth Fukumoto (only 36% ACU) who is to the left of both Democrats and Republicans.  And in that GOP caucus is Republican Lauren Cheape (only 9% ACU) who is even to the left of most Democrats.
Hats off to GOP State Senator Sam "Lone Ranger" Slom whose ACU score of 100% in 2015 really measured up to local and national conservative standards and whom will be receiving a 2015 ACU Ratings Award.  Congratulations and thank you, Senator Slom!
You can read the rest of ACU's press release about their Hawaii Ratings Guide HERE. . . and be sure to download and read the ratings guide of all 76 legislators in the State House and State Senate.  Please use this knowledge to pressure Republicans and Democrats alike to abandon their left-wing agenda before it's too late.

Finally, as Republicans in Hawaii, HIRA believes that you deserve to know what the state party is keeping from you.  Foremost is knowing IF Republican politicians are actually voting like Republicans.  Now you can see for yourself.

Thanks and best wishes during this most dangerous time of the year!!

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