SCC Weekly Newsletter: Aug. 12 - 18, 2019
FIRST Day of School is Thursday, August 22

Click Here for the 2019-2020 bell schedule (unchanged from last year)

Hot Lunch is in URGENT Need of Volunteers for Mondays & Thursdays! Please See Volunteer Section Below
Director's Spotlight On... Ready or Not, Here it Comes!
Hopefully you all have had a summer where you were able to spend time doing things (or not doing things) that refreshed, revived, or fed you in some way. I know for me, the relaxation and deviation from the school year schedule was relaxing in and of itself. I am using my first newsletter article to try and ease us all into the 2019 – 2020 school year so as not to shock our collective systems. :)

If you haven’t started already, it is a good idea to start transitioning your child(ren) back to a school day schedule. Now is the time to reinstate earlier bedtimes and wake-up times. Establish what your morning routine will be and then do a few dry runs with the kids. Debrief with them and brainstorm how to make mornings run smoothly. Incorporating their suggestions helps encourage buy-in. Go through the plan for drop-off and pick-up (will you be walking your child in? Will they be biking or scootering? Will you be picking them up at an off-campus location?). Look for a communication from me next week going over first day of school info, traffic, parking, and pick-up/drop-off specifics.

I know that many children (and parents) may have some uneasiness around the first day of school. It is helpful to remind your child that a lot of children feel this way and the educators work hard to make it as comfortable as possible for them. You need to be a bit of a cheerleader here. Be positive and let them know that you are confident that they can successfully navigate their discomfort (it helps to give examples where they have done so successfully in the past).

We are welcoming several new staff members and families at all grade levels to the SCC this year. Our All-School Clean Up on Saturday, August 17 is a great opportunity to meet them. This is a chance for our community to gather at SCC and work together to get things looking clean and spiffy for the new school year. Bring your learners to campus and show them around the school and their classroom and meet or reconnect with their educator. Educators will be in their rooms and welcome all hands (big and small). It is also an opportunity for new and returning families to meet and greet each other while working side by side.

I’m so excited to be starting this new school year on time and already settled in our new facility. Last year’s marathon move and unpacking frenzy was a rough start for everyone! While we still have plenty of improvements to make, I am looking forward to focusing on making this space our own. See you soon!
Office News
Gwynne Rinker , Data and Operations Manager
A New Face in the Office!
It is our sincere pleasure to introduce the community to Miriam Peirano, our new Office Administrator and Registrar. Miriam comes to us after a substantial career in charter school administration, most recently from Sunrise Charter Middle School in San Jose where she served as an executive admin and registrar. A native of Argentina, she brings a joy of learning, a passion for meditation, and impressive skills as a Life Coach to our team at Charter. Miriam has been here four days and she has already made her mark getting us in shape for a successful start to the new school year. We're just thrilled, and we know you will be too when you see her warm smile and boundless competence! Please give her the warmest welcome and grant her your patience as she learns about our community. Welcome, Miriam!!

SchoolMint Packets
You should have already received an email from SchoolMint inviting you to fill out your Volunteering Packet and Back to School Packet. Please do this at your earliest convenience, as it makes the beginning of the year go SO much more smoothly! Thanks!

7th Grade Immunization Requirements
If you have not already done so, please remember to turn in updated immunization records for your incoming 7th grade learners. We need proof of their Tdap booster and second Varicella (chickenpox) shots before school begins. Please don't delay! You can email, fax, or carrier pigeon them to the office anytime. Many thanks!

Medication Forms and Renewals
It's that time again - if you have a child with a severe allergy or medical condition requiring medication on hand at school, please prep your FARE plans and Medication Forms so that we can be as ready as possible at the start of the year. The Medication Form is available on the website at and can be turned in with the medication(s) to the Office. Please note: we have a new medication check-in procedure, so please plan on spending 5 minutes in the office when you drop off. Thanks!
Board of Directors Update
Leigh Casamento , on behalf of the BOD
SCC Board of Directors Meeting this Wednesday at 7:30pm
Please join us for the upcoming SCC Board of Directors’ regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, August 14th at 7:30pm in room 302 (staff lounge), where we will welcome new board member, Kristen Pezone Kapp. The meeting will cover the school’s financial position, facilities work over the summer, and modifications to the attendance policy. 

The SCC Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of every month. We welcome all community members to attend these public meetings. Should you have any questions, please email or any of the Board of Directors members directly (see list here).
Volunteer Corner
Melissa May , Volunteer Coordinator
All-School Clean Up
The All-School Clean Up is Saturday, August 17th from 9:00 - 4:00 . We would love to see you here for any amount of time you can give. We are always in need of cordless drills. Otherwise please bring gloves, basic cleaning supplies, basic tools, water bottles and energy! Please label all equipment you bring to campus with your name. Remember to bring snacks or lunches if needed. We will have fill-up water stations around campus, so bring a water bottle. 
Hot Lunch Volunteers Needed
The hot lunch team is in urgent need of finding volunteers to help out on Mondays and Thursdays. If we do not find volunteers for these days, we will be forced to eliminate hot lunch services on one or both of these days. Parent volunteer hours are from 11:50 am-1:05 pm, and you’ll earn double volunteer hours and $6.50 in ChoiceLunch credit. 

Also...exciting news! Starting this year, 5th-8th grade learners can volunteer for hot lunch from 12:40-1pm. Since 1st-8th grade learners have recess from 12:35-12:50, 5th-8th grade learners interested in volunteering would need to eat their lunch quickly, and then help out. 

Parents or learners - if you’re interested in helping with hot lunch, please contact Akash immediately at or text/cell at (650) 248-9166. : Please click the link below to log any hours not covered by a Signup.
PRT Update
The Parent Resource Team (PRT) Leadership Team hopes you enjoyed your summer! We are looking forward to the following start-of-school PRT events:

First PRT Meeting - All are welcome!
Date: Tuesday, August 27th
Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: TBD
This year our first PRT meeting will kick off with a new family / new PRT member welcome at 6:30pm and the first PRT meeting starting around 7:15pm.

Welcome Breakfast - Please join us in connecting with old friends and meeting new community members
Date: Friday, September 6th
Time: 8:15 - 9:30am
Location: SCC outside the Community Hall

For any questions about the PRT, please reach out to Paige Scott-Sarmiento, Becky King or Becky Cook at
Educare Happenings
Katie Hall , Desi Smith & Nathan Sweatt , Co-Directors of Educare
Educare Registration
Learners MUST be registered for the current school year on EZChildTrack BEFORE attending! Non-registered learners will be sent to the office to call home and will not be allowed to attend Educare until an appropriate registration has been submitted. For information regarding Educare registration/enrollment, please refer to the email sent out on June 28th (see original email for attachments). 

Educare Special Days August 19-21
We will be open from 7:20 AM - 6:20 PM with drop-off and pick-up at Educare for all three days. 
The price for each day is $85/learner until August 12th at NOON. At 12:01 PM the price will jump to $100/learner for each day. Registration for Special Days is on the Flex Plan calendar (if you registered for an Annual Plan, the Flex Plan calendar should be available shortly after your application is approved). For further information about our planned days click here
Parent Education
Lorea Martinez , Parent Ed Liaison
“Emotional preparedness for school is just as important as the school supplies we carefully purchase, label, and organize to get our children ready for their first day."
--Jennifer Miller, Family SEL Consultant. 

Summer is almost over, and the beginning of the school year is just around the corner. Going back to school can be an exciting time for your child, but as with any transition, it can also be fraught with worry, fear and a sense of loss. Ease the transition back to school with these great tips from Confident Parents, Confident Kids. Happy Parenting!
Hot Lunch Information
Akash Bijlani , Hot Lunch Coordinator
The ChoiceLunch ordering system is now live at . Meal orders must be placed before 9 am the day before service (i.e., 9 am on Monday for Tuesday hot lunch). The specials continuing this year include: 
  • Jamba Juice is available as an add-on to an entrée on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Learners can pick their own healthy snack (rather than having just one option) and fruit (there usually is only one choice) 
  • Pizza days are on Mondays and Fridays 

If you have any questions about hot lunch, please feel free to contact me directly via email at or cell/text at (650) 248-9166. 
Have a great week!
-The Newsletter Team at