SCC Weekly Newsletter: Aug. 19 - 25, 2019
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Read the Campus Traffic Safety Brochure here
Director's Spotlight On... Daily Routines
The email that I sent last Thursday with back-to-school details was information dense! Hopefully you have taken the time to read through it. That said, I did not go into detail about what the learners will do when they arrive on campus Thursday. I thought it would help for me to answer some FAQs…

Where do the learners gather in the morning? Learners enter school through the main gate (between the classrooms and the office). The educators will be out in the plaza (black top area) to greet the learners and guide them to their classrooms.
Where do I park if I want to walk with my child to school? Unfortunately, there is no parent parking up in the parking lot by our school. Plan on parking off campus and using our walking path up to SCC.
How do they know when it is time to go to class? Morning music will begin playing on the PA system at 8:15 AM, signaling that it is time to move to the classrooms. The front gates will be unlocked and open until 8:20 AM. After the gate is closed, learners should enter campus through the office (Room 301). At 8:25 and beyond, learners will be issued a tardy slip that they can give to their educator; this lets the educators know that the learner has checked in at the office.
How does drop-off work? If you choose to drive to campus and drop off your learner at the curb, we ask that you pull up as far as you can to the top of the red curb in front of our administrative wing. Please follow this protocol even if you think that you are the only one in the drop-off zone.
How does pick-up work? The process is the same as drop-off, but does not move quite as quickly. Please do not zoom around stopped cars to cut in front of people who have been patiently waiting. Drive slowly up and down the hill to/from pick up. Really. Slow down! We do try and get kids into cars as quickly as possible. Please be especially mindful of continuing to pull up as space becomes available in front of you while you wait for your child. Finally, please adhere to the following pick-up windows:

  • 1st grader pick-up is from 2:30 – 2:40 PM. During this time only parents picking up 1st graders or Kinders from Educare should be at the zone
  • Parents picking up 2nd – 8th graders should not arrive at the pick-up zone before 2:40 PM. If you arrive before 2:40 PM you will be asked to circle the campus until all of the 1st graders and Kinders have been picked up
  • Do not arrive on Wednesdays before 12:25 PM. There is absolutely no need to arrive any earlier than that. Wednesdays are the easiest day in that we have almost half an hour before the other schools are released.

Thank you all for your cooperation in this. I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!
Office News
Gwynne Rinker , Data and Operations Manager
Email Lists Forthcoming
Gwynne is working hard to get all the stars aligned to have the email groups ready to rock and roll. Please be patient and know that you should be getting that welcome email soon. (As of this moment you may in fact have received it already!) The educators have access to their classroom contact info, so they'll be sending out a welcome as soon as they're ready. Thanks!

New Families - Take Note!
This year our New Families are on the ball! They have created an (unofficial) SCC New Families Facebook Group, and discussion has been flying! If you are a new family entering Charter for the first time, please consider joining to connect with other families and learn more about the day-to-day at school. 

7th Grade Tdap and Varicella Boosters Due Before School, Kindergarten Immunizations Overdue
This is the final newsletter reminder to turn in your learner's most recent vaccination records before school begins. If we don't have proof of complete immunizations, your learner will not be allowed to come to school until proof is received. Please do this at your earliest convenience! 

Medication Forms and Renewals
Reminder - if you have a child with a severe allergy or medical condition requiring medication on hand at school, please prep your FARE plans and Medication Forms so that we can be as ready as possible at the start of the year. The Medication Form is available on the website at and can be turned in with the medication(s) to the Office. Please note: we have a new medication check-in procedure, so please plan on spending 5 minutes in the office when you drop off. Thanks!

Head Lice - Ew!
All of the fun of the summer–sleepovers, camps, sleeping bags, and warm weather–provide the perfect conditions for contracting head lice. Our school is a clean slate, and we'd love to keep this pest at bay with prevention and proactivity! Please take a moment before Thursday to do a thorough check of all members of your family for head lice. This includes a thorough examination of the crown and nape of the head, with good lighting and a careful eye. If you have any questions about how to do a thorough exam, please feel free to come by the office and one of us will help you.  Excellent information can be found at
Volunteer Corner
Melissa May , Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Help Wanted
If you can help with any of the following or have questions, please contact Melissa May .

  • We are looking for a licensed electrician to install our new hand dryers and a licensed plumber to install a water fountain/fill up station. 
  • The Scholastic Book Fair will be November 4th - 7th this year and we are looking for a lead or co-lead. The book fair is a beloved event which combines the love of reading, community engagement and pre-holiday shopping. In addition, the kids love it!
  • Chickens' Ball Rep: A school rep will serve as a liaison to the Chickens' Ball Steering Committee and participate in the monthly meetings until the shows in March ( : Please click the link below to log any hours not covered by a Signup.
PRT Update
First Parent Resource Team (PRT) Meeting: All are welcome!
Date: Tuesday, August 27th
Time: 6:30p - 9:30p
Location: The Cook Family Residence, 1909 Greenwood Ave., San Carlos

This year our first PRT meeting will kick off with a new family / new PRT member welcome at 6:30pm and the first PRT meeting starting around 7:15pm.

Please sign up / RSVP using this link to help us plan. If you are new to the PRT and do not yet have a role, please indicate "general member" when you sign up.
Educare Happenings
Katie Hall , Desi Smith & Nathan Sweatt , Co-Directors of Educare
Last call for Educare registration and enrollment before the school year starts! Educare registration does not roll over from year to year... all learners expected to attend Educare at the start of school need to be registered for the 2019-2020 school year programming. Please refer to the email sent out on June 28th for complete details on the Educare registration process. 

Fall After-School Enrichments
Most enrichment classes are full, but there is still space available for learners in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade in the Wizbots Robotics and Coding Lab program. For more information and to register, click here
Dancing Under the Stars
14 SCC families are Co-Hosting the Community Party "An Evening Dancing Under the Stars!" Sept. 14.

YOU are invited. Get tickets now! 

This community party is hosted by SCC families to help support SCEF. Rock out to the live band Voodoo Jukebox. Nosh on savory appetizers while the bartender ensures your glass is never empty. It's an evening to remember in the company of your fabulous San Carlos friends as we transform Burton Park into a late summer night's party with twinkling garden lights, lounge furniture, catered appetizers, cheese bar, dessert bar, and dancing! We look forward to seeing you on September 14, 2019, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm at the Burton Park Bandstand. Adults only. A fun night and a No Waste party: we reduce, reuse, recycle, & compost -- and party like it's  1999 2019!!  

$100 donation per person -- which counts toward your annual SCEF contributions.  

Co-Hosts & Sponsors: Adriana Brea & Martin Carballo, Kate Brown, Michele Chase Kashap & Christopher Kashap, Line 39 Wines, Roberta & Andrew Marks, Liz & Art Min, Karen Molinari & Mike Evert, Regan & Rajiv Parikh, Melissa & Michael Riccio, Kira Sabot & Brian Thomas, Heather Saffren-Bloom & Josh Saffren, Katherine & Justin Sherman, The Refuge, Melanie Tsonas & Matt Ekstrom, Lauren & Michael Velasco, Voodoo Jukebox, Jacki Yahn & Chris Weeldreyer
SCSD Fall Sports
Fall Sports Registration Now Open (Grades 6-8)
DEADLINE to Register: Monday, August 26
Flag Football, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, & Intramural Basketball

The district has made a few significant changes to the school sports program this year, so please read this entire message for details and to register.
Parent Education
Lorea Martinez , Parent Ed Liaison
Ready or not, here it comes! School starts this week. With a little preparation, you can make the transition back to school a little easier for children and adults too. Check out these great tips from Aha Parenting, and make sure you pay attention to your own needs as well. It is a big transition for everybody in the family! Here's to a great start of the school year. 
Hot Lunch Information
Akash Bijlani , Hot Lunch Coordinator
The ChoiceLunch ordering system is now live! Click the button below to order August, September, and October meals. Orders must be placed before 9 am the day before service (i.e., 9 am on Monday for Tuesday hot lunch). 
Have a great week!
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