SCC Weekly Newsletter: Aug. 26 - 18, 2019
Director's Spotlight On... Navigating SCC Email
As a community, we rely heavily on email for communication (pausing now for a collective groan…). We realize that most people have to process a large volume of email everyday, so we work to streamline our process. However, staying informed of classroom and school events, updates on curriculum, and general information about SCC requires your active engagement.

First and foremost, please read the newsletter! Consolidating pertinent information into one communication has significantly reduced the amount of email on our lists. We are really trying to get folks in the habit of using the newsletter as their primary source of information.

Email Lists:
Administration (
  • Administrative team (e.g., Stacy, Laura, Miriam, Desi) posts only. This is a moderated list (one-way communication only). Please do NOT opt out of this list! Important information related to SCC (e.g., Director’s notes, calendar notices and changes, event details and reminders, exposure notices, school closure) are relayed on this list.
  • This is an open list, and anyone who is subscribed can post. Postings to this list should be community-wide notices. Examples include district events and communications, volunteer needs, GC meeting agendas and minutes, SCEF, PRT, PLP requests, etc. This list is rarely used, however because this information is generally in the newsletter.
  • This is an open list, and anyone who is subscribed can post. All new families are subscribed to this list but certainly have the option to opt out. This is the SCC community exchange board, where resources and referrals may be traded.

In addition, you have also been subscribed to your child's classroom email list.  This is where most of the action happens.  

The email addresses that we have on file in our student data system were the email addresses that we used to populate the classroom lists. We understand that there may be alternate email addresses you wish to use for school communications.  If you need any changes to your subscriptions and you are unable to resolve the situation yourself by visiting , please send a tech request to:

*All email lists are noted here for reference.
Office News
Gwynne Rinker , Data and Operations Manager
Early Sign-Out Procedure
When you need to pick up your child early from school for any reason, please park at the red curb and come to the office to sign them out. At that time, we will call your child to the office or invite you to pick them up from their classroom. Unless it is an emergency, please do not call the office and ask us to pre-retrieve your child. We find that this results in valuable class time being wasted if you are delayed. 

Going-Home Messages
Just a reminder that each learner should arrive at school with a good sense of where they are supposed to go after school. We understand that last-minute changes are sometimes necessary, and we will do our best to help relay any details. But the end of the day is a very hectic time, and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reach your child effectively. If possible please use this option only in case of urgent changes.

Medication Drop-Off
Just another reminder to swing by the office to drop off any medications your child requires at school. Thank you to those who have come in so far and been patient with our new process!

Show your Charter Pride!
Did you know Charter has a merch shop? You can get t-shirts and hoodies for the whole family, water bottles, stickers and more by visiting
Volunteer Corner
Melissa May , Volunteer Coordinator
TB Assessments
The Ed Code section 49406 states that the standard for the prevention of TB exposure and spread in schools is to simply administer a TB risk assessment (a questionnaire administered by a health professional) to all employees and volunteers who will interface with learners and staff, followed by a TB screening test (PPD placement, blood test or chest x-ray) ONLY if the risk assessment raises concern.

To simplify the process for our volunteers, the Volunteer SCCLC Healthcare Team will be administering the assessment at the PRT meeting on Tuesday, August, 27th, Welcome Breakfast on Friday, September 6th, and at Back to School Night (date TBD). This will only take a minute or two per person. If you prefer a more confidential assessment, you can always see your own personal health care provider. Please use this form (provider signature goes on page 3). If you have already taken a TB test (or have a past test that is still up to date), thank you for your due diligence and please continue to submit the TB paperwork on SchoolMint. If we have your TB assessment from the last few years, you do not need to submit an assessment. TB Assessments are good for 4 years.

Hot Lunch Volunteers Wanted
Starting this year, to help support SCC’s values of volunteerism, 5th-8th grade learners can now volunteer for hot lunch from 12:40-1 pm! 5th-8th grade learners who volunteer can earn triple time and can accrue 1 hour of SCC volunteer credit. Learners who help out will either be able to eat their home-packed lunch in class before recess or their home-packed or ChoiceLunch meal in class after the lunch period. 

Unfortunately, due to our contract with ChoiceLunch, please note that learners cannot earn ChoiceLunch credit.

Parents - if your learner is interested in helping with hot lunch, please contact Akash immediately at or text/cell at (650) 248-9166.

Family Folder update help needed ASAP!
Do you have a computer that runs Windows and an eye for detail? We have a great take-home job that is essential and fun! Please ask Gwynne ( for details.
Volunteer Jobs Still in Need
We are still seeking an electrician, a plumber, and help with some jobs that were not completed at the All-School Clean Up. See here for more information. : Please click the link below to log any hours not covered by a Signup.
PRT Update
Reminder: First PRT Meeting - All are welcome!
Date: Tuesday, August 27th
Time: 6:30p - 9:30p
( New family/new PRT member welcome 6:30pm, regular PRT meeting 7:15pm)
Location: The Cook Family Residence , 1909 Greenwood Ave., San Carlos

Chili Cook-Off
Mark your calendars for the annual Chili Cook-Off! It’s on Sunday, October 20 from 4 PM to 7 PM at Devil’s Canyon Brewery in San Carlos. This is the biggest fundraiser of the year and vital to our thriving learning center’s continuing health. 

Please email to let us know you want to volunteer. This is a great way to retire a chunk of volunteer hours and have a blast at the same time. 

Stay tuned for more info here, and don’t forget to get your best western costume together!

—Jailbreakin’ Josh Saffren
—Cowboy Christopher Kashap
Dancing Under the Stars
Overwhelmed with joy and communications in the first week of school? This will only take you 2 minutes and in return you will receive 3-1/2 hours of fun! Come join us  September 14, 2019, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm at the Burton Park Bandstand for a one-of-a-kind night under the stars with a live band, finger foods, drinks and the best company in town!
Adults only. A fun night and a No Waste party: we reduce, reuse, recycle, & compost - dance, eat, mingle, repeat!

$100 donation per person -- which counts toward your annual SCEF contributions.  

Co-Hosts & Sponsors: Adriana Brea & Martin Carballo, Kate Brown, Michele Chase Kashap & Christopher Kashap, Line 39 Wines, Roberta & Andrew Marks, Liz & Art Min, Karen Molinari & Mike Evert, Regan & Rajiv Parikh, Melissa & Michael Riccio, Kira Sabot & Brian Thomas, Heather Saffren-Bloom & Josh Saffren, Katherine & Justin Sherman, The Refuge, Melanie Tsonas & Matt Ekstrom, Lauren & Michael Velasco, Voodoo Jukebox, Jacki Yahn & Chris Weeldreyer
Educare Happenings
Katie Hall & Desi Smith , Co-Directors of Educare
Change to Educare Leadership
The new school year brings a small change to the director team at Educare. Nathan has decided to step back from his Co-Director role in order to focus on pursuing his passion of music education. Katie and Desi will continue on as Co-Directors, and we are certain that the transition will be as seamless as ever. Nathan will still be a valued member of the Educare team and continue his various musical teachings around school in seminars and Educare Enrichment classes, while also taking command of the SCC Band this year! We're all very excited to see what the future brings for him!
SCEF Update
You Made it Happen!
Thanks to our generous San Carlos school community, the San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF) will be granting a record $2.7 million to support San Carlos public schools this year.  Every child, every day, in every classroom will benefit from your support. SCEF's grant to Charter will ensure that our children have access to vital programs and opportunities. We are proud to report that because we surpassed our goal of $2.5 million, budget cuts to elementary school library hours were avoided this year.

Please visit our website at to learn how your dollars are put to work for students. Thank you to all of our donors, business sponsors, community members and SCEF board members and volunteers who made this success possible.

Evening at TOWN and Parent-Hosted Parties
Connect with old friends and make new ones at events benefitting the San Carlos Education Foundation.  Tickets for the October 6th Evening at TOWN, will go on sale at 10am August 28th at .  You will also be able to check-out our parent-hosted parties. These are smaller events, hosted by other parents, to build community and raise funds for our schools.  

Best wishes for a successful school year!
Parent Education
Lorea Martinez , Parent Ed Liaison
Children sometimes react to daily situations in ways that parents don’t understand. What’s the big deal about...wearing white socks? Brushing hair before school? Or stop looking at your phone? You name the challenge! Parents sometimes react to children’s behaviors without considering the underlying thoughts or emotions that drive these behaviors. So, how do you do it? There is a great tool called “parent mentalizing," which means seeking to understand our own and our child’s behaviors from the perspective of underlying mental states, such as thoughts, feelings, and needs. Check out this article from the Greater Good Science Center to learn how to put it into practice. 

There are many exciting parent education events coming up this fall. Click on the button below to see all the details. Happy Parenting! 
Hot Lunch Information
Akash Bijlani , Hot Lunch Coordinator
ChoiceLunch has a new pizza vendor - NY Pizza! Try out the pizza and let us know what you think! Please click the button below to order your meals for August, September, and October. Also, Jamba Juice starts on Thursday, September 5, and will be available as an add-on on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Just a reminder that orders must be placed before 9 am the day before service (i.e., 9 am on Monday for Tuesday hot lunch). To provide feedback about pizza or anything else related to hot lunch, please feel free to reach out directly to Akash at or text/cell at (650) 248-9166.
Greater San Carlos Community Information
  • Click blue button below for info on: Vacancy on SCSD School Board, Volunteers needed for SCSD 7-11 Surplus Property Advisory Committee, & Deadline to Register for SCSD Middle School Sports is TOMORROW, Monday Aug. 26
Over the last few weeks, volunteers have been on campus helping the educators and staff prepare classrooms and campus for the new school year. At the All-School Clean Up last Saturday, we had a continuous flow of volunteers throughout the day. The “To Do” list was long and a bit overwhelming but, as always, the parent volunteers at Charter were (are) amazing. No job was too small or too big. The staff and I want to thank you for sharing your time, energy and talents to achieve the extraordinary. You are such an important part of Charter, and we appreciate everything you do to make Charter what it is. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

-Melissa May, Volunteer Coordinator 
Have a great week!
-The Newsletter Team at