SCC Weekly Newsletter: June 3 - 9, 2019
Director's Spotlight On... Endings Are Also Beginnings
The end of the school year is a tumultuous time. There are so many details to wrap up, clean up, pass up, and give up. There is a lot of excitement, but it has a different energy than the excitement we see at the start of the school year. I think the end-of-the-year energy is more complex, composed mostly of anticipation and accomplishment yet tinged with poignancy as well.

The anticipation is all about moving on to the next thing (grade, class group, school, job). The learners are still at an age where getting older is something they look forward to (I know, right?), and moving up to the next grade is truly an accomplishment for them. Our 8th graders are anticipating life in high school. Many of them have been at SCC for nine years, so they are very excited about the new experiences ahead of them. ( The graduation ceremony is June 12 at 4:00 pm in our quad area, and everyone is welcome to attend.)

Regardless of how excited the learners are to move up and on, there is always a little niggling sadness because goodbyes and change are a very real part of moving on. Even the most welcomed change has some wistful element to it. Learners can simultaneously be excited to move to a class with a new group of learners and be a little sad about leaving their old group behind.

Navigating change is difficult for all of us. As time goes on, however, we get perspective on the experience and can (or allow ourselves to) see the change in a more balanced light. I always remind myself that for every child that graduates, we have kindergarteners who are just starting their SCC journey; for every educator that moves on, we have others that come in and bring a whole new set of experiences and opportunities for our learners; and for every family that leaves us, we have new families that come with fresh energy and ideas. This influx of new community members is essential to the growth, health, and evolution of SCC. 

I hope you all join me in wishing those that are leaving the best and welcoming those who are joining with open hearts and minds.

Thank you for being such an important part of this living, breathing community!
Office News
Gwynne Rinker , Data and Operations Manager
Is it with great sadness that we announce the recent death of our beloved chicken brood. They were attacked by an unknown predator sometime Tuesday evening, and they were all lost. It is a sad time for all of us, but especially for those who have taken such good care of them since they were tiny chicks. Many thanks to all of the families and learners who helped to tend them over the year, and to 3/4 educator Sarah who was their keeper here at Charter. They will be missed!  Work will be done on the coop over the summer so that we will be ready to welcome a new brood in Fall.

R.I.P. Wonder, Sprinkles, Cupcake, Miss Piggy and Hope.
Volunteer Corner
Melissa May , Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Help Wanted
We are looking for a volunteer (or two!) to come to campus the week of June 24th to remove and deliver our modest collection of E-waste to the Recology facility. We don't expect to have too much this year, but it's always a need and it's an easy hour or two! Please let Gwynne know ( know if you're able to cover it!
Volunteer Jobs Still in Need
Volunteers are still needed to assist with graduation on June 12 , and the Hot Lunch Team is in need of help for next school year! See here for more information. : Please click the link below to log any hours not covered by a Signup.
Social Team Update
Community Picnic
Hopefully all of you can join us for an end-of-the-year picnic on Saturday, June 15 at Huddart Park in Woodside! We have the Toyon 2 and Toyon 3 group campsites reserved, so there will be plenty of room for the kids to run around while the adults catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Spots for overnight camping are full, but let us know if you'd like to be added to the waitlist.

Feel free to show up whenever. We're planning on a big group dinner around 6 PM -- PRT Social will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, and veggie burgers but please bring a side of some kind to share (even something simple like chips is fine).

If you have any questions please email
Dancing Under the Stars
You are invited to "An Evening Dancing Under the Stars!" 13 SCC families are Co-Hosting. Get tickets now! 

This community party is hosted by SCC families to help support SCEF. Share an evening to remember in the company of fabulous San Carlos friends as Burton Park is transformed into a late summer night's party! Rock out to the live band Voodoo Jukebox. Nosh on passed appetizers by Bianchini's, a cheese table, and desserts while the bartender ensures your glass is never empty. Quaff wine, beer, and the signature cocktail beneath a canopy of twinkle lights. We look forward to seeing you on September 14, 2019, 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm at the Burton Park Bandstand. Adults only. A fun night and a No Waste party - we reduce, reuse, recycle & compost.

$100 donation per person -- which counts toward your annual SCEF contributions.  

Co-Hosts & Sponsors: Adriana Brea & Martin Carballo, Kate Brown, Michele Chase Kashap & Christopher Kashap, Line 39 Wines, Roberta & Andrew Marks, Liz & Art Min, Karen Molinari & Mike Evert, Regan & Rajiv Parikh, Melissa & Michael Riccio, Kira Sabot & Brian Thomas, Heather Saffren-Bloom & Josh Saffren, Katherine & Justin Sherman, The Refuge, Melanie Tsonas & Matt Ekstrom, Lauren & Michael Velasco, Voodoo Jukebox, Jacki Yahn & Chris Weeldreyer
Educare Happenings
Katie Hall , Desi Smith & Nathan Sweatt , Co-Directors of Educare
Enrollment thresholds for Educare Camps must be met by June 7th. Decisions have to be made whether to cancel any camps. Sign up today at the Educare Store to avoid disappointment!
Parent Education
Lorea Martinez , Parent Ed Liaison
“I don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done.” The end of the school year is a busy and stressful time of year―for parents and children too. Families’ schedules may be packed with deadlines, school activities and family events, leaving everybody feeling stressed and overwhelmed. According to research, our perceived time pressure is about how well the activities we need to perform fit together in our heads and how much control we think we have over them. This is good news, because it means we can do something about it! If you want to learn tips to overcome this time pressure, read this article. Happy Parenting!
Hot Lunch Information
Akash Bijlani , Hot Lunch Coordinator
Hot Lunch volunteers still needed for the next school year! Please see Volunteer section above for details.
Greater San Carlos Community Information
  • Click the BLUE button below to find out about the Gender Spectrum and Inclusive Communities Workshop TONIGHT. Also, summer camps, special education information, & more!
SCEF Update
SCEF Fiscal Year ends June 30th. Your giving is as important NOW, as ever!
Help us meet and exceed the SCEF fundraising goal of $2.5 million. We are still working hard to minimize reductions for next year’s budget. Every dollar over our goal goes directly towards minimizing reductions for next school year. To understand how your donation to SCEF makes a difference to your child’s education, watch our video at
Go to to make your donation or add to your gift this year. Gifts of any size are appreciated and will make a real difference for our kids. If you are going to donate via payroll deduction with your employer, please act now as it can take up to 8 weeks for funds to be received by SCEF.

Celebrate the end of the school year with your San Carlos friends and the SF Giants on FRIDAY, June 14th! Join parents and community members for 2019 San Carlos Night at SF Giants. Take the train and enjoy the trip! More information here: 

Hear our students sing the National Anthem before the game and watch the Giants take on the Milwaukee Brewers. Game time is 7:15 P.M Stay after the game for FIREWORKS!!!
Giants Tickets are still available at the San Carlos Youth Center at Burton Park. Cash or check only.
  • Thank you to everyone who helped make the wonderful Pancake Breakfast happen! Special thanks to Katherine Sherman and Melissa Riccio for spearheading such a fun and special event for our community.
  • Thank you Cindi Hunter for the library's new read-aloud rocking chair. We are so excited!
  • The PRT leads would like to thank all of our amazing Room Reps, Committee Leads and General Members for the work done this school year to support our goal of fostering a collaborative and supportive community through various school and social activities.
  • Thank you to Melanie Tsonas for organizing the K/1 Potluck before the Learner Exhibition.
Have a great week!
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