SCC Weekly Newsletter: March 2 - 8, 2020
Did your child misplace their jacket or lunch box?
Lost and Found items are on display in front of the Library. Donations of all unclaimed items will take place by end of the day on Wednesday, March 4. Use this link to browse items.
Director's Spotlight On... Conference Details and Clarification
Last week my article put Parent/Learner/Educator conferences on your collective radars (hopefully). To refresh your memory, conferences are the week of March 16 - 20. In anticipation of some questions folks might have, I am going to focus this week on some more practical details.

When to Sign Up:
We give families that have more than one learner enrolled at SCC, first access to sign-ups. We do this to increase their chances of getting back-to-back conferences for their children that are in different classrooms. For families with enrolled siblings, sign-ups begin Monday, March 2, 2020 at 8:00 AM and end Thursday, March 5 at 5:00 PM. If you have only one child, please do NOT sign up during this time period.

Families with only one learner at SCC can begin signing up for a conference slot on Friday morning, 3/6 at 8:00 AM and will close Sunday evening, 3/15 at 5:00 PM.

How to Sign Up:
Educators will be creating their conference schedules with available time slots using FreshSchools. This is a new application that we have been using for the School Directory (Gwynne sent out an email at the beginning of the year with the information on how to join). Look for an email invitation to conferences from your child’s educator via FreshSchools.

Who Should Attend:
In the elementary grades (kindergarten – 4th grade), the expectation is that only the parents meet with the educators during the conference. If you need to bring your child with you to campus, the expectation is that they are either in Educare or waiting right outside the classroom in the hallway. In the 5th – 7th grades, learners are also expected to attend the conference as the middle school conferences are learner-led. 

Where to Park:
Sigh. As always, off-campus is preferable but I realize there can be reasons why that is not reasonable. If you need to park on campus, please abide by the following guidelines:
  • Do NOT park in either the SCC or Mariposa Staff parking lots, even if there is a space! Staff come and go and need to be able to get to work.
  • Please do not park along the Mariposa curb. We need to respect the limited space that they have for their parents.
  • No parking along the red curb in front of SCC during drop-off or pick-up times. Cars without drivers during these times really mess up the flow of traffic.
If your car is in one of these areas, we will make an announcement asking you to move your car (this will definitely cut down the amount of time that you have to conference). I acknowledge the inconvenience and feel your frustration. Thank you for understanding.
Board of Directors Update
Executive Director Search Update
The Search Committee conducted first-round interviews this past week with six strong candidates. These six candidates were selected based on the following:
1. Candidate identification through job postings, outreach through our recruiter’s extensive network, and direct contact.
2. Recruiter pre-selection, which included phone interviews and reference verifications.
3. Search Committee review, ranking, and discussion using candidate documents and video interviews, in which each candidate was required to answer six questions on video.

The Committee went through an anti-bias norming session led by our recruitment firm, Edgility, prior to the interviews. The interviews were spread out over 2 nights last week. The Board will be reviewing the Committee's recommendation early this week in closed session before issuing invitations for final interviews the week of March 9th. At this stage, candidate details are still confidential, but they will be shared with the whole community well before final interviews. The Search Committee is very excited about the caliber of candidates applying for this position! For those curious, the Search Committee is comprised of 4 board members, 3 educators, 1 administrative staff member, 2 learners, and 3 parents, 2 of which have charter school experience in their professional lives. 

Once invitations for final interviews are issued, Board members will meet with Focus Groups (learners, staff, and community) to ensure that we incorporate all concerns into the interview process. If you have a question, concern or comment specifically regarding the Executive Director search, we have set up an anonymous survey to help gather information. The final interview process is still in development. It will include interactions with learners, staff, and the parent community. Please watch your email for a message from the Board with more information.

Next scheduled Board meeting is Wednesday, March 11th at 7:30pm
Volunteer Corner
Melissa May , Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Help Wanted
If you can help with any of the following or have questions, please contact Melissa May.
  • Chickens' Ball: The San Carlos Chickens' Ball (March 13th - 22nd) can use volunteers working concessions. A portion of the money raised by the Chickens' Ball is donated to Charter and helps fund our seminars program. If you can get a group of friends together or just want to volunteer as an individual, please sign up using this link.
  • Lunch Tables: We are in need of volunteers to clean off lunch tables. We have one parent willing to team up on a rotating basis. The more hands the better. Thank you for considering.
Volunteer Jobs Still in Need
Hot lunch, the Variety Show and Edible Garden are still in need of volunteers. See here for more information.
SCC Campus Gardens
Our Welcome Garden
Our Welcome Garden is beginning to show signs of spring. Both Mulberry trees are beginning to bud, it seems like all plants have rooted and are beginning to bloom. 

We are still frantically trying to stay on top of the weeds. Feel free to pull out any grass on the pathways or in the beds. We still need to finish the drip system in the next few weeks. A second table is scheduled to go in any day as is a time lapse camera to show how the garden changes over time. 

It has been so much fun to see the different groups use the space. This garden is for everyone, so feel free to hang out anytime.  
Winter Skating Party
Annual SCC Winter Skating Party
  • Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm
  • Winter Lodge in Palo Alto
  • $24 per skater Spectators are free
  • Private SCC event (extended family and friends are welcome)
For sign-up, payment and additional information please use the link below.
We need 100 skaters to sign up and pay to hold the reservation.
See you there!!
Educare Happenings
Katie Hall & Desi Smith , Co-Directors of Educare
Register for Spring Afterschool Enrichments
Information on our Spring Enrichment offerings can be found here. Classes are filling up fast, so be sure to sign up soon! 
Parent Education
Lorea Martinez , Parent Ed Liaison
In a 2018 study conducted by the International Journal of Eating Disorders, researchers found that 76% of the parents denigrated their own bodies in front of their children and 43.6% talked about their children’s bodies, taking note of weight gain or commenting on “flabby arms,” for example. And this last group was the most likely to have kids who engaged in binge eating, secretive eating or other disordered behaviors. While well-intentioned, many parents may inadvertently pass on to their children the struggles they have/had with their own body image. In this New York Times article, you can learn tips and tools to discuss healthy eating with your children without shaming food choices. 

Join us on Tuesday for the last parenting book club of the school year. We will be discussing The Yes Brain by Dan Siegel. All adults welcome - even if you have not read the book! :) 

Also this week, you can join Jim Wiltens for a leadership class (Mon) or learn how to raise a boy (Wed). For details and other parent ed events, click on the button below. Happy Parenting!
SCEF Update
The best way to get your SCEF news is to follow us on Facebook @SCEFkids !

Champions for Schools Award:
SCEF was proud to honor this year’s Champions for Schools Award recipients at the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce Dinner. Bob Bredel and SCC's very own deBrier family have been stalwart SCEF supporters helping to bridge the gap between state funding and exceptional education for our kids. They are truly champions in our hearts and minds!

Dwell Matching Program for First Time SCEF Donors:
The partners at DWELL Realtors will match any new donations to the SCEF annual fund between February 1 and March 31, 2020, up to $50,000! Thank you to Dwell partners Laura Bertolacci, Bob Bredel, Alana Corso, Joyce Romeo, and Tatum Clarke. Find out more at and take advantage of this unique opportunity to double your impact.

Gala News:
Lucky on Live: Everyone is invited to participate in our Lucky On Live raffle for the chance to win your choice of one of the BIG auction items! See our primer on the LOL raffle at To buy raffle tickets, send an email to

Volunteers Needed: Can’t attend the Starlight Gala, but want to participate? We are looking for a few good volunteers to help with check-in and other tasks. Signup here.
SCSD Middle School Spring Sports
Volleyball Intramural Program
Based on the interest forms submitted for the spring volleyball intramural program, two divisions have been formed. There will be a co-ed 5-6th grade division and a co-ed 7-8th grade division. Both divisions will rotate between Tierra Linda and Central’s gym. 

You can view the schedule for both divisions below:

You will need to complete registration by March 8th in order to be able to participate in the intramural program. You can register HERE.

If you have any questions, email
SCSD Upper Elementary Production
Upper Elementary Jungle Book Tech Team
Now enrolling Tech Team for the Upper Elementary school play of The Jungle Book Kids . These positions will be filled on a first come, first served basis. 
  • 04/04/2020 - 04/11/2020
  • Mustang Hall, Central Middle School
  • Grades 4th to 5th (from Arroyo/Mariposa/SCC)
As a member of the crew you will learn the skills of working backstage, running the light board, operating the sound board, programming the sound effects and setting up other equipment. For more information and required rehearsal and performance dates click here .
Greater San Carlos Community Information
  • Click the BLUE button below to find out about Measure N, Chickens' Ball, Healthy Cities, The Next Big Think & more local events!
  • A big thank you to Suzy Mokhtari and Michelle Chen for leading the K/1 Pigeon seminar in Emma's absence last week. 
  • Thank you to the Roth / Levin family for hosting the 3rd PRT meeting of the year.
  • Thank you to all of the PRT and community members who attended the PRT meeting.
  • Thank you to Rene Hernandez for installing a time lapse camera to study change over time of the welcome garden.
  • Thank you to Jennifer Fung for setting up RethinkWaste to do a presentation for all the K-1 classrooms.
  • Thank you to Gene Aiken for our lovely tables in the Welcome Garden.
  • Thank you to everyone who continues to help weed the Welcome Garden in front of the school. It takes many hands to make light work.
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