SCC Weekly Newsletter: Mar. 4 - Mar. 10, 2019
Lost & Found: Time to claim lost items ! A wide array of jackets, shirts, shorts, & water bottles are on display. All unclaimed items will be donated on Wednesday, March 6.
Director's Spotlight On... March Conferences
This year we are trying something new with respect to Parent/Educator/Learner conferences. Rather than hold them in the fall as we have traditionally done, we are experimenting with holding them at the end of the second trimester (early March) instead. We have found that educators can give more substantive feedback about the learners at this time of year than they can at the beginning of the year.

This year, Parent/Learner/Educator Conferences are Monday – Friday, March 18 - 22. All five of these days are minimum days for 1st - 8th grades (12:35 pm dismissal). The kindergarten learners will keep their regular schedule during the week of conferences (12:00 noon dismissal M, T, Th, and F; 12:35 dismissal on W).

All of the educator conference scheduling will be done online through a Doodle Poll. Rather than randomly assign you a time and date, we ask that you choose a date & time that is the best fit for your schedule. To do this, you need to sign yourself up on the schedules sent to you (via a Doodle link). I have consolidated all of the classroom links in an email (sent Friday, 3/1/19) for your convenience. You will also receive the link from your child’s educator specific to their class. If you have multiple children, you will need to use a different link for each child. 

Our practice is to allow signups for parents with more than one child attending SCCLC before the general signup window. We do this in order to optimize their chances of getting back-to-back conferences.  Sibling signups begin Monday, March 4, 2019 at 8:00 AM and end Thursday, March 7 at 5:00 PM. This time period is exclusively for sibling families (those families with more than one child enrolled at CLC). If you sign up for a slot during this time frame and you do not have siblings on this campus, the educator will take you off the schedule and ask that you sign up again when general signups are open. General signups will begin on Friday morning at 8:00 AM and will close Sunday evening, March 17 at 5:00 PM.

We realize that everyone has busy schedules and might have a narrow window when you can attend (without rearranging your schedule). We ask for your understanding and trust that the educators will do their best to accommodate everyone’s requests. In return, we ask that you also try to be flexible because conferences are very difficult to orchestrate for the educators.
Volunteer Corner
Melissa May , Volunteer Coordinator
Save the Dates!
  • Read-a-Thon: Monday, March 18th - Monday, April 1st
  • Scholastic Book Fair: Monday, April 1st - Thursday, April 4th
Volunteer Jobs Still in Need
Anchoring Backpack Carts, Paint Striping Contractor, Planting, and more volunteers needed. See here for more information. : Please click the link below to log any hours not covered by a Signup.
Educare Happenings
Katie Hall , Desi Smith & Nathan Sweatt , Co-Directors of Educare
Spring After-School Enrichment Announcement
Educare will soon be unveiling their Spring Enrichment offerings. Be on the look-out for an email from Katie Hall. 

Educare Upcoming Special Days
Monday, March 11th - A Walk In The Park : Early bird pricing ends March 4th at noon. At 12:01 PM the price jumps to $100/learner. For more information click here

Spring Break Special Days: Join us for a week of adventure April 15th through April 18th (CLOSED Friday April 19th). To learn more click here

Educare Summer Dance Camp
Educare's very own Katie and JeNelle have planned a week dedicated to Dance! Come conga the days away at Educare's own summer dance party. Open to all levels, incoming Grades 1st through 8th. For more information click here

Registration for all Special days will be through EZChildtrack Flex Plan . To register for Dance Camp visit the Educare store
SCEF Update
Last chance to participate in the fantastic auction items
at the Gala! Purchase a Lucky on Live raffle ticket and you could be the lucky winner! Choose from a selection of valuable Starlight Gala live auction items. See all eligible items here.
If you would like to purchase raffle tickets send an email to noting how many you would like and which auction item you would select if you are the winner. Only 275 tickets will be sold. Tickets are $100 each or 6 for $500.

Teacher Auctions: Did you miss out on grabbing a spot for your child to go on their teacher’s outing? The POST EVENT "auction" site has over 300 spots in 85 outings still available! All spots are for sale at Fixed, Buy-it-Now prices. Check them out at
Parent Education
Lorea Martinez , Parent Ed Liaison
Did you know that self-control in young children has regressed by two years since the 1940s? This means that for the same task—standing still while not moving—today’s seven-year-olds perform the way five-year-olds did earlier, and today’s five-year-olds perform like the earlier three-year-olds. Dr. Erin Clabough argues in her new book, Second Nature, that parents should focus on teaching self-regulation: helping children to a) become more aware of their emotions and reactions, b) become more flexible when faced with challenges, and c) develop creativity to solve problems. For more details about the book, check out this article

Coming up this week, you can learn about culture of perfectionism and executive functioning skills (Tue) and navigating mental health services (Thurs). On Sunday, you can watch The Edge of Success. And did you already sign up for the yoga and mindfulness class at SCC? Click here if you haven’t. Happy Parenting!
Yearbook Update
The 2018-2019 Charter Yearbook is now available for sale for $25. The deadline to purchase is March 31st. Yearbook Ads (formerly called shout-outs) are available for $10.  The deadline to purchase ads is March 8th.   

Please upload your photos from this school year to SmugMug ASAP.  The yearbook is being designed now and we need as many photos as possible. Click here for instructions and the list of yearbooks & ads purchased to date.
Hot Lunch Information
Akash Bijlani , Hot Lunch Coordinator
Greater San Carlos Community Information
  • Click the BLUE button below for information on 5th grade basketball, middle school spring sports, SCSD parent education/support, Chickens' Ball & MORE.
  • Thank you to all the families who helped with the K-1 Post Office experience and Tea Parties. You helped make learning fun!
  • Thank you to Mike Velasco for his endless willingness to hang, fix and secure everything we throw his way - from tack boards to partitions and everything in between. Mike and his drill are very much appreciated. The tack boards look great and are very helpful!
  • A special thank you to Melissa May and her son Conrad for working with Mike to help hang the tackboards in the classrooms last week. The educators LOVE them!
  • Room 223 and 222 would like to appreciate Becky King for getting us chaparral books from the public library for our animal study.
  • Room 213 appreciates the PRT reps and the classroom contributions that made our Valentine's celebration so special. 
  • Thank you to all the PRT and Community members who attended the 3rd PRT meeting.
Have a great week!
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