SCC Weekly Newsletter: Nov. 11 - 17, 2019
NO SCHOOL Monday, Nov. 11 in Observance of Veteran's Day
Director's Spotlight On... Staff Professional Development Day
Wondering what the staff did at our professional development day Friday? You know, the day after Halloween while your children were not at school? In addition to congratulating ourselves for not making kids come to school the day after Halloween, we worked on articulating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies and outcomes across grade levels.

We focused on this topic for our PD day because it has been several years since we evaluated our SEL goals and curriculum. We also have many new staff members that are looking for resources and support in this area of their classroom practice. In recognition of these needs, one of the actions in our 2019 - 2020 LCAP ( Local Control Accountability Plan) is focused on developing exit outcomes or essential learnings in SEL, articulated across grade levels.

Our focus on the PD day was to create a common understanding of the broad categories that are essential to the development of emotional intelligence. These competencies are the building blocks of the curriculum. SEL competencies provide a common language and structure from which we create goals or benchmarks. 

There are several organizations that work to support SEL in schools and who research and create high-quality structures and materials. After exploring and discussing existing SEL competency frameworks, staff came to the consensus of using the Six Seconds competency structure. Six Seconds is one of the pioneers in the area of promoting emotional intelligence and, when we started our SEL journey almost 20 years ago, we worked extensively with them. It will provide nice continuity to reconnect with this group and to build on our prior experiences.

In the Six Seconds framework, there are eight competencies: emotional literacy, recognition of patterns, consequential thinking, navigation of emotions, intrinsic motivation, optimism, empathy, and pursuit of noble goals. Our follow-up work this year will be to use these competencies as building blocks to determine our desired outcomes in these areas for the different age levels. We will communicate out as we refine those outcomes.
Office News
Gwynne Rinker , Data and Operations Manager
Miriam Peirano , Office Manager
Quick reminder that all learners who have had a fever need to be fever free for 24 hours *without fever-reducing medication* before they return to school. If Billy has a fever on Monday at 10am and sees the doctor for a rapid strep test at 2pm and you pick up the antibiotics from Walgreens (which takes FOREVER, right??) and get those started at 3pm, he still should not return to school until Wednesday morning. (Does this feel like a word problem yet? Are you getting that cold sweat feeling?) Thank you so much for your compliance. (And if you're reading this, thank you! You are awesome and deserve a gold star.)

Speaking of which, we've got strep popping up here and there, still, and some head lice as well. Please be on the alert!

Please join us in welcoming the Vetter and Mendelson families to Charter! Ella Mendelson joins us in Lindsay's 4th grade class, and Reese Vetter is now in 5th. If you see them around campus please give them a warm SCC welcome!
Board of Directors Update
SCC Board Meeting this Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 7:30pm
Parcel Tax Funding for K-8 Education:
Please join us at the SCC Board meeting this Wednesday at 7:30pm when SCSD Superintendent, Dr. Michelle Harmeier, will talk about the sunset of Measure P, a parcel tax providing approximately $2.2M in funding across all San Carlos K-8 schools. The SCSD is considering another parcel tax to continue this local revenue, which fills a funding gap for all San Carlos schools, including SCC. The level of funding provided by the State of California is one of the lowest in the nation, and the San Carlos School District is one of the lowest funded in the State and in San Mateo County. We hope you can join us for this important discussion.

Welcome to the newly-elected parents on the SCC Board of Directors: Melissa Riccio and  Carolyn Davies Lynch. The role of parent board members, as with all other board members, is to serve as fiduciaries who steer the organization toward a sustainable and mission-aligned future through strong governance, oversight, and financial discipline. We all act in the school's best interest to support its long-term success, regardless of our status as parents, staff, or members of the broader community. Parents on the board provide a range of diverse and relevant perspectives and experiences. All are welcome to attend the monthly board meetings and bring more parent voices to the board. It is a great way to build your understanding of the operational side of the school, as well as our next big task of hiring the new School Director. We hope to see you at our next meeting on November 13. Please feel free to reach out to any board members or through the board email
Volunteer Corner
Melissa May , Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Help Wanted
  • Would you like to help with SCC's annual Ice Skating Party? Please see the Skating Party section below and email Kimberly Woolley if interested.
  • Take-Apart seminar items needed: Please look around your home and send in or drop off anything that is ready to be recycled that K-1 children can take apart and examine safely. We can't accept vacuums or televisions with tubes, but we can take many other types of electronics and mechanical items (for a list, click here). Please drop off items in the Take-Apart box in the office.
Volunteer Jobs Still in Need
The PE Department is still looking for someone to hang cubbies. See here for more information.
PRT Update
Reminder: Save the Date for the Next PRT meeting
The 2nd PRT meeting of the year will be held on Thu, Nov 21st, 7-9pm. All are welcome!
Educare Happenings
Katie Hall & Desi Smith , Co-Directors of Educare
Thanksgiving Break Special Days
Don't forget to register for Thanksgiving Break Special Days on November 25 and 26 (Educare is closed November 27-29). $85/learner until this FRIDAY ($100/learner after 12:01 PM on 11/15/19). For more information, click here. Registration is via the Flex Plan on EZChildTrack
SCC Ice Skating Party
Please save the date for the annual SCC Ice Skating Party at Winter Lodge. This year's skating party will be held on Saturday, March 28th from 5:30 - 7:30pm and all are welcome.

Kimberly Woolley has organized the party for the last 4 years, but her youngest is graduating from Charter in May. She is looking for a volunteer to help with this year's party so that the tradition can continue in future years. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Kimberly at
Parent Education
Lorea Martinez , Parent Ed Liaison
Jenny Lu dropped out of her Ivy League college just 3 weeks into freshman year. In this thought provoking article, she explains how she spent many sleepless nights in order to get good grades and be a model student. Pushed by her parents, she never communicated the pressure and stress that she felt. Once in college, she realized it was not for her. Once you read the article, think about what parent behaviors may have contributed to Jenny's feelings about success and her experience in school. What could you do today to avoid your child feeling hopeless and isolated due to academic pressures in the future?

Join us on Thursday, Nov 14th for SCC Parenting Book Club, 7:15pm at the staff room. We’ll be discussing Wholehearted Parenting by Joshua Freedman. All welcome, even if you haven’t read the book. Adults only. 

Also this week, you can learn about late bloomers-having patience for alternative paths and being a working mom (Tue), and why some children struggle (Thurs). For details and more parent ed events, click on the button below. Happy Parenting!
Hot Lunch Information
Akash Bijlani , Hot Lunch Coordinator
The ChoiceLunch calendar is now open through the holiday break! There are many new entree and salad options including:
  • Wagon wheel pesto pasta
  • Gluten-free bean & cheese burrito
  • Gluten-free BBQ chicken wrap
  • Korean bulgogi tofu wrap
  • Cheese and cracker plate
  • Mini pancakes
  • Meatless chik’n nuggets 
  • Chicken pesto pizza pocket
  • Philly cheese pizza pocket 
  • Gluten-free chicken Caesar wrap
  • Tofu satay salad 
Don’t forget about favorites including Jamba Juice and New York Pizza. Don’t wait - get your orders in. 

Just another reminder that need to get our volumes up as they are well below where we they were this time last year. If we don’t get our volumes up, ChoiceLunch may decide to drop us as a customer next year. So let’s get our volumes up so we can continue to enjoy hot lunch! Please click on the link to order.
SCEF Update
SCEF Annual Report Delivered
SCEF is delighted to share our 2018-19 Annual Report. Please take a moment to explore the printed copy delivered via USPS or the online version here: Advocate Educate Donate. Thank you to Wendy Wood, graphic designer, and photographer Lisa Noble.

Donate Stock to SCEF
What’s better than cash? Giving appreciated stock! For more information, please contact or visit Thank you to San Carlos resident Kevin Wolfe and Morgan Stanley for their management of SCEF’s stock donation program.

SWEAT for SCEF: Spin Class with Adriana Brea (mother of Martin, 7th and Nina, K)
First 24 to Sign Up. Friday, November 15, 9:30am. Drop off the kids, then drop into Uforia Studios Palo Alto for an indoor cycling class lead by SCC mom Adriana Brea. Whether you are a frequent rider, you've never tried it or it's been a long time, come sweat, take the heart for a ride and have a blast!! $45 (and counts toward your annual SCEF donations).

DANCE PARTY at The HUB RWC - Saturday, Nov. 16
Enjoy a night of non-stop dancing to a great San Francisco DJ at The HUB in Redwood City (2650 Broadway@ El Camino Real). Entry includes 1 drink ticket, pizza & snacks, sweets, and deep grooves. $85 donation counts toward your SCEF giving. Co-Hosts: Christopher Kashap, Kerren Dempsey, Nina Shah, Tessa Solomon 
Greater San Carlos Community Information
  • The office appreciates Claudia Wodicka, who spent a good chunk of time distributing learner IDs into family folders. Thank you Grandma Claudia!
  • Huge thanks to Jailbreakin Josh Saffren for repairing a structural gap in our fence - he was out there making sure our little varmints can't make a jailbreak! Thanks also to Josh for hanging the new nest swing in the play area. Super sturdy and ready to go! 
  • Thank you to Deena Bertolina, Dena Koren, Kelly Roberts and Dorinda Fuller for organizing the Lost & Found cart. The staff and community appreciate the fact that they noticed a problem & took it upon themselves to solve it. It hasn't gone unnoticed and is truly appreciated!  
  • Debbi thanks Dorinda Fuller and her family for bringing her niece, Farah El Jayyousi, from New York to talk with our 7th/8th graders about Islam. Also, thank you Farah, Erica Schemper and Patti Moskovitz for participating in a Comparative Religions panel for our 7th/8th graders.
  • A big thank you to Susan Levin for her weekly Thursday visits to Room 212 to help out with organizational tasks!
  • Darlene would like to appreciate Christine Hahm, April Heine, Ran Ghoman, Jenee Van Hofwegen, Emily Winters, Maeve O'Meara & Kelly Roberts for being awesome chaperones on the Sanchez Adobe field trip! They facilitated the making of adobe bricks, lassoing cows, grinding corn, and making candles. Thank you for a great day!
  • The 3/4 team would like to appreciate all of the parents who volunteer to make our seminars successful! Our learners are so lucky to have so many fun choices to enhance their school experience.
  • A big thank you to everyone who helped schlep a ton of mulch into the Welcome Garden. Hopefully I don't miss anyone and I apologize if I do: Peter Bierman, Greg Walker, Josh Saffren, Sam Shiotani, Shawn Conway, Caroline Conway, Paul Laustsen, Jannik Olsen, Tim Rechin, John Rethans.
  • A huge thank you to everyone who donated plants or funds to purchase plants for the Welcome Garden. I am constantly in awe of this community. The first round of plants has been planted and it is really starting to look like a garden. 
  • Kari Barcelo and her extended family for donating compost, soil and supplies to the Welcome Garden. Also for driving a car full of stinky compost down from Mendocino.
  • Thank you Dan Morse for picking up and delivering trees to the Welcome Garden.
  • Thank you Kathy Brenner for getting trees for the Welcome Garden.
  • Thank you to the Caleshu family for donating outdoor furniture to the Welcome Garden.
  • The Read-A-Thon and Book Fair were a huge success! Thank you to all of the parent volunteers who supported the Read-A-Thon, Scholastic Book Fair and Vendor Fair: Audrey Samon, Alyson Brewer, Chloe Bloom, Christine Chu, Christine DiLauro, Christine Levenson, Colleen McGuire, Grace Chen, Ava Hristova, Janette McAfee, Jennifer Fung, Jennifer Rosse, Katherine Sherman, Kelly Franta, Kelly Roberts, Shira Ross, Kim Burr, Laya Ekhlaspour, Leigh Casamento, Lisa Bamford, Liz Min, Alex Shohat, Nicole Marquis, Norah Christmann, Shruti Goradia and Susan Levin. The learners loved visiting the fair and without your support the Read-A-Thon and fairs would not happen. 
  • A special shout-out to Dog Man and Clifford for dropping by the book fair on Family Night!
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Have a great week!
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