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Annual Volunteer Party!
February 26, 2023

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An Adventure Tail
By Todd Forno

Earlier last year I had the opportunity to fulfill a long-time dream of visiting the famed smoky mountain region of Western North Carolina and East Tennessee. In addition to beautiful scenery, this part of the country holds some of the most amazing driving roads. Roads like Moonshiner 28, Cherohala Skyway, and the fabled Tail of the Dragon.

The Tail of the Dragon began life as an animal path used by migrating herds of buffalo. Later being used by local native American tribes, hunters, and trappers. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the path became a road. In the 1920’s the road was designated TN72 in Tennessee and NC288 in North Carolina, but was renumbered US129 in 1934, as the Dragon is still known today.

I know the old saying “don’t meet your hero’s”, but I have to say The Dragon did not disappoint. The 11 mile, 318 curve patch of asphalt was as thrilling as it was breathtaking.
I was blessed with light traffic during my early Spring visit and took full advantage to experience the best this region of the country had to offer. I hope to be able to plan a trip to visit this special place again.

Link to the Tail of the Dragon Website - Here
The Board of Trustees would like to thank Todd for his years of service as the Region's Secretary and active member of the Board, and welcome Mikey Albacete who has volunteered to take on the role of Board Secretary.
Updates from the 2023 NEDiv Conference

Meeting Kick-Off Presentation - Link

2023 SCCA National Convention sessions included everything from the Annual Meeting and award ceremonies to town halls, keynote speakers, how-tos, office hours, and so much more. While it was technically possible to attend every single session live over those eight days, doing so was unnecessary since the sessions were recorded and are now available for viewing on demand using the account portal.

Two NNJR members received National Awards at the 2023 Convention
Mechanic of the Year: Often unsung heroes of the sport, the Mechanic of the Year award recognizes the unseen but necessary efforts behind the scenes to keep a car running strong on the track. The award is chosen by the technical staff at SCCA and the Club Racing Board based on submissions to The Mechanic of the Year award was presented to Northern New Jersey Region’s Carl Maffei.
Robert V. Ridges Memorial Award
This award is presented to the SCCA member who exemplifies the highest degree of dedication and sportsmanship during the preceding year, making an outstanding contribution to the success of an event during its execution; who has made an outstanding contribution to the program as a whole. This year, Peter Schneider from Northern New Jersey Region is presented with the Robert V. Ridges Memorial Award.
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