Legislative Update - Week 7
Legislative Session Update-Week 7
Legislative Process : This week could be described as the calm before the storm. Committee meetings have dwindled to a select few and negotiations on all issues are in high gear. As the bills we have been tracking make it into the Chambers of the full House and Senate for final debate we will send alerts to oppose or support during these final few weeks of session.
Transportation : The urban sprawl inducing Heartland and Suncoast Toll Road Expressway bill, SB 7068 , has been placed on the Senate’s Special Order Calendar for this coming Tuesday, April 22nd. This means this bill could be debated in the full Senate as early as Tuesday or anytime this coming week. There will be an SCCF Action Alert sent on SB 7068 on Monday so please take a few minutes to call your Senators to express your opposition to this bill. The phone calls and letters from around the state are making an impact as there have been several amendments added in an attempt to address the many concerns people have on this bill. The amendments have failed to make this an acceptable bill in any way so we ask for your continued advocacy against the passage of this harmful bill.
Water Quality: Two water quality bills made it through their last committee stops this week, CS/SB 1278 on Biosolids and HB 973 , one of the Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems bills filed this session. SCCF welcomes the passage of the multiple water quality related bills that the legislature is considering this year. We look forward to the ultimate implementation of the water quality protection measures contained in these bills and will work closely with the agencies responsible to address our local water quality needs.
Thanks for your continued involvement and we look forward to communicating the fast moving action during these final two weeks of session. 
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