September 10, 2017

Sept 11

MS Volleyball Home vs Berean Baptist 4pm

MS Soccer Home vs Berean Baptist 5pm

MS Cross Country/ V Cross Country @ Blue Jay Park 4pm Early Dis. 2:15pm

Art Club 3-4:15pm Penn Ave
Sept 12

Bookmobile 9-10am Penn Ave

MS Cross Country (TBD) 4pm

Golf Club 3:30-4:45pm @ Knollwood

Violin 3-4:45pm Penn Ave

Meeting 3:30pm

Spirit Night @ Chapman's
All Day

College Guidance Meeting 6:30pm Penn Ave

Sept 13

Early Dismissal 
K-12th Parent/Teacher
K-5th 11:45am
6-12th 12pm

Moms in Prayer-MIP 8-9am Penn Ave

Whispering Pines Planning Mtg for Building 6pm
Sept 14

MS Volleyball @ O'Neal 3:30pm Early Dis. 2:15pm

MS Soccer @ O'Neal 3:30pm Early Dis. 2:15pm

Violin 3-4:45pm Penn Ave

Sept 15

T-Shirt Friday

MIP 8-9am Penn Ave

MIP 8:30-9:30am  Christ Fellowship/Pineh

Authur Reading 10:30-11:30am Penn Ave

V Volleyball Home vs Roxboro Christian 5pm

V Soccer Home vs Roxboro Christian 5pm

Sept 18

Lunches Open in RW

MS Volleyball Home vs Liberty Christ. Acad. 4pm

Art Club 3-4:15pm Penn Ave
Sept 19

Lunches Open in RW

MS Cross Country @ Elks Club 4pm

V Volleyball Home vs Cornerstone Christian 5pm

Golf Club 3:30-4:45pm @ Knollwood

Violin 3-4:45pm Penn Ave
Sept 20

Lunches Open in RW

MIP 8-9am Penn Ave

Lego Club 3-4:15pm Penn Ave
Sept 21

Lunches Close in RW

MS Volleyball @ St, John Paul II 4pm

MS Soccer @ St. Patrick's School 4pm Early Dis. 2:15pm

Violin 3-4:45pm Penn Ave
Sept 22

$1 Non-Uniform Day

MIP 8-9am Penn Ave

MIP 8:30-9:30am
Christ Fellow./Pinehurst

Sept 25

Picture Day Christ Fellowship 

MS Soccer @ Berean Baptist 5pm

MS Volleyball @ Fayetteville Acad. 4pm Early Dis. 2:15pm

V Volleyball Home vs Fellowship Christ. 5pm

Art Club 3-4:15pm Penn Ave
Sept 26

Picture Day Pinehurst Preschool

Bookmobile 9-10am Penn Ave

Violin 3-4:45pm Penn Ave

PNO 4:45pm-8:15pm

Taste of Southern Pines 5-8pm
Sept 27

Picture Day Penn Ave K-5th

MIP 8-9am Penn Ave

MS Cross Country @ St. John Paul II 4pm

Lego Club 3-4:15pm Penn Ave
Sept 28

Picture Day St. Anthony 6-12th

Spirit Day Preschool

Violin 3-4:45pm Penn Ave

Board meeting 5:30pm
Sept 29

End of 1st Quarter

Spirit Day Preschool-12th

MIP 8-9am Penn Ave

MIP 8:30-9:30am
Christ Fellow/Pinehurst

MS Volleyball @ Columbus Christian 4pm Early Dis. 1:45pm

V Volleyball @ Columbus Christian 5pm Early Dis. 2:15pm

(3-Way Match vs N. Myrtle Christ. Acad.)

Head of School Corner

"Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it. And everyone who competes for the prize is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown. Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air. But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

Have you noticed that SCCS has a lot of sports going on? In this first quarter, we currently have both middle and high school boy's soccer and middle and high school girl's volleyball. We are planning for both middle and high school boy's and girl's basketball for second quarter. Our sports programs are not focused on winning games (although it is fun to win sometimes), but our coaches focus on developing a winning attitude where we show humility when we win, and behave with dignity when we don't. As 1 Corinthians 9 implies, we compete as to win, even though we might not win. We won't win every game, but we can compete to win in every game. Along with discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, team sports teach us how to be a part of a cause larger than self, and how to live with a winning attitude, even if we don't always win. The larger point is that as Christians, we are winners and we can glorify God in how we compete no matter the outcome of any particular game. If you want to see young athletes competing as winners while displaying Christian values, come on out and cheer on our teams! By the way, we also have cheerleading coming up next quarter too...

Parents Night Out

Theme:  Around the World
When:  Tuesday September 26, 2017 4:45pm - 8:15pm
Cost: $20 for first child and $10 for 
each additional sibling
Where:  Penn. Ave. Campus Multipurpose Room
   387 West Pennsylvania Ave. Southern Pines
For:  SCCS Preschool (3 years old) - 6
th grade
Please go into Renweb and fill out the webform
by Sept. 25, 2017 for your child to attend

Volunteers are needed to help load students into cars at pick-up. Parent Service hours APPLY. If you are interested please email so that we can put you on the schedule. I look forward to working with you.

Angela Pihlgren

School Lunches for Penn Ave and St. Anthony's open September 18th and close September 21st

Important information that you need to know.....

Please take a moment to log into Parentsweb and go to Family Information to fill out the Back to School Forms. Fill out all forms that pertain to your student's campus and grade level. If you are a returning student some of the forms need to be filled out again due to the changing of dates. Please take a moment to fill out these forms.

                                                          Moms in Prayer
        Continues for 10th Year          


Mom's, if we are not praying for our kids, then who is?
Come join other moms in praying for this next generation!
Prayer is the best investment you can make into their lives.
Pinehurst Group Added-
See Schedule Below 

Moms in Prayer celebrates it's  10th year
of praying for our children, teachers and school -
we meet for one hour, once a week no experience required.
No refreshments, no homework, no dressing up -
just come as you are and pray.
And whether your prayers
are silent or spoken,
God hears.

It's never to late to join us!
We meet every week through the school year.


Wednesday Penn Ave group - meets Wednesdays, 8-9am
Friday Penn Ave Group - meets Fridays, 8-9am
Friday Preschool Christ Fellowship Group - meets Fridays, 8:30-9:30am
Friday Preschool Pinehurst Group - meets Fridays, 8:30-9:30am

The school years are a battleground for the hearts & 
minds of our children, but prayer makes a difference!

Contact Suzy Gyles at
if you want more information, or to sign up!
Service hours apply.
From the Grammar School Principal


Dear SCCS Parents,

Word of Encouragement:
Jeremiah 33:3 - Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Can you believe it! We are more than half way through the 1st Quarter. Remember that Parent/Teacher Conferences are Wednesday, September 13th. Conferences will begin at 12:30 and go till about 3:30. Each conference is approximately 15-20 minutes with your student's teacher(s). This year is a little different in that it is only mandatory for students who are receiving a C- or lower in any subject. If your child is doing well and you would still like to meet with your teacher, you are more than welcome to contact your teacher and set up a time with him/her.

Grammar School parents, please remember to log on to RenWeb and read/sign the Policy Letter. Your attention to and support of this policy is greatly appreciated.  Also, please make sure you follow the pick-up procedure, following the map on the back of your name card.  Please do not drive up the street next to the school and skip in line. Let any family member (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends) who normally don't pick up know the procedure as well.

Please remember that my door is always open for you to come in and talk with me about anything.

Serving you in Christ,
Rebecca Whitecotton
Grammar Principal

Harris Teeter ~ Together in Education
Harris Teeter Together in Education program is a fund raising program for schools, preschool - 12th grade, in our community. When customers purchase select Harris Teeter Brand products using their VIC card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of those purchased dollars to the school of their choice.
Linking your VIC card to SCCS is easy.
*Simply give the cashier your VIC card and our school's Together in Education # 3944.
*Go to, click on the "Community" tab, click on "Together in Education," then "Link to your School."
That is it! This one time sign up process must take place each school year. SCCS will be linked to your VIC card till May 31, 2018.
From the Principal's Pen

We need your help. We are trying to "beef up" our resources for our students in the Logic and Rhetoric School. A list of resources is listed below. If you can help by purchasing any of the following items, it would be greatly appreciated. We have tried to be specific in what is needed. If you would rather donate money and have us get the materials, that is possible as well. Donations are tax deductible.  

· The Synonym Finder by Rodale. We need about 6 of these, so that the         various language arts classrooms can have at least one. More than 6 
  would be even better. We do not have any high school level thesauruses at   St. Anthony's and students often ask to use one.
· One class set (about 8 - 10) of The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis. These   would need to be all the same edition, so that page numbers for 
  each student are the same.
· We need 2 - 3 copies of Revolutions in Worldview: Understanding the Flow   of Western Thought (2007) edited by W. Andrew Hoffecker,   
  P & R Publishing, Phillipsburg, NJ.
· For thesis topics, these books would be helpful:
o Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, 
   M. Behe.
o Understanding Intelligent Design: Everything You Need to 
   Know in Plain Language, Debski and Sean McDowell.
o Ethix: Being Bold in a Whatever World by Sean McDowell.
· A class set subscription to World Magazine (a minimum of 8 - 10 needed).

We thank you in advance for helping us build a resource library. Please do not hesitate to contact the Upper School office if you have any questions.

What is Remind and why is it safe?
Remind is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps SCCS share important information with students, parents, and faculty. Subscribe by text, email, or using the Remind app. All personal information is kept private. (others will not see your information, nor will you see theirs.)
1. To receive messages via text, text @58d80 to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, "unsubscribe @58d80."
*trouble using 81010? Try texting @58d80 to (630) 948-3269 instead.
2. To receive messages via email, send an email to To unsubscribe, reply with "unsubscribe" in the subject line.
It is time to Enroll or Re-enroll in TRIP! 
(Tuition Reduction Incentive Program)
What is TRIP?  It is an ongoing PA fundraiser that allows you to earn rebates by purchasing gift cards and e-cards from retailers. The majority, 80%, of the rebates earned are given back to you as a tuition discount on next year's school tuition.  The remaining 20% goes back to the PA as fundraising.
More Information and Enrollment Instructions are available under Resource Documents in RenWeb, look for "TRIP Forms 2016"
Print and Return the Enrollment form to the office or in your child's folder along with your $12 annual fee (made to SCCS PA).  

This year physical plastic cards will only be ordered once a month.  The order deadline is usually the 2nd Thursday of the month except on two occasions due to school breaks.  Please have your physical card orders placed on
by midnight on the following dates each month.
Aug. 17th
Sept. 14th
Oct. 12th
Nov. 9th
Dec. 7th
Jan. 11th
Feb. 8th
Mar. 15th
Apr. 12th
May 10th  
You may also contact the TRIP coordinator Allison Monroe,, if you have questions.

Spirit Night is Tuesday September 12th 
ALL DAY (11am - 10pm)  at 

Chapman's Restaurant 
157 East New Hampshire Avenue
Southern Pine

Come have Lunch and bring food home for the kids OR Bring the Whole Family!!  10% of the proceeds (minus tax and tip) will come back to the school!!   Let's show our School Support at Chapman's this Tuesday!!!  


Help A Fellow Student On A MISSION

Chelsea Martin will be traveling to Laos with the mission group His Servants Ministries from September 28th until October 8th. The goal is to perform cataract surgeries for as many individuals as possible to restore their vision. The basic materials for a cataract surgery consist of an implant, supplies for surgery and medications that go home with the patients.  It costs $50 dollars for these basic supplies.  His Servants Ministries are giving a T-shirt with each $50 donation.  These donations are tax-deductible. Chelsea will be responsible for packing and distributing the home supplies. Anyone interested in making a donation should simply place the $50 in one of the designated small boxes placed at either Pennsylvania Avenue or St. Anthony's campus. Please make sure to include your name and address with the donation so that t-shirts may be sent to you after volunteers return from Laos. Although $50 is required for a t-shirt, any donation amounts are accepted. 

Thank you for your support!


SCCS Parent's Association is selling Discount Cards for $10.00!!  Get yours while supplies Last!!!  
Contact Kristen Baker and we will send one home with your child.  

 Participants include: R.I.O.T Jason's Tire and Auto, 
Nutrishop, RiverJack Outdoor, Dickey's Barbecue Pit, Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant, The Country Bookshop, Red Bowl Asian Bistro, The Ice Cream Parlor, Honey Baked Ham, Café Zerillo's Pizza, Mean Bean Coffee, Famous Toastery, SoPies, TL Nails, Cryotherapy of the Pines, Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

Kristen Baker-PRESIDENT
Maggie Barry-SECRETARY
Ashley Matthews-TREASURER

What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at AmazonSmile, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to our school.

How do I shop at AmazonSmile?

To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile.

Which products on AmazonSmile are eligible for charitable donations?

Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations. You will see eligible products marked "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation" on their product detail pages. Recurring Subscribe-and-Save purchases and subscription renewals are not currently eligible.

Can I use my existing account on AmazonSmile?

Yes, you use the same account on and AmazonSmile. Your shopping cart, Wish List, wedding or baby registry, and other account settings are also the same.

How do I select a charitable organization to support when shopping on AmazonSmile?

On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you need to select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. We will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at will result in a donation.

Sandhills Classical Christian School
2017-2018 Box Top Contest!!

Thank you for submitting your August Box Tops! The amount earned for August added up to $323.90! Please remember to put your student's name and teacher on the bag of Box Tops to make sure you get credit for the drawing entries. Remember - for every 5 Box Tops submitted, you earn 1 entry into the monthly drawing. Encourage family members and neighbors to get involved to earn more!

August Contest Winners!!

                      Student Winner                    Teacher Winner
Preschool                 Corinne Magee                      Mrs. Dwyer
K - 5th Grade            James Williamson                 Mr. Privett
6th - 12th Grade       Noah Ross                             Mrs. Smearman

Deadline for Next Turn In Date: Friday, September 29th

*Expired Box Tops will not be counted towards monthly drawings or party. 

For more information on participating products, visit this LINK to learn more!

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to cut/count Box Tops, contact Kelli Hainley,

School Groupings:
Kindergarten - 5th Grade
6th - 12th Grade (Compete as a House)

Easy to Turn In!
Clip Box Tops
Place Into Ziploc Bag
Write Your Child's Name & Teacher/House On It
Turn Into Your Teacher/House by the Monthly Deadline

Monthly Drawings - Preschool, K-5th, 6-12th
· For every 5 Box Tops turned in, you will receive 1 entry into a drawing 
          (prizes will vary). The more you turn in the better your chance to win!
· Teacher of the classroom or House (6th - 12th) with the most turned in                         (Averaged per student) will win as well!
· For 6th-12th Grade, the House with the most Box Tops turned in each month               will receive House points! (# of points TBD)

End of Year School Wide Contest!!
The classroom/House (6th - 12th) with the most Box Tops turned in for the year will win a party!! (Averaged per student)

Bubbles in Mrs. Edward's Class 

Bananas and bugs in
Mrs. Edward's Class

Mrs. Lawson's Class Clowns

Carrot Juice in
Mrs. Lawson's Class

Mrs. Lawson's PreK 

Alligators in Mrs. Combs' Class

Color and Shape Sorting in Mrs. Combs' Class

Mrs. Gerdes' Class

Mrs. Gerdes' Class

Campus Life

Ms. Waugh's Kindergarten class in Music Class using a music dynamics ball

2nd Grade and their Pharaoh Crowns
Mrs. Beavers' Class Egyptian Relief Maps

Mr. Privett's Class Bug Projects
They created their own bugs!

After School Life

Varsity Soccer Team

Golf Club

Golf Club

Sandhills Classical Christian School | 910.695.1874 |