My name is Sean McElwee and I have my own T-Shirt Business named Seanese—because I speak my own language. It’s T-Shirts with my words on them. I was on the TV Show, “Born this Way” (now on Amazon Prime) and people kept asking me to do keynote speeches. So I wrote my speech and I got the idea that I needed shirts too. It started out with the funny things that I said on the TV show but lots of other things came into my head since then that I put on shirts. I have more than 150 Designs. I sell my shirts mostly on my website, but sometimes I go to events and sell them too. It was pretty easy to do while I was filming the TV show. My mom helped me get the business started. She set up my website and found a great Graphic Artist who takes my ideas and makes the designs awesome.

Starting a business can be challenging. Thankfully I have a good social media following because of “Born this Way” but If I don’t post pictures and videos then I don’t sell anything. So I have my job coach helping me with ideas of how to pose and places to take the pictures so the shirts look awesome.

If you want to be an entrepreneur then you have to get help. Find people who can help you do the things you don’t know how to do, like my mom does the bank stuff for me. If you can lean how to do those things yourself then take classes and do it. You can do a lot of things when you have an idea before you start; google, go see other people who do what you want to do and ask them questions, stuff like that.

Check out my business at seanese.com
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