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Aug/Sept 2021 Newsletter

Public Input Opportunities
SCDOT published several public opportunities with upcoming deadlines. Many of these already have, or could use, accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians. Find your county of residence below and participate in the process of public input!
Proposed shared use path along Stonewall Jackson Blvd. from Glover St. to Murray Rd. and installation of new mast arm traffic signals and various pedestrian accommodations at the intersection of Stonewall Jackson Blvd. and Glover St. Be sure to click on the multi use path PDF link.
Bridge replacement on S-195 (New Cut Church Road) over Camp Creek.
Bridge replacement on S-793 (Lockhart Lane) over Providence Branch 1.6 miles northeast of Gaffney, off of SC-18 (North Limestone Street).
All current SCDOT public input opportunities are available in this link.
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Event Spotlight: 2 Summits!
Now in its 12th year, Georgia Bikes’ annual summit is Virtual this year and available in South Carolina! They are expanding sessions of interest for advocates for biking and walking, seeking better streets for all. The summit is supported by a grant from the GDOT.

All virtual sessions will take place Wed-Fri, Oct. 20-22, with Sat., Oct. 23 reserved for mobile sessions. The summit offers a variety of session types, including single presentations, moderated panel discussions, mobile sessions, workshops, and small group interactive discussions.
This 2022 Georgia Trails Summit will bring together non-profit leaders, city planners, elected officials, greenspace advocates, recreation enthusiasts, and others to envision an accelerated and ambitious approach to improving Georgia’s trails and outdoor recreation venues. Check out what the Georgia Outdoor Recreation Coalition is doing in Georgia and bring some knowledge back to SC!

PCC is working to recruit attendees from South Carolina to jumpstart a similar coalition in South Carolina.
Take Action with the Feds:
Bike League:
Tell Congress we want:
  1. a Tax Credit in the Bicycle Commuter benefit and tax rebate on E-Bikes
  2. a Neighborhood Equity and Access program that removes barriers and improves access for everyone
  3. Well-funded sustainable transportation infrastructure networks that prioritize connectivity.
Vision Zero:
The Vision Zero Network recognizes that Engineering, Enforcement, and Education are all important, but Design Matters Most.
Did you Know there is alarming consistency in the designs of dangerous roads? For example, locations where people are most likely to be struck and killed while walking share these common characteristics:
  • 97% had three lanes or more;
  • 70% forced walkers to cross 5+ lanes in order to reach the other side;
  • 75% had speed limits higher than 30mph, a speed at which 40% of people walking are likely to be severely injured and 19% to die if struck by a vehicle;
  • 100% of them were in corridors with commercial land uses.

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